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Patch 3.1 achievements round up

Everybody loves achievements, right?, I guess not. Some people like achievements, right? Yes! Patch 3.1 brings a lot of cool stuff for you guys to do as well, so here's all of it in a nice little package for you to pick through. Have fun!
If you enjoyed this stuff, keep an eye on our achievements column, The Overachiever. We'll probably be going over a lot of this, especially the Noblegarden and Argent Tournament achievements, in the coming weeks.
Patch 3.1 is live and it takes us into Ulduar, delivers us dual specs, and brings significant changes to all the classes! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1 and the official patch notes!

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Patch notes incorrect: Equipment Manager will not be part of patch 3.1

The official 3.1 patch notes for the live realms states that the equipment manager is now active. The patch preview website that went live says it isn't, and a blue post from a couple weeks ago was the first announcement that it won't be going live in patch 3.1 yet.

So then why is the equipment manager in the patch notes?

The patch notes are wrong in this instance.

Zarhym/Floating-Red-Skull confirmed as much last night, and it's important to note that there might be a few other posts like this one throughout the day. In some cases patch notes can be incorrect in the finer points of the patch. This is one of those cases.
Patch 3.1 is live and it takes us into Ulduar, delivers us dual specs, and brings significant changes to all the classes! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1 and the official patch notes!

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WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1 Updated

WoW Insider has been on fire the past few months with patch 3.1 information. We've published nearly 400 articles on various aspects of the patch, more than any other patch we've covered.

To help organize things, we've made a nice guide for all you folks. WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1 bring you our entire library of patch information in one concise and convenient place.

Check it out for a categorized and indexed listing of everything we've done. We'll be updating it throughout the day as well; you can check there to make sure you haven't missed anything important on this patch release day.

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WoW Patch 3.1: Class changes round-up

It's official! Patch 3.1 is coming to the live realms today and if you're one of many left dizzy after weeks of changes, bug fixes, nerfs, buffs, stealth nerfs, re-buffs, undocumented changes, and redocumented changes -- WoW Insider is here to help. Obviously things like dual specs and 30 minute hearthstone cooldowns will help us all, but chances are you want to know exactly what's going to be different with your class when you log on after today's maintenance. Here's everything that's been happening for every class, in a single place for your reading convenience...

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Patch 3.1 Secrets of Ulduar round up

We've talked a whole lot about Ulduar in the last few months, and a lot of great Ulduar-related resources have cropped up. So you don't need to dig through our entire site to find what you're looking for this fine Tuesday morning, I've tried to collect the most useful pieces of our current Ulduar content into one nice list for you. Enjoy!
  • Ulduar Mania kicked off with this preview of Ulduar from the official EU community site.
  • And then this video!
  • You can listen to this song by Summergale and Cranius titled 'Ulduar' while you read this insanely long list!
  • To be sure you'll never be lost in Ulduar, we've covered a few sites with maps of the zone.
  • Check out an early iteration of the Ulduar achievements. Most of them have remained the same, but note that some of the numbers in the post were placeholders and have since been updated.

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The awesome weapons of the Argent Tournament

It's kind of sad and funny that the best-designed weapons in Patch 3.1 aren't going to come from Ulduar but from the cool but overshadowed Argent Tournament. As great as the Tier 8 armor designs are, most of the Ulduar weapons just aren't on par, with the awesomely-named Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion looking like something you'd stick into an hors d'oeuvre sooner than you would stick it into an opponent. Remember Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood? Or Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds? The new 2-handed sword from Ulduar follows that great naming tradition but minus the visual badassery.

On the other hand, the iLevel 200 weapons from the Argent Tournament are some of the best-looking weapons in Wrath of the Lich King. The best thing about them is that aside from being cool, they're thematically designed to fit specific races. As the Argent Tournament highlights being able to 'champion' a particular major or racial city, it's highly appropriate that the rewards fit the theme. Unfortunately for many players who raid, these weapons won't be upgrades. However, the Argent Tournament was specifically designed for the solo player, a wonderful concession to a sizeable portion of the game's customers. Those players should find that the Argent Tournament weapons are excellent upgrades from quest rewards or even heroics.

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Dual speccing in three easy steps

One of the biggest new features in today's patch 3.1 is dual spec capabilities. It's been through many iterations on the PTR, and there's a lot of information floating around (check out our full guide to dual specs), but here's the abbreviated version.

  1. Go see your class trainer. Bring 1,000g and be at least level 40. Make sure the glyphs you have on right now are the ones you want to be associated with your primary talent spec.
  2. Ask your trainer nicely for dual-spec capabilities, and pay that 1,000g.
  3. All your talents are now reset, and you now have access to a second set of them. Set up your talents as you wish, buy new skills as required, and add glyphs to your second spec.

Congratulations! You may now switch specs any time you're out of combat (except in arenas). The video above shows the process of switching specs; doing so also switches your action bars and your glyphs (you store a separate set of glyphs for each spec). Switching specs does not require a Lexicon of Power. In fact, Lexicons of Power are not required for anything any more, not even glyphing. Each of your two sets of talents can be reset just like you're used to resetting talents; resetting one does not disturb the other. Happy talenting!

Patch 3.1 is live and it takes us into Ulduar, delivers us dual specs, and brings significant changes to all the classes! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1 and the official patch notes!

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Breakfast Topic: Your most anticipated Patch 3.1 feature

It's been a long time coming, but Patch 3.1 Secrets of Ulduar has arrived and with it comes a long list of shiny, shiny features. Ready for new content? It's got Ulduar, the prison for Yogg-Saron and his floating brain of death, plus more epic loot than all of The Burning Crusade raids. It comes in both 10-man and 25-man versions, and each boss has a Hard Mode for you crazy kids trying to get your hands on the new Legendary healing mace.

