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PvP gearing in detail, and what next?

I wrote recently about how to get started with PvP gearing, focusing on the most efficient ways to gain honor points for your initial PvP gearing, when to replace PvE gear and so on. I was pleased to get many messages saying that it was helpful, and a fair few more asking what they should do next. People wondered what gear they should buy first for Conquest, how they should find arena teams and RBG teams and so on. So I thought I'd help you out with some of that information too.

Updated for Season 15

Gear Purchase Order

This was the topic of much discussion, as all I did was give a few suggestions for priority pieces, rather than a hard-and-fast gearing order. A big part of the reason I did that was that it's very personal, it's up to you, and some people will prefer one approach over another. There are various things to consider, so let me spell them out:
  • There are bonuses to be had from various items:
    • Bonus to a key ability on gloves
    • +2600 +5280 PvP Resilience from having 2 PvP trinkets
    • 2-set bonus: spec specific bonus and +500 PvP Power
    • 4-set bonus: spec specific bonus and +1000 PvP Power
  • There is a points earned requirement of 7250 on any weapon except Honor point off-hands.
  • Weapons cost 3500, so starting from 0 you have 3750 to spend before you start saving for weapons.
  • Unless you are a human, you really need a trinket that removes movement-impairing effects, or "freedom trinket" on your character.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: New PvP cloud serpent models

Patch 54 PTR New PvP cloud serpent models
The intrepid folks over at Wowhead have continued to dig up tons of pretty cool new files and models from the patch 5.4 PTR. New mounts have been added to the files -- three new armored cloud serpent models, presumably for PvP participants, and the Stormcrow mount. Along with the now-familiar red and gold varieties of cloud serpents shrouded in intimidating armor, there's also the gorgeous onyx variety pictured above. While there aren't any details yet on how these serpents will be obtained, it's safe to assume that they're PvP related, as pretty much all of the PvP reward mounts have been armored versions of current expansion models.

As for the Stormcrow, Adriacraft has a video of this impressive steed in motion. It bears a resemblance to the Reins of the Raven Lord, but unlike poor Anzu, this bird can fly -- and it's got crackling lightning aura to boot. While there is no news at all yet on where this unique mount will be obtained, it doesn't seem to be related to the Siege of Orgrimmar at all. Perhaps a lost relic on the Timeless Isle? A new pet store mount? Only time will tell.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: The new Arena Tie-Break system

Patch 54 PTR The new Arena TieBreak system
WoW Insider reported last week on a pretty crazy debuff that a player had found on the patch 5.4 PTR, The Crowd Chose You!!!. At the time, we were very sure to clarify that, as Brian Holinka mentioned on Twitter, this was not a tie-breaker in itself, rather it was, and is, a match-ender. It is the mechanic by which a match is ended once a tie-break system has decided who should emerge victorious. Rather like boxing, where not every fight can end with a knockout, and the judges use specific criteria to judge the winner, the tie-break system is in place to ascertain who should be awarded a victory, and give them this buff to put that victory in place.

As I discussed in a Blood Sport a while back, the important element here was always the mechanic within the game that decided who would get the buff. For clarity, the current mechanic is very simple: if you are unable to kill the entire of the other team before the timer runs out, you will draw, and both sides will lose rating. The arena system currently favors a knockout, and refuses to recognize any other type of win, to continue our boxing analogy. But this is all set to change in patch 5.4, so let's take a look at the patch note excerpt that clarifies the new system.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Arena tie-break system revamp with a 1,000% damage buff

Patch 54 PTR Arena tiebreak system revamp
Blizzard Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka tweeted over the weekend in response to a player who sent over this image of a buff on his character on the PTR. "The Crowd Chose You!!!" iPatch 54 PTR Arena tiebreak system revamps a buff that, as you can see from the tooltip, gives huge additional damage, as well as preventing that player from taking any damage. The person who captured the shot tweeted to Holinka asking for clarification, as you would in that situation, and Holinka replied, saying that it was a tie-breaker.

Naturally this caused quite a lot of excitement among Holinka's followers, with some people getting rather upset and worried that this would somehow result in a race to see who was the first to press their button, or similar, so Holinka followed up with a further tweet clarifying exactly what the buff would be used for.

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Holinka comments on PvE gear in PvP in patch 5.4

Patch 54 PvE gear in PvP
Blizzard's Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka has taken to Twitter to make an announcement about just exactly how PvE gear is going to work in PvP come patch 5.4.
There's likely to be a new season with patch 5.4, given how the previous ones have played out, and the fact that we have new tiers of gear. So when that new season begins, the PvP gear, which is the Grievous Gladiator gear, will be item level 522. This will put it a fairly substantial 26 item levels above the downscaled PvE gear, which will sit at item level 496.

As Holinka has mentioned in the past, they want PvE gear to catch up to PvP gear slowly. And it makes sense, nobody is able to step into a season and be fully conquest geared in the first week. So, a player in PvP gear's average item level will probably increase in line with that of a PvE geared player, with the notable difference that, of course, PvP players will have PvP Power on their gear. It's also worth noting that this scaling occurs only in PvP instances, so arenas, battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds. Whether it will take PvPers 26 weeks to become fully geared remains to be seen, but it will feel good for PvP gear to be decently ahead of PvE gear for a while at least.

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