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Patch 5.4 PTR: It's Noodle Time!

The Noodle Time achievement and scenario aren't new, they've been on the Patch 5.4 PTR a while now, but it's been a bit of a mystery since nobody has really stepped up to do the quests, and grind out the content to get the cart itself. Now, we don't want to spoil the questing for you by giving you a full walkthrough, but it involves killing a few bosses, and that then leads you in to the point where you get the scenario in the video above, where you learn to run a noodle stand. The scenario appears to be repeatable, once you've got that done you can get the materials together to build a noodle cart, and a deluxe version!

You can see Stevan selling his noodles in the PTR version of the Alliance shrine in the video, and it looks pretty cool. There are three buttons, which allow you to play music, shoot fireworks, cook, and to call nearby players over to your noodle stand to try your noodles, which cost 3 gold 59 silver!

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WoW Insider Round Table: The Timeless Isle

In a special Geek Week edition, the WoW Insider Round Table is taking on the Timeless Isle. This new zone, located to the south-east of Pandaria, is a max-level content area, crawling with rares, chests, puzzles, gear and exciting items for all and sundry. The Round Table, this week comprising of Matt Low, Olivia Grace and Sarah Pine, had all been out on the new island, soaking up the scenery and enjoying the sights it had to show them.

They discussed, variously, the new rares, the breadcrumb and exploration quests on the new island, the lore quiz content, the many, many ways to get the Timeless Isle's new currency, what you could spend it on, the drops that you could get from mobs to gear alts, and much much more of all the content the Isle has to offer.

We hope you enjoyed the WoW Insider Round Table, and as ever if you have any suggestions for future topics or specific questions for the panelists, let us know!

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Patch notes update for August 2

Patch 54 PTR Patch notes update for August 2
Another round of patch note changes been released for the patch 5.4 PTR. Vengeance has once again received several changes that tanks should probably look over, as well as the usual round of minor class updates. More importantly, two changes have been made to current content that ought to be interesting for players looking to get caught up to the latest raid.
  • Vengeance now has diminishing returns while tanking multiple targets -- each additional target grants progressively less Vengeance.
  • All enemies in the Throne of Thunder now have a debuff called Shado-Pan Onslaught, which reduces their health and damage by 20%.
  • Heroic Scenarios no longer have a minimum ilvl requirement to enter.
You can see the full list of patch notes at the official site, but if you'd just like a list of the new changes, follow after the break for a consolidated list.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Play with the Blues on the Timeless Isle

Patch 54 PTR Play with the Blues on the Timeless Isle
If you've been holding off on exploring the delights that the PTR servers -- and the Timeless Isle -- have to offer, you might want to pencil in some time to do so soon. This Tuesday, August 6, the Community Management team will be taking to the PTR servers from 2-4pm PDT to play, explore and test content alongside the community. Players can copy characters to either the Anasterian or Broxigar servers to participate, and of course leave feedback for the new area on the PTR forums afterwards.

Want to participate in the event? Simply log into your account and use the PTR Character Copy service to copy your main over, or if you're feeling really adventurous, you can just download the PTR client and create a pre-made level 90 character to play with. The Blues will be playing both Alliance and Horde, so be sure to log on and join in on the fun!

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Vengeance changes

Patch 54 PTR Vengeance changes
If you're a tank in World of Warcraft you know what Vengeance is. Originally intended to allow tanks to keep up with increased DPS from improved gear with DPS stats on it while accumulating tanking gear that generally lacked those stats, it's turned into a means for tanking players to do chart topping DPS on some pulls (especially AoE ones with multiple tanked mobs). There's been a lot of discussion about what might happen with Vengeance in patch 5.4, and now we have our first look at what Blizzard is contemplating for the tanking specialization.
Rygarius - 5.4 PTR Patch Notes - August 2

Vengeance has received several changes.
  • Vengeance now grants Attack Power equal to 1.5% of the damage taken, down from 1.8% (The tooltip said 2% but it was actually 1.8%).
  • Tanks no longer receive Vengeance from many persistent area damage effects (standing in the fire) or from missed attacks (dodging and parrying an attack will continue to work as it has before).
  • There are now diminishing returns on Vengeance gains while tanking multiple targets. Each additional target grants progressively less Vengeance.

These changes are almost certainly aimed at reducing the very high DPS that we can see on trash pulls and boss fights with a great many streaming adds (such as Tortos' bats or the packs before Iron Qon) especially as we head into the final tier of gear for Mists of Pandaria, which would inflate these numbers even more. Raids that use tanks with the highest DPS tanks will probably feel these changes the most. As always, this is the PTR, so if you have an opinion on these changes getting on the test servers and testing them out is useful so you can give proper feedback.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Hellscream's BoA epics

Patch 54 PTR  Hellscream's BoA epics
An interesting new wrinkle in patch 5.4 has been discovered, in the form of a whole host of new Bind to Account weapons found in the files for Siege of Orgrimmar. Available in Flexible Raid, normal and heroic levels (although for many of them, only one or two versions have yet been found) these items use the old Horde PvP models, although that may not be final. We know that the items are not finished, their item levels are not finalized at this time. Still, items like Hellscream's Decapitator are interesting for a variety of reasons. Will they behave like current heirlooms and Archaeology BoA's like Zin'rokh, meaning that you could send them to your alts of either faction? BoA items like these could definitely provide an alt with a leg-up on gearing, and making them available only via Flex and Normal/Heroic would definitely get players interested in checking out Flex Raids.

