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New loot added to Zul'Aman timed event

One of the cool features of the 10-man instance, Zul'Aman, is the timed event. It starts with ringing a gong (and the death of not!IndianaJones). After that, the raid has 45 minutes to down 4 of the 6 bosses. Every time a boss is killed a nearby captive will open a chest of phat loot. The first chest always has an armor reward, the second a weapon, the third a ring and the fourth has just one reward: the coveted Amani War Bear. But don't expect to be riding that Bear Mount through Shattrath unless your group is BT geared.

According to MMO-Champion, three items have been added to the first chest in Patch 2.3.2. which is great news for those Karazhan equipped raids.

First, is the sweet Cloak of Fiends. It's health dose of Agility, Stamina and Attack Power makes it a dps drool cloth. This was seen on the PTR, but has now finally made it to the Live servers.

Also previewed on the PTR is the Shadowcaster's Drape. Though it has equal parts +Healing and +Damage, it's solid Stamina and Intelligence make it a possible upgrade for dps casters not yet farming the 25-man zones (unless they picked up the Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran out of Karazhan). It's certainly a great cloak for Moonkin. Perfect to go with the next piece.

The Elunite Imbued Leggings have yet to show up on the database sites, but these Moonkin pants are exactly the kind of equipment Balance Druids were promised when Blizzard said they would start itemizing for the spec. There isn't many options comparable to these leggings if a Druid wants to stick to Leather over Cloth. Short of expensive PvP rewards and 25-man raid sets, these britches will make any Moonkin do the funky chicken dance of joy.

And if you are concerned with such things, MMO-Champion has screenshots of their graphical appearance.

Gallery: Zul'Aman


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Gamers on the Street: Patch? What patch?

Gamers on the Street logs into U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

If you've ever suspected that official forums posters are the squeaky wheels of the World of Warcraft, you may be right. With all the noise there about various buffs, nerfs and changes in Patch 2.3.2, you'd think that all of Azeroth and the Outland would be in turmoil. But when Gamers on the Street popped in on Doomhammer server yesterday to see what players thought about Patch 2.3.2, player response was considerably underwhelming. Replies from players on this high-population, longstanding server ranged from "What mage changes? I guess I should read the patch notes more often," to "Oh, there was a patch?"

We visited with players both Alliance-side (talkative and opinionated) and Horde-side (Horde, O Horde ... where were you?) to find out what players thought of Patch 2.3.2 specifics. (And much to our disappointment, we didn't run into a single transmute-specced alchemist who'd had a proc since the patch.) Read on for players' thoughts, after the break.

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2.3.2 has some issues

The fine folks at MMO-Champion have assembled a list of all the known issues associated with Patch 2.3.2 dropping yesterday. In addition to good things like Transmutation mastery being fixed, and changes like AV being hotfixed to buff Balinda and Vandar, there are a host of bugs and minor issues from the Hammerfall wind ride master hiding under her usual spot to Hunter's getting their new Volley graphic revered to its older form due to graphics issues.

The complete list at MMO-Champion is very, very long. Luckily for me and my current leveling project, Draenei Warriors (and indeed all warriors) got off light with a couple of minor bugs. I doubt my level 62 warrior (or any of my 70's) is going to be fighting Landslide again anytime soon. But Priests seem to have several bugs, every class got a few, and the environment, quests and npc sections of the list are quite beefy.

Also, rogues seem upset about the changes, if you follow the forums. While that's probably not a bug I though I should mention it anyway as an issue with the patch.

How's Patch 2.3.2 been treating you? Good, bad, or had you even noticed any differences?

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Collector's Edition pet confusion in Patch 2.3.2

If you got the original Collector's Edition of WoW (not the Burning Crusade version), then you have a surprise in your mailbox. It's not a good surprise, it's a mistake. All Collector's Edition pet emails were sent out again in error.

If you take the gift and click on it to start the quest, you will get the message that you have already completed the quest. So you are not getting a second pet. Nor can you send this to a friend according to Drysc who says, "You can enjoy the epic quest of clicking the delete button on it though?"

This is really just an annoyance that causes no real in-game problems. Have you noticed any other issues with Patch 2.3.2?

[Thanks Tommie!]

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US maintenance extended

According to Blizzard's schedule, the realms should have been back online about 20 minutes ago. So it should come as no shock that today's maintenance has been extended for an extra hour. (Or, to be precise, an extra sixty-one minutes. Why the extra minute? We can't say.) This isn't exactly a surprise, as patch deployment usually takes a bit longer than a normal maintenance cycle (and it seemed odd, earlier, that the login screen announced only a normal maintenance window). And to the European players in the audience -- this is what you get to look forward to tomorrow!

