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Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes for October 16

Patch 51 Hotfixes for October 16
Roll up, roll up! Hotfixes! Get them while they're hot... erm... fixes! They're coming in thick and fast, and the latest batch are hot off the presses. I really need to stop making jokes.

Hotfix highlights include:
  • Pet Battle matchmaking has been improved. The pets on each team involved in the battle will now be closer in level with each other.
  • Teams queueing for Arenas will temporarily no longer be placed into the The Ring of Valor.
  • Windsong and Elemental Force weapon enchantment activations will no longer remove stealth.
  • Void Shift can no longer be used on NPCs, including player pets.
I don't know about you, but my main question is why has Ring of Valor been deactivated? It is not among my favorite arenas, so I'm not exactly upset, but still curious!

Hit the break for the full list of hotfixes.

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World of Warcraft patch 5.0.5 patch notes

Patch notes for patch 505
Now, don't get overexcited. This isn't for Mists proper, simply yesterday's patch applied during the maintenance period. It incorporates all of the recent class balance changes as well as some bug fixes for existing content.

For those of you who thought today's patch may bring the arrival of the Theramore scenario, I'm sorry, these patch notes seem to be bringing naught but disappointment. There's a bunch of fixes to spells, and I'm afraid that the time of being a holy paladin one-shotting people in lower level battlegrounds with Holy Shock is over, unless you can get your hands on a lot of spell power. There's also some fixes to things like the teleport bug in the Molten Front, and an amusingly worded fix to make the size of the Arcane Bomb during Queen Azshara's encounter more reasonable! Stop making your friends' spell effects so unreasonable, Azshara. It's unfitting for a woman of your stature.

Lastly, and almost certainly most importantly, Crithto is now attackable by both Alliance and Horde. The hunt for the cutest of Community Managers is on, people!

Head on over the break to see the full patch notes.

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