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Watch Ulduar's Hodir live on the Patch 3.1 PTR

Streaming live video by Ustream
Symbolic Logic of Area 52 is streaming their live Hodir raid tonight via the Patch 3.1 PTR. You can check them out above and at their UStream page.

You can read more about this patch at WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1 (including the latest patch notes), and read some impressions of Ulduar fights. We've also covered the initial release of Hodir last week.

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Emblem of Conquest gear up on Patch 3.1 PTR

Emblems of Conquest are the new Emblems of Valor - that is to say, they drop from the 25-man version of Ulduar and enable you to buy ilvl 226 stuff. This much we knew. What we haven't known, until now, is what exactly they'd let you buy.

With this latest PTR patch, the gear sold for Emblems of Conquest is now availabe. The names are placeholders ("Emblem of Conquest Healer Neck"), and the stats may also be relatively placeholder-y as well, but it's something to look at, anyway.

Currently up are:

  • Runed Orbs for 15 EoC; these are like Frozen Orbs and will be used for crafting.
  • Necklaces for 16 EoC.
  • Belts and gloves for 23 EoC.
  • Legs for 32 EoC.
  • Deadly Gladiator gear (38 EoC for hands and shoulders, 48 EoC for head, legs, and chest).
  • Tier 8.5 chest and head tokens for 48 EoC each.
  • Emblems of Valor for one EoC.

You can see the stats on everything over on the inimitable MMO-Champion, although I don't think the tier 8 vendors are implemented yet, so we still don't know the precise numbers on those. What I'm really anxious to have confirmed is that we'll be able to buy tier 8.0 with the Emblems of Valor that drop out of 10-man Ulduar - if that's not the case, I will be one very upset raider. And what's with some of those prices? 38 badges? Really?

Patch 3.1 brings us Ulduar, dual specs, significant changes to all the classes, and more! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1.

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Patch 3.1 PTR build 9637 profession changes

A small patch was pushed to the 3.1 PTR earlier this afternoon, incrementing the build number from 9626 to 9627. Among other things, it contained a few changes for the professionals among us - specifically cooks, tailors, and scribes. These changes were of course data-mined by the MMO-Champion people, so they're not 100% reliable, but usually they work out to be correct.
  • A new recipe, Clamlette Magnifique, has been added, with the modest reagents of one Zesty Clam Meat. This will really help; there's a big hole in the cooking progression around that point, especially if you aren't also doing fishing at the time.
  • Lightweave Embroidery, a tailor-only cloak enchant, has been changed to give a chance to increase your spell power by 250 for 15 seconds when you cast a spell. This makes it much more appealing for healers, among other things, although with the squeeze on mana regeneration I'll probably keep my Darkglow.
  • Two new recipes have been added for Scribe-crafted offhands: Twilight Tome and Rituals of the New Moon. They each require five Ink of the Sea, five Resilient Parchment, and two Eternal Life. You can see a screenshot of the tooltips above (although the percentage breakdowns on those combat ratings are probably based on a level 1 character). They look cool, anyhow.

Some good stuff. I love PTRs; it's like Christmas for bloggers. I must say, though, I still find professions a little tedious and overall under-rewarding, considering the time and gold investments. On the other hand, I am really enjoying my very fast rug, so it's a bit of a toss-up.

Patch 3.1 brings us Ulduar, dual specs, significant changes to all the classes, and more! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1.

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Ulduar in-game dungeon maps

We're reported on the new in-game dungeon maps that Blizzard has implemented before, and we've got the Ulduar maps for you tonight. These are coming fresh off the latest Patch 3.1 PTR build (#9637 for those keeping track).

Click below through our gallery to see them all.

The map seems to indicate there are five floor to Ulduar. There is also a mini-map overview that was complied a few days ago you can also check out.

Boss testing is commencing tonight, and we should have some more information and impressions up for you by tomorrow morning. We're also on the PTR now checking out other reported changes, we'll let you know what we dig up!

Full gallery of Ulduar maps after the jump!

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This week's Ulduar testing schedule

Daelo, our cloth-wrapped lead encounter designer, has just posted the schedule for which bosses will be tested in Ulduar on the 3.1 PTR this week. As you may be aware, they're not opening all bosses for testing at once (at least, not yet), and bosses are up only during certain hours, to let the devs watch players (try to) beat them.