Update: Realms appear to be back online as scheduled!

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Patch 2.3.2 going live

Is patch 2.3.2 going live today? Though there's no official word, signs point to yes. US realms, currently undergoing maintenance, have a generic downtime message on the login screen (as seen above) and no patch download starts for those attempting to log on. but if you try to log on, the patch 2.3.2 download (approximately 5MB) will start. However, European players, whose maintenance doesn't start until tomorrow, are getting a different login screen message:

This Wednesday there will be an extended maintenance to apply patch 2.3.2. Please note that all European realms will be offline from 03:00 until 11:00, Paris time (CET).

Since we've never seen a patch go live in Europe that hasn't gone live in the US, this is pretty strong evidence that today is patch day. Patch 2.3.2 will include some class tweaks (primarily for Hunters, Mages, Shamans, and Rogues), some UI changes which may mean you have to pick up updated addons, bug fixes and more. See the full patch notes (linking to the PTR notes, as the live notes aren't up yet) for official details.

Update: The patch is now downloading for US players.

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The 2-vs-2 arena queue and you

We usually don't realize it, but there is actually an upper limit to the number of instances that can be created in WoW at any given moment. If all the players on your server somehow decided to run Karazhan at about the same time, you'd find that after a certain number of raids had gotten started, some players would be stuck at the loading screen, waiting for the others to finish. Normally, of course, it's not a problem, because people don't all go to Karazhan at the same time. But at prime time, the 2-vs-2 arena instances are as popular as can be, so the 2-vs-2 arena instance slots get full, and frustrated players sometimes find themselves waiting a good long time for one of their turn to fight.

Last month, Drysc said that the Blizzard team still didn't know what to do about it. But now, he says that they do have a special change planned to help solve this problem. It's going to require a patch, though, and not the upcoming patch 2.3.2, either, but it is scheduled for some point in the future, "as soon as possible." Patch 2.4 perhaps? "The change," Drysc says, "will make it so that more instances can kick up in a shorter amount of time. Which doesn't necessarily mean there can't ever be a wait again, but it should drastically decrease them." However much "drastically" is, shorter is always better than longer, when it comes to queues!

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Everything known (and unknown) about patches 2.4 and 2.3.2

MMO-Champion has compiled two handy listings of information about upcoming patches: everything we know so far about patch 2.4, as well as patch 2.3.2.

WoW Insider, of course, has covered all the upcoming content in patch 2.4, as well as the changes in 2.3.2, but for those who would love to see a concise summary of the information, laid out in an easy to understand format, these pages at MMO-Champion are handy indeed.

Of course the obvious question one must ask whenever we see a list of "everything we know about X" is: "what about all that stuff we don't know?" I for one am particularly looking forward to finding out what sorts of rewards will be made available from the new Shattered Sun Offensive faction. Some sort of new mounts perhaps? Will there be a flyable dragonhawk at last? What sort of items would make people start drooling at the mouth enough to devote all kinds of time to all those daily quests?

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Boat vendors will be back in 2.3.2

Good news for the folks who enjoyed visiting the vendors on the boats and zepplins after patch 2.3-- they'll be back in patch 2.3.2.

Nethaera (who, it seems to me, we haven't seen on the forums in a while-- she must be busy with holiday shopping) confirms that the vendors skipped out only temporarily, and that they'll be back before you know. And no, we literally don't know when that is, but I do believe that 2.3.2 is on the PTR right now, and patch 2.4 will be the Sunwell, so it'll be before the Sunwell and after the holidays.

Now if Blizzard could only figure out a way to fit a couple of vendors on the griffons and windriders, we'd be all set-- those flights can get pretty boring, too.

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No patch 2.5 planned

Patch 2.3 launched relatively recently, 2.3.2 is on the PTR, and 2.4 is presumably pretty far from PTR still. As it turns out, that is expected to be about it in the way of pre-Wrath patches, according to Eyonix. 2.4 will introduce the Sunwell Plateau, an outdoor zone, including a 5-man dungeon and a 25-man raid at a harder-than-T6 difficulty level. There will probably be the now-usual assortment of class balance changes, new crafted items, and new daily quests as well, and being an outdoor zone, Sunwell Plateau will probably have some regular quests and a faction of its own as well.

Does the fact that there's no patch 2.5 planned mean anything about how close Wrath is? I'd say there's probably not much connection. If Blizzard knew that it was going to be, say, a year before the expansion, then yeah, they'd probably plan for another content patch. But seeing as how Eyonix saw fit to add "Time will tell, however" on to his post, I'd say we can't infer much more than that they don't expect the expansion to take a ridiculously long time. My prediction is next March, because that's when my birthday is and it'd be a nice present.

