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Patch 5.2 confirmed for March 5

Patch 52 confirmed for March 5
Blizzard Community Manager Rygarius has just updated the patch 5.2 round-up to confirm the launch date, and yes, it's coming tomorrow in the US, Wednesday if you're in the EU, and really very soon if you're in Australia.

If you want to see all the details on everything that's about to land on your doorstep, as well as loot tables, advice on gearing and what to spend your points on before and after the patch, the inside scoop on the trailer, or guides to each of the new raid bosses, WoW Insider has got you covered. Check out all our patch 5.2 coverage!

What are you the most excited about with patch 5.2? At WoW Insider, we can't wait to get our hands on some rideable dinosaurs, and get started unlocking the Isle of Thunder, as well as set foot in the new raid. It's all very new and exciting, and it's great to see Blizzard continuing with the higher-speed patch cycle they've been promising since, well, the start of WoW!

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Patch 5.2 Valor reset canceled

Patch 52 Valor reset canceled
Stop spending your valor points right now. Zarhym has posted a late-breaking update regarding the currency changes originally slated for patch 5.2. He posted the following:

After reading your feedback and locking ourselves in dim, fluorescent-lit rooms for much deliberation, we have decided that we are NOT going to convert Valor to Justice and Justice to gold when 5.2 ships. Current Valor items will continue to require Valor in 5.2, and will be offered at a discount as listed in the PTR patch notes. Given that PvE and PvP currencies function quite a bit differently, Conquest will still convert to Honor and Honor to gold as previously discussed ...

This means that, rather than spending your valor, your best bet is likely to do your best to reach the valor cap in the time between now and the arrival of patch 5.2. The estimated date of this has also been pushed back from Bashiok's original projection of the last week in February, to an approximation of three weeks from now. This would put the release date at around March 6th, giving players three weeks to earn as much valor as possible to carry forward into patch 5.2. Bashiok also chimed in, saying that the new valor gear will begin to be available from Neutral reputation with the new faction.

Notably, PvP points will continue to be reset as usual. The remainder of Zarhym's post is after the break.

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Patch 5.2 targeted for release in last week of February

In Bashiok's recent post on the WoW site, he mentioned that while Blizzard in general doesn't want to give out patch release dates ahead of time, they are targeting patch 5.2 for release the last week of February.

Keep in mind that things can and do change. Patches have been delayed before due to unforeseen bugs or game mechanics issues, and they will be delayed again. It's common and part of life in a game like WoW that's constantly under development.

But that being said, it's nice to know what Blizzard wants to do. Just take it all with a healthy grain of maelstrom salt until you see an official release announcement.

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The Queue: Patch 5.2's release date and heaps of dirty laundry

The Queue Patch 52's release date and heaps of dirty laundry
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Today's edition of The Queue is mostly WoW Insider questions and not so much WoW questions, but we'll get the biggest WoW question of them all out of the way up front:

frankie asked:

Patch 5.2: Live before February ends?

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