This week, here's the schedule for the North American realms:

  • Tonight, Tuesday 3/3, starting at 4 PM PST now: Flame Leviathan, the (in-)famous vehicle boss. Only the 10-man version should be tested, as the 25-man one is "not properly tuned." I'm really curious to see how this fight is going to work out.
  • Wednesday, 3/4, starting at 4 PM PST: Ignis the Furnace Maker.
  • Thursday, 3/5, starting 4 PM PST: Hodir.

And for the European realms:

  • Wednesday, 4/3, 1 AM CET: Flame Leviathan, 10-man only.
  • Thursday, 5/3, 7 PM CET: Thorim.
  • Friday, 6/3, 7 PM CET: Freya.

Thorim on Thursday, Freya on friday? I think they did that on purpose. Daelo also promises that General Vezax and Razorscale will be soon available for European testers, and XT-002 Deconstructor for US testers.

Patch 3.1 brings us Ulduar, dual specs, significant changes to all the classes, and more! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1.

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Updates to WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1

Unless you've been living under a rock this past week, you've no doubt heard about this whole "Patch 3.1" thing. Yesterday Blizzard called it their largest content patch to date, and it certainly is shaping up to be that way.

The only problem with large content updates like this is that, well, they're large. They're ginormious. Mom! Meatloaf! Now! (Who can resist using two completely unrelated Will Ferrell quotes in the same paragraph?)

We've been updating the WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1 quite a bit this past week, and have included all the content we've published concerning patch 3.1. Take a look at it and get all your questions answered. And if you have more questions, be sure to hop on over to The Queue and ask away.

Some of the highlight from this past week include:
Something tells me, however, that the best is yet to come... stay tuned!

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GC: Dual spec will not change design decisions

Dual specs have been one of several hot topics while we watch patch 3.1 progress on the PTR. People have waffled about whether they mean to spend the 1,000 gold it's going to cost, we've learned that you'll be able to do it anywhere and at level 40, and players of all ten classes are pondering what to use their second spec slot for. However, according to Ghostcrawler, Blizzard is pretending dual spec does not exist.

Maybe I should clarify: with respect to design decisions, they're pretending dual spec does not exist. Raids and talent trees will be balanced without reference to the fact that some players will be able to easily swap out. GC gives some specific examples of things the devs will not be doing, such as "Have a fight that requires 8 tanks, because you know, half the raid can change specs," or "Let Arms be the PvP tree and Fury be the PvE tree, because warriors can just switch out."

This is good news to many, including myself. Although if I had been asked to guess, I would probably have predicted they would take this direction, it's good to know that (for instance) raiders won't be effectively required to take spec X and spec Y in order to complete encounter Z. Dual specs are there to offer us more flexibility, not as another way the devs can make us jump through hoops. And I know I'll be taking it on at least a few of my characters.

Patch 3.1 brings us Ulduar, dual specs, significant changes to all the classes, and more! We've got you covered from top to bottom with our Guide to Patch 3.1.

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Yogg-Saron, Old God of Death speculation

One of the things that caught my eye in the Ulduar preview that was posted awhile ago is the description of Yogg-Saron. The flavor text describes him as 'the Old God of death.' Considering our big target in this expansion, the Lich King, that's extremely interesting.

Wrath of the Lich King has heavily hinted at some sort of connection between Yogg-Saron and the Scourge, though we never quite find out what it is. The Scourge make heavy use of Saronite, an ore with Yogg-Saron himself as its origin. When the Alliance investigates this ore in the Dragonblight, they discover the Scourge says Yogg-Saron's name with some degree of hate and contempt.

A lot of people fear there's a "puppet of the master" thing surrounding the Lich King, that he's not actually his own power, he belongs to Yogg-Saron. I find this unlikely for one really big reason: The Scourge hates Yogg-Saron, and everybody else that we've run into that have fallen under Yogg-Saron's will either love him utterly or serve him faithfully. If you go to the Saronite Mines in Icecrown and do the quest Slaves to Saronite, you see just how faithful some of his servants become once they've been controlled. If Yogg-Saron were controlling the Lich King, we'd see a very different Scourge.