Oh, and did I mention the new related Ulduar Achievements? Revamped Noblegarden with its own meta-Achievement? Dual specs? The Argent Tournament? Swimming mounts?! The list goes on and on.

So tell us, which of the new features are you most looking forward to today.
What 3.1 feature are you most looking forward to?
25-Man Ulduar2483 (20.1%)
10-Man Ulduar1106 (8.9%)
New legendary healing mace358 (2.9%)
Dual Specs4808 (38.9%)
Argent Tournament1806 (14.6%)
Changes to my class764 (6.2%)
New Arena season145 (1.2%)
Noblegarden250 (2.0%)
My guildmates coming back to the game649 (5.2%)

Patch 3.1 is live and it takes us into Ulduar, delivers us dual specs, and brings significant changes to all the classes! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1 and the official patch notes!

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Tuesday Morning Post: Varian Wrynn is my copilot in Patch 3.1 edition

People never believe me when I say the Horde is my favorite of the two factions and that most of my characters are only Alliance because that is the faction my friends play. Of course, this evening, it's easy to see why I sometimes have a hard time convincing them of this fact, as I have spent the last few hours gushing about King Varian Wrynn to anyone who will listen and even a few people who won't. Seriously, if you are in a place that allows the streaming of video and sound, you should watch the new Ulduar trailer. Varian is so amazing, I almost needed a change of pants after I finished watching.

But hey, only some of us are lore nerds, and I'm sure a lot of you are here looking for some prime patch 3.1 gameplay and feature information, what with extended maintenance and said patch 3.1 going live today. Luckily, you're in luck. You lucky person you. Expect loads of patch 3.1 information articles and roundups as the day progresses, including dual spec information and galleries showcasing the new sights and sounds of the new patch.

In the meantime, you can start your reading with our official constantly updated Guide to Patch 3.1 and this roundup of some of the hottest news from the past week:

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Patch 3.1 Secrets of Ulduar told in pictures

We've been churning out reams of text on Secrets of Ulduar going live later today, but who doesn't love some shiny pictures to go with it. Just pick your favorite one and pretend you're there until the servers come back up. You can even get on the phone with your guildmate and pretend you're on Vent arguing about how the Hunter just ninja'd the new legendary healing mace.

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Changes in the 3.1 live patch notes

Now that we have official patch notes for patch 3.1, I thought I'd take a look and see what changed between the last PTR notes and today. And the answer is: not much. Only eight new/changed lines, and nothing that I'd call major. But you may disagree, dear reader, and so I'll list everything I found right here.

  • [Hunter] Roar of Sacrifice can be used on the hunter only
  • [Shaman] Unleashed Rage: Reduced to 3 points, down from 5. No longer increases agility, but instead increases your total expertise by 3/6/9. [was 3/6/9%, though that was probably a typo]
  • [Warlock] Drain Soul: Each time Drain Soul deals damage to a target which can grant experience, it now has a chance to generate a Soul Shard

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Patch 3.1 confirmed for tomorrow

The blues have confirmed that patch 3.1 will be released tomorrow. Zarhym said as much in a post a few moments ago.

You can check out the full and final patch notes (Part I and Part II), and also take a look at WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1 for all the latest information.

The realms will be down for extended maintenance tomorrow, and we're all hopeful that won't turn into some disaster like we've seen on previous patch days... but no one is betting any money on the success of the process right now.

Stay tuned to WoW Insider throughout the evening and tomorrow for the latest!

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Extended maintenance for Tuesday April 14th

The server alert tonight is letting us know that there will be extended maintenance for all realms from 3:00 a.m. PDT / 6:00 a.m. EDT to 11:00 a.m. PDT / 2:00 p.m. EDT. However, there are several realms listed after the break that will be down starting at 1:00 a.m. PDT / 4:00 a.m. PDT instead.

There is no official announcement yet of patch 3.1 dropping tomorrow, but as we said before (and as is being confirmed by the recent flurry of new information), many folks both publicly and privately are telling us it's dropping tomorrow.

Stay tuned tonight as the WoW Insider staff will be staying up all night to bring you the very latest, and don't forget to check out the WoW Insider Guide to Patch 3.1 for all the patch information.

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Official Ulduar cinematic revealed

Patch 3.1 is looking more and more likely to be dropping tomorrow, now heralded by the official Ulduar trailer. No, not the preview trailer from awhile back, but the official cinematic, complete with story-progressing goodness. Go give it a watch, then come on back. Did you see it? Good!

The first thing that struck me is the new face on Jaina. It looks... unpleasant. That's just me, though! It might just take some time to get used to it. Beyond that, the trailer is very very cool, and keeps the Alliance/Horde conflict in the forefront despite the departure from it for the raid zone. It reinforces my thoughts that Varian's hatred of the Horde is never going to be repaired until Garrosh is out of the picture. It also displays that the war on Ulduar isn't being supported by either the Horde or the Alliance: We're in this thing on our own. I also seem to hate Rhonin much less when Blizzard is writing his dialogue.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this!

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Patch 3.1 Battleground queue updates

Out of the blue tonight, the blustering Blizzard Blue bard Eyonix, came out and let us know about a few things that'll be happening with the Patch 3.1 battleground queue (see what queuing will be like now):
  • Players will not be able to queue while dead.
  • If you queue and accept to enter a battleground while in flight, you'll be returned to a designated destination.
Now the first point is clearly to prevent dodging of corpse runs or mess around with corpse camping.

As far as the second point, this is interesting and pretty much provides another way of ghetto hearthing in some circumstances (remember, ghetto hearthing is being removed in patch 3.1). Not that you should take advantage of this or anything, and chances are it'll be hotfixed relatively quickly upon release of patch 3.1.

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