At present we have a variety of datamined Hellscream's items - In addition to the Decapitator above, we have the Barrier, Cleaver, Doomblade, Pig Sticker, Razor, Shield Wall, Tome of Destruction, War Staff, Warbow and Warmace. No word yet on whether or not these items will be usable with transmogrification, considering that at present the original PvP items require certain PvP ranks to use them with transmog.

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Patch 5.4 pulls WoW Insider team members into Azeroth

As WoW Insider's Editor-in-Chief, it should go without saying that I'm very proud of our team on a daily basis. Every single one of them brings something unique to the table, whether it be style or perspective. They're passionate about their work and love what they do. I couldn't possibly hope for a better team.

Last night, in the midst of perusing the latest PTR datamining, it was discovered that select members of the WoW Insider team will be immortalized in the upcoming patch 5.4. I want to offer all three of them a hearty (yet nerdy) high-five and extend the same to all other World of Warcraft community members who will be receiving similar tribute.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Thrall vs. Garrosh

Patch 54 PTR Thrall vs Garrosh
Orgrimmar is about to get wrecked, the Horde is in a state of political upheaval, the Alliance is on the brink of storming Stormwind's gates and Garrosh seems to be unstoppable, which leaves many players with one question: Just where the heck is Thrall in all of this, anyway? After all, the former Warchief is in at least some small part responsible for the current state of affairs, given his insistence on plopping Garrosh in place as the new Warchief of the Horde. And really, that fact cannot be argued with -- if Thrall had not appointed Garrosh as the new Warchief, none of the current events going on in Mists would have happened.

Thrall made a very brief appearance in the events in patch 5.3, showing up to help his old friend Vol'jin before heading off to Orgrimmar, presumably to confront Garrosh once and for all. Over on Youtube, Adriacraft has dug up the confrontation between old Warchief and new, with some unsurprisingly heated words thrown between the two of them. The video is after the break -- but be warned, if you've been wanting to avoid patch 5.4 spoilers, clicking through would be a bad idea.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Celestial Tournament and legendary questline details

Patch 54 PTR Celestial Tournament and legendary questline details
Wowhead's brought us more details on the Celestial Tournament and legendary questline. The tournament, live on the patch 5.4 PTR now, has some added details: the stands are full of spectators and decorated with banners, vendors sell booze and noodle bowls, and brightly-colored Sky Lanterns are available for purchase for the steep cost of 7500 Timeless Coins.

In legendary questline news, Wowhead has compiled some useful updates from Lore that clarify questline questions. The most interesting, we think, is that players who have been keeping up with legendary questline from patch to patch should be able to quickly complete it to get their legendary cloak once 5.4 has been released. This will let players use the cloaks to progress through the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. Handy!

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Guild inappropriately accesses heroic Siege of Orgrimmar on PTR

PTR Testing and you
Blizzard Lead Encounter Designer Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas made an interesting post on the PTR forums regarding the delicate relationship between "bleeding edge" raiding guilds and the developers. Both sides stand to gain something from their arrangement, where the guilds get advance attempts on heroic progression bosses, and the developers get information from spectating on fights, noticing bugs and that old chestnut, "creative use of in-game mechanics". I like to think this is why Ion's forum name is Watcher, because he's always keeping an eye on proceedings, along with his team.

Recently, though, it seems that one of the "bleeding-edge" guilds has taken some action that has soured this relationship. While we don't know which one, there are only a few candidates these days, and from reading Ion's post a progression raid group accessed the Siege of Orgrimmar raid and spent hours on a Heroic boss in the middle of the night, after copying fresh characters with generic names, presumably with the hope of going unnoticed. While he doesn't say so in so many words, it seems like action was taken, perhaps revoking this guild's access to the PTR. Whether this will have an impact on the World First race remains to be seen.

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Blizzard in-game store goes live on the PTR

Patch 54 PTR Blizzard ingame store goes live
The Blizzard In-Game Store is live on the patch 5.4 PTR. There's a few hoops to jump through to get it to work, but thanks to our friends over at Adriacraft, we have gained access. Adriacraft has also put together a video which shows the store in action, which you will be able to see after the break.

