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The Drama Mamas guide to finding gaming buddies

The Drama Mamas guide to finding gaming buddies
A gaming buddy isn't quite the same thing as a guildmate. A gaming buddy is quite often also a guildie, but your guildmates aren't necessarily your gaming buddies. Your gaming buddies are people who play with you more often than not. They're your partners in crime, the homies you hang out with in Azeroth whether they're covering your back through your first LFR or filling your chat box during a night of pre-alchemy herbalizing.

But just as when you were trying to break into the social scene during your school days, you might feel a bit of an outsider when it comes to connecting with simpatico players in WoW. For many players, there's only so long you can happily play on your own; Azeroth is a large, lonely land when you wish you had someone to share it with. While joining a friendly guild can often be a great way to meet people, simply coexisting in an online space with a common chat channel somewhere on your screen won't build the kind of friendships you're hungry for. Let the Drama Mamas show you a few tricks of the trade for finding players you might click with on a more personal basis.

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Breakfast Topic: The perfect partner

We've talked about playing with partners in the past. Many people reported that they enjoy sharing World of Warcraft with their significant others. I have to admit, time spent with my Mom on WoW has been a wonderful experience. I've been watching her explore classes and quests and I must say I am very proud of her. While sometimes solo play is the order of the day, it's great to have good company in the game.

Just for fun I recently rolled new alts with my boyfriend. I wanted to play a Warlock and he wanted to play something complimentary, so he chose Priest. It's really awesome to be able to keep going non-stop with no mana breaks. I Life Tap, he Renews. With his Power Word Shield, we take very little damage. The two characters provide excellent synergy and seem to be the perfect pair. We've rolled together in the past, but usually we choose our characters based on what we want to play at any given time.

When you roll with a partner do you choose classes that are complimentary?

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