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Treasure on the Timeless Isle

Treasure on the Timeless Isle
Players wandering the Timeless Isle have, doubtlessly by now, discovered that the place is absolutely crawling with treasure chests for the discerning traveler to hunt down, pry open, and loot. But one thing that has remained somewhat fuzzy to players is just how many of these treasure chests are weekly, daily, or even if they respawn at all. To clear up matters: None of the treasure chests on the Timeless Isle appear to be daily at all. In fact, there are only a handful of chests that are weekly -- the rest are bound to your character, and once you loot them, they are gone for good.

Plenty of people have offered maps and guides to those seeking chests -- I found this map on Reddit particularly helpful myself. The moss-covered chests are limited to once per player, and will not respawn -- the same goes for the Blazing Chest found in Ordon Sanctuary, and the Smouldering Chests found on the way there. Sturdy Chests also do not respawn. In fact, there are only six chests total on the Timeless Isle that respawn not on a daily, but a weekly basis -- and there's a trick to getting them all.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: The ever-burning fires hunger for sacrifices

Patch 54 PTR The everburning fires hunger for sacrifices
Yesterdayay, WoW Insider posted a round-up of all the fun things coming out of the latest build of the patch 5.4 PTR, but there was one item that particularly caught my bloodthirsty fancy. The Censer of Eternal Agony grants a buff with a similar name, that makes you hostile to all players, in return for 90% of your health. Not only that, but it allows you to earn a currency called Bloody Coins when you kill players while under its effect. We're not sure right now just what those are, or what they're used for, but rest assured that you can earn them using this item!

The flavor text on the buff itself is pretty great, too: "The ever-burning fires of Ordos hunger for sacrifices to the flame." Tickled me, at least. And for all the players who are worried about low-level ganking and DK-style killing sprees, bear two things in mind: it's only useable in the Timeless Isle, and you're a shadow of your former self at 10% health. Fear not, citizens of Azeroth. This is not the end of days. Good fun though!

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