There's nothing too surprising about the interface itself, it has the typical Blizzard look, and there's nothing too flashy or showy about the store itself. We posted yesterday about the button, saying pretty much the same thing, that it wasn't likely that Blizzard would have bells and whistles and fireworks and huge arrows pointing at the store. And indeed, they don't. The currency is a test currency, so should not be considered any representation of the actual cost of the items. As you can see, you can buy either one or five, they're currently on sale, and there's not a huge amount more to say.

As far as the Elixir itself goes, it is BoA, so postable from character to character, and gives a 1-hour 100% buff to experience gained that persists through death. It's single-use, so an hour per elixir. Hit the break for Adriacraft's video!

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Countless cosmetic items on the Timeless Isle

Patch 54 PTR Cosmetic items on the Timeless Isle ANY
If you're one of the many players who don't like to spend real cash on virtual items (like Blizzard's recently added cosmetic helms), you'll be glad to know that patch 5.4's Timeless Isle is packed with cool cosmetic items that won't cost you anything but time. And by time, we mean grinding -- though with the array of interesting events and rare spawns to be found on the Timeless Isle, it could be more entertaining than your average grinding experience. So what's on offer? Mounts, pets, vanity gear, disguises, and odd gizmos of all sorts. There's so many, in fact, that it's hard to narrow the list down to our favorites, but these are some of the most interesting:
  • Weather stones -- which come in sunset, rain, blizzard, and ashen varieties -- can be used to change the weather in the area.
  • Cauterizing Core, an item with 20 charges which allows you to resurrect on death with 20% health and mana.
  • Pi'jiu Brews, which summon a spectral monk -- mistweaver, windwalker, or brewmaster -- to fight for you for 10 minutes.
  • Faintly-Glowing Herb, which restores 50,000 health per second for 10 seconds. If that sounds overpowered, it's probably because it's a BoA and has a duration of only a day -- so if you want them, you'll have to farm them yourself.
As to how to get this gear, a lot of it comes from rare drops, rare spawns, or events, but some is bought with Bloody Coins or Shaohao reputation. And this list is only scratching the surface -- check out Wowhead for the full list of vanity items you're likely to find on the Timeless Isle as well as how to get them for yourself come patch day.

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Patch 5.4 PTR Patch notes for July 29

Patch 54 PTR Patch notes for July 29
The latest batch of Patch 5.4 PTR Patch notes has landed, and brought with it some relatively in-depth class tweaks. The playability of the PTR right now, along with these smaller changes makes me wonder how far along the 5.4 testing schedule we are, as it seems to be progressing nicely. When do you anticipate patch 5.4 releasing?

Highlights of the patch notes include another shaman talent revamp, this time taking away our much-loved totemic restoration to replace it with a talent that allows us to place two totems of the same school at once, and the latest alteration seems to imply that it can apply to more than one fire totem. Hit the break for the full notes!

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Patch 5.4 PTR: More details on the Celestial Tournament

Patch 54 PTR More details on the Celestial Tournament
If you're interested in knowing more about patch 5.4's Celestial Tournament, Wowhead has the full details on this PTR petstraviganza. And while PTR details are always subject to change, here's what we know so far:
  • You can compete in the tournament once a week through the quest The Celestial Tournament.
  • The tournament has two rounds: in the first you fight against 3 pet trainers with 3 legendary battle pets each and in the second you're up against 4 legendary elite battle pets.
  • These opponents are random and will change week to week, but expect to see familiar faces like Blingtron 4000 and Wrathion.
  • For winning, you get a Celestial Coin, which can be used to buy unique pets and other items.
Pet battle enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that patch 5.4 is packed with new battle pets: Wowhead has found over 20. Of the many new available pets, though, we're most on the lookout for our own Lil' Bling, who will clearly dazzle opponents into submission. Need even more juicy details about pet battles on the PTR? Check out Wowhead and WarcraftPets for the rest.

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Siege of Orgrimmar Preview: Thok the Bloodthirsty

Siege of Orgrimmar Preview Thok the Bloodthirsty
You can sort of guess what this boss will do if your raid group wipes. There won't really be any corpses of your group left when Thok is finished. Patch 5.4's Siege of Orgrimmar will feature a trend that started in patch 5.2: Fighting raid sized dinosaurs!

Know what's more worse than fighting dinosaurs with laser beams? A hungry one. Read on to find out about other dietary alternatives for Thok the Bloodthirsty.

Thok is a multi-phase boss that you'll get to later on in the Siege of Orgrimmar instance. Let's go over what he does and how my raid group dealt with him.

Phase 1

For the tanks, I hope you're great at the lateral shuffle. Thok's Fearsome Roar will dish out around 200k damage in a frontal cone which applies a debuff. They'll be taking 50% more per debuff stack. Tag out and in as needed. Ensure that Thok is facing to the side while the rest of the raid is somewhere to the side of him. If the raid stands behind him, they'll be hit with a nasty Tail Lash. In other words, assume standard issue dragon slaying position with the raid on the side.

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