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Breakfast Topic: AFK debuff

I got the idea for this breakfast topic when I saw the following two posts virtually back-to-back in the WoW forums: Reporting AFK'ers - a Pleasant Surprise, and AFK Reporting System Broken And Abused. The former tells the story of the AFK system going well, all the AFKers being removed from the game, and the Horde going on to win. The latter is from the perspective of a player who was erroneously flagged AFK, and asks for several changes to be made, including a limit to the number of AFK reports a player can make in a given amount of time. (It turns out that limit, while not user-visible, is already in place.)

So there are obviously some diverging perspectives on this AFK debuff system thing. What do you all think of it, having had a couple days to check it out?

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You're flagged, you sap!

In a move that many Rogues knew was coming, but some are acting shocked at nonetheless... The "Stealth in and Sap flagged players just to annoy them" routine isn't working so well anymore. Specifically, if you're on a non-PvP server and you Stealth in and Sap a flagged player, it now flags you for PvP. There have been reports of folks getting their faces eaten by guards in neutral cities for just Sapping other people. There's also been some good World PvP starting up out front of instances for the normal/RP servers due to Rogues thinking they're going to be smart and interrupt flagged folks using the summoning stones/mounting up/etc. Whoops...

Personally, I feel that Sapping another flagged player just to be a prat should always have flagged the Rogue in question. Sure, you've still got a chance to get away if nobody happens to see through your stealth and/or you can pop Vanish or Sprint away fast enough. But 'lo and 'ware to any young Rogue thinking s/he can annoy another player by Sapping them and not get flagged by it any longer.

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Undocumented 2.2 patch notes

It's a familiar cycle with every patch -- some changes get properly documented in the official patch notes while other changes are sadly forgotten. However, industrious inividuals on the forums always band together to collect even the tiniest of changes into a community collection of undocumented patch notes. For 2.2, these are being compiled by Viral of Stormrage -- with the help of many an attentive player. The current list, for those of you who don't have access to the forums, is after the jump, but full details (complete with lots of rumor and debate) you have to go to the source.

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A one-hour delay on AH winnings in 2.2

Alright, so maybe this morning's "final 2.2 patch notes" weren't so final. They were based on the files distributed with the patch, and there are a couple things that got changed after those files were put together. One is the Daze mechanic not having been retuned as the patch notes claimed (that change in fact got repealed last time on a very special episode of Daze of Our Lives). There is also a change that isn't in the (shipped) patch notes: when someone wins an auction that you're selling, it takes an hour for the gold to get to you.

Apparently you get an in-game mail as soon as the item sells saying the sale is "pending," and then an hour later, you get your cash. Nethaera simply says "By adding in the delay we can better track transactions to assure the legitimacy of them;" I'm betting it has something to do with the gold sellers' new tactics. When will you learn, Blizzard, that the gold sellers are like the borg? You can stop one of their channels, but they will simply adapt and find another. Resistance is futile.

Nah, I'm just kidding. One more inconvenience in the way of the RMTers is one more step in the right direction. In this case, it may be a little inconvenient, and it certainly makes playing the AH somewhat harder, as reader Vynn points out (thanks for the screenshot, by the way), but maybe that's not such a bad thing either. How do you guys feel about this change?

And as Blizzard loves to claim, the latest patch notes can always be found at Those notes do contain the AH change and don't erroneously list the daze change. The reason I don't always use that source is because it usually takes a few hours after patches for the notes to show up there.

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Breakfast Topic: If real life were a patch

RL patch notesIn honor of today's long awaited update, this morning's Breakfast Topic poses a patch-related proposition. Player Beardsley of the Tichondrius server posed a very interesting question: If real life were an upcoming patch, what would you put in it?

Answers from the thread is very inventive. Here are my favorites so far:
  • Fixed a problem with gas prices not resetting.
  • A new zone has been added, "Mars"
  • We have found nuclear bombs to have had an unfair advantage in the Battlegrounds and will be receiving a significant nerf.
What kind of RL patch notes would you like to see?

NOTE: Keep it clean and unoffensive, please.

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PTRs closed -- and you know what that means!

As any long-time player of World of Warcraft knows, the public test realms open up to allow players to help out Blizzard QA by giving future changes a good stress test. The test realms open as soon as Blizzard has a stable build of the upcoming patch and the test realms close as soon as Blizzard is satisfied that their patch is as polished as it's going to get. Hortus announced this morning that the PTRs were going offline, concluding public testing for patch 2.2. To me, this means we're going to see patch 2.2 coming our way very soon -- perhaps as early as next week! However, we have known Blizzard to close the PTRs weeks in advance of an official patch release, so a final date continues to elude us.

So what major changes should you expect come patch day?

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Daze of our lives season finale: changes not incoming

Just like a soap opera, the "daze" ability has had a lot of ups and downs lately. First they said it was working fine, then they said it wasn't working fine. Well, now they say it is working fine after all. Drysc tells us:

A change to the "Daze" mechanic was originally planned for introduction in patch 2.2. This change would have removed additional defense rating as a factor in reducing the chance of being dazed, equalizing the chance for heavy armor wearers to become dazed as compared to light armor wearers. With further testing and discussion it was decided that players would be too negatively affected in their ability to tank and reposition their targets, and this change will no longer be included with 2.2. We currently have no plans to reintroduce this change at a later time.

Apparently the developers really do listen to what the forum goers say and go try things out for themselves now and then. Now, at last, we can put the whole issue to rest.

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Daze of our lives: The continuing story

Remember back at the end of June when Drysc said that Daze was working as intended? Drysc said that since your base defense skill reduced the chance of getting Dazed, you should try to keep it maxed.

He also said we just perceived that we were getting Dazed more in Outland for a variety of reasons including that we ran into more same level or higher mobs in Outland than on Azeroth. Mike called this a "little shaky". It seems that the programmers thought so too, looked into the mechanics a bit deeper and lo and behold we have this note in Patch 2.2:

Daze: Defense skill will no longer reduce the chance players have to receive the Daze effect when attacked from behind by enemies.

Bunnies (female Gnome, of course) called out Drysc on the forums to explain the descrepancy. Happily, Drysc took the challenge:

Shortly after that write up, and due to us going back through the code, the programmers found that a character's defense as a whole was being taken in to account, and not just their base defense as intended. It was definitely our mistake in only looking at what values are taken into account when calculating daze, and not how those values are generated. They're separate bits of code in different locations, so it wasn't easily or immediately apparent.

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Only selected servers get Voice Chat on patch day

Blizzard CM Drysc announced that the Voice Chat feature will be implemented onto the live realms in stages and that only a select few will have integrated Voice Chat enabled when Patch 2.2 is released. All realms will be getting all other features of Patch 2.2, but some of the realms will have to wait until the following week for Voice Chat to be enabled.

Drysc goes on to say that Voice Chat will be on separate servers from the actual game realms:

Voice chat doesn't run through the game servers. This test is of the voice chat servers themselves, not the game realms. If there's an issue voice chat won't be available, the realms themselves shouldn't be affected. In any case, that's what this initial set of realms is to test, how voice chat handles and interacts with the realms on a wider scale.

I don't know if this means we are getting Patch 2.2 on Tuesday 9/18 or not, but I do know that I won't have Voice Chat to play with on my main realm until the week after its release.

Check out our hands on look at Voice Chat and look for the list of realms getting Voice Chat first after the jump.

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