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Insider Trader: Your livelihood after patch 3.1

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Although patch 3.1 is still a few months from going live, it is already shaping up to be a positive force on the professions front. So far, we've been made aware of the following changes:
  • Two new Engineering enchants (attn: tanks and spell power users).
  • An engineered bind on equip blue trinket.
  • A +hit elixir for the level 19 twink community.
  • A deliciously ridiculous number of new glyphs, along with glyph changes.
  • New Blacksmithing bind on equip epics covering spell plate, dps plate and tanking plate, as well as a spell dagger.
  • New juicy, expensive enchants.
  • Finally, a productive use for Black Diamonds.
  • A new Jewelcrafting trinket.
  • Lots of new Leatherworking goodies.
  • Several Tailoring items, including a 32-slot herbing bag.
  • Many current recipes, including Old World and Outland ones, are being rebalanced and updated.
For details and analysis, follow me through the break. Keep in mind that these are subject to change, and that we will likely see even more developments in the future.

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Patch 3.1 PTR Patch Notes update

The official patch notes have been updated for the Patch 3.1 PTR. You can see a complete list of changes after the break, or take a look at the fully updated notes.

This update is much more substantial than the one we posted a couple nights ago. Nonetheless, it has been added to our Patch 3.1 patch notes archive. Via the archive you can also view other iterations of the patch notes to see how things have changed.

As always, these notes should be considered incomplete (it's in bold because we can't say it enough). A number of things that are on the PTR are not reflected in the patch notes, and several things that will eventually be on the PTR aren't in the notes either (many of the class changes, for example).

Check out WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1 for more information.

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Patch 3.1 PTR Patch Notes: Build 9626 v2 and Build 9637

These notes are for PTR Build #9626. These patch notes might be out of date. These notes reflect an update of the official Blizzard PTR notes.

Build #9626 was released on February 25th, 2009 around 12:00 a.m. EST. These notes were released on February 27th, 2009 around 5:30 p.m. EST.

These notes are also current for PTR Build #9637.

You can find the latest PTR Patch 3.1 Patch Notes at the main patch notes post. You can find an archival listing of all patch notes via WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1.

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Patch 3.1 PTR Patch Notes: Build 9626

These notes are for PTR Build #9626. These patch notes might be out of date.

Build #9626 was released on February 25th, 2009 around 12:00 a.m. EST.

You can find the latest PTR Patch 3.1 Patch Notes at the main patch notes post. You can find an archival listing of all patch notes via WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1.

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WoW Patch 3.1 PTR Build 9626 Patch Notes Changes

A new Patch 3.1 PTR build is out tonight, build #9626. This build adds some changes and brings a few undocumented changes into their proper documented status.

And with this new build, we're going to try something new here at WoW Insider. Each time the patch notes change, we'll bring you a listing of significant changes to them.

What's a significant change?
  • Non-grammatical, there are grammar and spelling errors in the patch notes. While people might like to make fun of them, they're not of any consequence.
  • Non-contextual, sometimes the context of a note changes but doesn't really make any difference. Something like a Shield Bash change moved from the Arms tree (where it was mistakenly placed) to the Protection tree (where it belongs).
  • Non-formatting, often times the format of the patch notes will change. This includes things like using ":" or "-" in the appropriate places. These don't concern us.
  • Sometimes the new changes to the patch notes will just be undocumented things becoming documented. But that's important to know too.
So after the break you'll see our first go at this. A complete list of the changes from the initial Patch 3.1 PTR build to PTR build #9626. You can also view the fully updated notes, and view an archive of previous iterations of the patch notes.


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New Ulduar video from Blizzard

Ulduar is here, and Blizzard has released a new video you can watch above. We see new mobs and animations, get a look at Freya and some vehicle combat, and see some absolutely stunning interiors of the new raid zone.

The video lasts just under 2 minutes, and is worth your time to take a look. There is also some Blizzard music along with it, so be sure to have your sound turned up a bit. You can download high resolution versions of the video from Blizzard.

Perhaps the coolest thing in the video is around the 1:20 mark where we see a new tram style monorail (cue the Simpson's song). There are also very interesting stain glass like windows shown at the end.

Ulduar represents the latest in Blizzard's dungeon making and artistic design, and by the looks of it they're poised to create one helluva masterpiece.

For more coverage of Patch 3.1 and Ulduar, check out WoW Insider's Guide to Patch 3.1.

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