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Patch 5.4 PTR: The Legendary Cloak quest chain part five

Patch 54 PTR The Legendary Cloak quest chain part five
Spoilers lurk after the break in this post. Very spoiler-y ones. Frankly, if you're concerned about spoilers, you should probably make a filter or something that artfully removes any post mentioning Adriacraft from your screen. Today's offering is Stivan completing the most recent stage of the Legendary cloak chain, and the resultant content. That's really all I can comfortably say, without worrying terribly that I will unwittingly drop a huge spoiler-bomb before the break, which would be a terribly mean thing to do.

So, in summary, if you don't want spoilers, don't hit the break, don't read the comments, don't watch the video.

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Legendary catch-up coming in Patch 5.4

Legendary catchup coming in Patch 54
For those of us who have not yet begun our Legendary item-building, not hung out with Wrathion at all, and not collected the relevant sigils and points and such, the idea of starting out now is daunting to say the least. But fear not! Blizzard Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has tweeted with some excellent news:

I think we'll all agree that this is a pretty fantastic bit of news for players who want to catch up with the Legendary, perhaps having let it slide, and players with alts who might like some orange things in their life. But it's inevitable that this will also result in a slew of comments that legendaries should be hard to get, should require months of work, and should not have catch-up systems. That doing all those things makes them less legendary, not to mention the legendaries-for-all approach that has been ushered in with Mists of Pandaria. Which side of the fence do you sit on? Or are you awkwardly perched upon said fence like me? I am still not sure if one of my characters will ever have one.

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