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Patch 5.4.2 hits live realms this week

Patch 5.4.2
The realms will be coming down for an extended maintenance on the morning of December 10 to apply patch 5.4.2. The major new features of this patch are the cross-realm raid browser and cross-realm mailing of account-bound items. Also added in this patch is the jet-powered Iron Skyreaver mount, the source of which remains a mystery.

You will find the cross-realm raid browser in the raid tab of your social screen by clicking the "Other Raids" button. Here you will be able to list yourself as looking for a group for Siege of Orgrimmar flexible raids or Pandaria world bosses. Cross-realm mailing works for account-bound items only and won't work for gold or other items. To mail something to a character of yours on another realm, simply send the mail in the following format: CharacterName-RealmName.

Hit the break for the latest version of the patch notes.

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