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WoWTCGLoot giving away more TCG loot

Our friends at WoWTCGLoot just can't stop being generous with all of that loot -- to celebrate the release of six (!) new tabards from Upper Deck, they're giving away twelve of them in total. To sign up for the contest, all you've got to do is fill out the form with "a link to a webpage containing something interesting or entertaining," enter your email, and then sit back and wait to see if you win. They're choosing twelve winners at random, and a 13th will pick up a Paper Flying Machine. Good luck to everyone who enters, and don't forget to visit the rest of the site over there -- if you're going hunting for any TCG Loot items anytime soon, they're a terrific resource.

And don't worry too much if you don't win -- the nice folks over there have also passed a few tabard codes over to WoW Insider that we'll be giving away here on the site very soon (or perhaps even at BlizzCon, so keep an eye out for us if you're going there as well). We told you -- there's no end to their generosity! Go enter WoWTCGLoot's contest right now, and stay tuned to WoW Insider to hear about more chances to pick up an ingame tabard of your own.

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New loot cards?

A couple of different sites around the net are claiming that the recently leaked photos of the rocket chicken, paper toys and the dragon kite are attached to the latest loot cards from the WoW card game. Previous speculation had linked them to the engineering profession, which wasn't a bad guess considering the new schematics that are already being added to that profession in the next patch.

Now, Dyrk at the Gutterspeak blog claims to have some new information about the rocket chicken, which will apparently be the second rarest item of the three new cards. He claims that it's a small, non-combat pet that launches itself into the air (or accidentally blows itself up) as its idle animation.

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