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Patch 4.2.2 on test realms could signal patch 4.3 soon

Intrepid dataminers over at MMO-Champion have spelled out the changes made recently to the public test realms (PTR). This update solidifies all the changes made in recent bug fixes. It could also signal the ramping up of more PTR action as patch 4.3 heats up for prime time testing.

Currently, the PTR is up to patch 4.2.2, so no new content is up, but the realms are now updated with the hotfixes and bug fixes that the servers have already received. Most of the changes listed are tooltip changes that are already live on the servers but might not have been reflected on the PTR while it was in a dormant state. Hopefully this means that after a round of cleanup and bug fixes on the PTR, we'll get some news about patch 4.3 and the wonders that await.

What does patch 4.3 hold for the future of World of Warcraft? Well, we don't know yet. It could be new 5-mans, the War of the Ancients raid promised at BlizzCon, or new daily content not unlike the Molten Front. We could even see a tier of raiding pitting players against Deathwing himself soon.

While the code strings are nothing new, it might signal that the guild transfer service is in the pipe as we speak; hopefully we'll have more information on this service for patch 4.3. While the strings are focused on naming violations, I can still dream, right? I want to believe! We will find out in time. Read the full list of changes after the break.

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