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WoW Brewmaster: Brewing our Ziebart Stout

WoW Brewmaster Brewing our Ziebart Stout
Work warning: We're talking about beer and the making of it herein. That's innately an adult theme. No cursing or such; just good old fashioned beer brewing.

We've been fermenting this feature for a while. (Get it? Fermenting?) The debut brew was intended to be a fall-themed Panda Pumpkin Porter, since pumpkin spice everything is awesome. That's the pictured beer above. Using an extract kit, your loyal WoW Brewmaster (that's me) put together a pumpkin-spiced porter.

Sadly, it didn't turn out after being racked. The carbonation didn't finish super well, so I didn't want to use that as our debut brew. One generally doesn't share epic failures as a debut beer so I waited for the next round, which I'll call the Ziebart Stout.

So what is WoW Brewmaster? Inspired by the Brewmasters of Pandaria, we're branching out into a bit of hobbyist extract brewing and sharing our adventures with you, our beloved readers. I've been brewing for a few years now. I got into it because it's much less expensive than buying retail beer. I mostly do extract kits in the interest of time and ease, though I've done raw materials a few times as well.

In general, we'll talk about extract kits in this column. While hardcore brewers prefer raw materials, perhaps even going so far as to grow grains... I think that level of involvement is beyond what we can do in an occasional 1,000 word column. So we'll buy kits and go from there.

As a disclosure note, I'm not a professional brewer; we're calling it Brewmaster because that's what it's called in game. The stuff I'm talking about is just an introduction and a bit of fun.

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