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Happy carnival playtime: pre-mades on the PTR

Hortus, the PTR community manager, announced a few hours ago that pre-made characters are going to be enabled on the patch 2.3.2 PTRs, starting today. This often-requested but seldom realized capability means anyone who can get on the PTR can get a level 70 character there of any class they want. This time around they'll be geared up in Arena Season 2 and heroic badge reward gear, and will start with extra Badges of Justice to get whatever other gear they might want; "don't even ask" for other gear, warns Hortus and his spinny hat. In a later post, he says that the PTRs will not be up tonight, and are expected to be available "sometime late tomorrow."

While the idea behind pre-mades might be testing new content, I have other intentions. I tend to use pre-mades as a way to test specs or classes I haven't gotten a chance to experience at level 70, to see if it's worth respeccing on the live realms or leveling a character up to 70. It's also a fun chance to play with gear you might not have on the live realms without having to work for it. Personally, I plan on making a ret pally, a resto druid, and some sort of shaman, since those are all classes I've never gotten very high with, and I'd like to see what their endgame is like. What sort of fun will you be having on the PTR?

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Boat vendors MIA

One of my favorite little additions in patch 2.3 was the boat/zeppelin vendors. Sure, there's a whole crew there, but after talking to them once to see what gossip they had, the vendors were the only ones I went back to. Since Blizzard refuses to take me up on my suggestion to allow fishing from moving boats, it gives me the one more thing to do while waiting for that zone-in screen, aside from chatting and making bandages. Being able to sell trash, stock up on reagents, and sometimes repair during this downtime is really nice.

Unfortunately, the boat vendors have been disabled in a hotfix to the live realms, for vague reasons. Nethaera clarifies that there are "propulsion issues" that necessitate the vendors being out for the time being, but that they'll be "back on duty" as soon as the issues are fixed. Possibly related is a note that the entire boat crew is gone on the 2.3.2 PTR, "for testing purposes." Hopefully the vendors will be back soon; until then, my boat rides will be (even more) boring.

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Shaman and item changes in 2.3.2

MMO Champion has a bit of information about some of the latest changes coming in patch 2.3.2.

First is something of a non-change for Shamans in particular: Blizzard had in mind to add a 30-second cooldown to Earth Shield, as well as a 50% mana-cost reduction, but now they're putting this change on hold until they can figure out exactly how they'll resolve the thorny issue of whether this spell should be dispellable or not -- it'll probably be in patch-2.4, in one form or another.

Secondly, there are some item changes in the works: one epic throwing weapon, the [Spinesever], is going to be nerfed a little bit for some reason, and a number of model certain Zul'Aman gear are going to be updated. The [Ancient Sin'dorei Longbow] from Zul'Jin himself struck me as a particularly sad reuse of an existing (and ugly) bow model. Fortunately, as you can see on the right, that bow is getting an invigorated look (on the top). A number of other items, are getting update too. Check out their post for all the details.

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Pet leveling in the 2.3.2 PTR

Over the weekend (while I was chowing down on turkey and mashed potatoes), Mania headed into the new PTR, and came back with some great news for Hunters leveling pets-- it's going to be faster.

Pets will require 33% less XP to level up on the PTR, which (I believe) is in addition to the player leveling changes. Pets still, however, don't earn XP from quests (which makes sense, in a strange way, I guess, because you could bring one pet on a quest, and bring another to turn it in), and they don't earn XP on grey kills, either. Mania's testing also shows that pets earn the same XP on both live and test realms, which means pets don't actually earn XP faster-- they just don't need as much of it.

Good stuff. I don't ever plan to actually level up a pet on its own (I have enough trouble leveling up my alts as it is), but it's good to know that the pet I've got coming with my lowbie Hunter will be grabbing XP faster than ever.

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WoW Insider Show live on WoW Radio tomorrow

It's a day of Turkey Omelets, Turkey Sandwiches and Turkey Soup. All we ask of you is to put down the bird long enough to tune in to WoW Insider Show tomorrow. We'll be live Saturday on WoW Radio and all you have to do to listen is point your browser to WoW Radio at 3:30 PM EST or 8:30 PM GMT. You're also welcome to add your voice to the conversation by joining us in IRC on in channel #wowradio. And if you have something to say -- but can't make the live show, feel free to e-mail your comments or questions to!

I'll be hosting tomorrow's show along with Krystalle as well as WoW Radio's Turpster. We'll be discussing this week's hot topics, including the absence of veteran's rewards, the tanking itemization of Zul'Aman, the concept of zero pressure raiding, the implications of Patch 2.3.2 and much more. Join us for an hour of lively discussion and wild speculation.

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