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Patch 2.3.3 live

Although the realms aren't up for a bit yet, the latest tiny patch, 2.3.3., is apparently going live today, and so you can go ahead and download it right now. Here's the entire list of changes:
  • General
    • Some players may notice improved data load times when newly entering the world and after zoning into new areas.
    • Character/NPC load times have been decreased, and now should appear faster. You're not hearing voices, there really are people in Shattrath!
  • Bug Fixes
    • Felspine the Greater in Shadowmoon Valley will no longer evade when engaged.
    • Guttripper in Nagrand will no longer evade when engaged.
    • Players will now be correctly credited with their arena points if they purchase an arena item during weekly arena calculations.
    • Using a castsequence macro on a target moving out of range will no longer cause it to stop working.
Here's hoping this means they'll be getting 2.4 up on the PTR quickly.

[Thanks, V3T]

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Patch 2.3.3 live on the PTRs

Patch 2.3.2 has been out on the live realms for a while now, which can only mean that it's time for patch 2.3.3 on the PTRs! Late last night Blizzard launched the 2.3.3 PTRs to little fanfare. No pre-mades are available this time around, so expect to see more testing and less random dueling with epic'd out level 70 characters on the 2.3.3 PTRs. The patch notes are sparse, containing a couple of bugfixes and some improvements to load time, but as with all patches, you never know what unintended (or unmentioned!) changes might have slipped in. MMO Champion has the latest on the patch notes, though their version differs very little from the official version.

Interested in trying the test realm out for yourself? Head over to the official site to download the client and copy one of your existing characters! (Having trouble getting on -- WoWWiki has a great guide to setting up the PTR client.)

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PTR Warlocks gone wild

Friday afternoon when the PTR came up with the latest 2.3.2 patch, premade Warlocks had a little something extra in their stocking from Greatfather Winter. According to Jagoex at Warlock Therapy, it seems that the Warlocks' Seed of Corruption AE/DoT spell had been superbuffed to be: 2-3x, more powerful, instacast, require no mana and have a range of 60,000 yards. And if that wasn't enough, it could be cast even if the Warlock was dead. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued. As did a quick shutdown of the PTR Friday night.

When the PTRs came back up later in the evening, the spell was removed and all premade Warlocks had their talents and spell lists wiped. So not only do new Warlocks have to drop 350g to repopulate their empty spellbooks, they have to run all the quest lines to reacquire their pets. Needless to say, there aren't many premade Warlocks on the PTRs this week.

Still, it would have been fun to have seen the PvP matches before this mistake was caught.

EDIT: YouTube vid after the jump!

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2.3.2 patch notes updated

Earlier today, Salthem posted updated patch notes on the European WoW site and Teza has reposted them at World of Raids with all the changes highlighted. From my quick scan of the list, it appears that resto druids are getting nerfed, mages' Mana Emeralds as well as rogues' Hemorrhage ability are receiving some rather neutral changes, and rogues' Shadowstep is getting buffed.

From my understanding, tree druids are currently able to maintain a high level of healing per second through careful upkeep of Lifebloom on their targets. This is due to the fact that a druid can pop all his trinkets to maximize his +healing and then cast the spell. As long as he keeps refreshing the HoT before it "blooms", it will maintain that maximized level of +healing, thus making for a very efficient and powerful spell. As I understand the new patch notes, this will no longer be possible since the incoming Lifeblooms will overwrite the +healing value of the previous ones. I don't play a tree druid, but I'm sure some of my guild mates will be ranting over this in tonight's raid.

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