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Patch 5.4.2 hotfixes for December 16

Another new round of hotfixes for patch 5.4.2 were released and posted to the official blog yesterday. While there were a few bug fixes, the biggest news comes in the form of the weighted randomization for abilities in Flexible raids. In addition, new item level requirements have been added for Flexible raids while using the Cross-Realm raid browser.
  • On the Timeless Isle, rocks from a cave-in blocking the entrance to the Mysterious Den should now be solid as ... well, rocks.
  • Dragonmaw and Wildhammer NPCs in the Twilight Highlands should be able to be attacked again -- however, this will take a realm restart.
  • Legendary metagem effects should no longer have a chance to activate while in an arena, battleground, or rated battleground.
Read on for the full list of hotfixes.

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Patch 5.4.2 hotfixes for December 11

The first set of hotfixes for patch 5.4.2 have been released and posted to the official blog. For a small patch, the list of hotfixes is fairly lengthy, although there's nothing too major to be found. However, there have been several adjustments made to Arenas -- players who frequently PvP may want to take a look at the adjustments that have been made. In addition, hunters may want to take a look at changes that have been put in place as well.
  • Hunters -- Revive Pet now has a cast time of 2 seconds, down from 4.
  • Arena matches should now have a correct maximum duration of 20 minutes again.
  • Paladins, your seals should no longer be removed at the start of an arena match.
Read on for the full list of hotfixes.

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Cross-realm account-bound mail now live, mailing rules

It's time to roll that new alt! Those of you playing on multiple realms -- or those of you who want to -- have reason to rejoice today, because with patch 5.4.2 you can now mail account-bound items between realms. This is at least true on North American realms and Oceanic realms -- European realms can expect the feature to pop up tomorrow after the patch. The process isn't much more complicated than sending items on a single server: just send your mail to "charactername-servername" -- without the quotation marks, of course. If your server name has spaces in it, skip the spaces. (So "The Venture Co" server would be "theventureco" for mailing purposes.) Bashiok explains the syntax:
Like any mail you send to yourself, once you've clicked "send," the item immediately appears in your mailbox. And though heirlooms are the most obvious items to mail from character to character, there are a number of items that fall into the account bound category, including archeology items, Timeless Isle armor tokens, and more. However, you still can't send cash or non account-bound items, so your gold stash is tied to your server.

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Patch 5.4.2: In-game store is now live, mounts and pets discounted by 50%

In-game store
The in-game store is now live with patch 5.4.2. Most of the existing pets and mounts are available for purchase (sorry, no Iron Skyreaver yet) but there is no sign of the transmogrification helmets yet. As a bonus, almost everything there is 50% off with the exception of the Alterac Brew Pup, Blossoming Ancient, and Enchanted Fey Dragon.

You can find the in-game store right beside the dungeon journal and game menu buttons. I tested out the purchasing process myself and it was extremely easy (almost too easy -- my poor wallet). When I clicked to buy something a confirmation prompt appeared and let me know that it would be charged to the credit card I have on file with Blizzard. After confirming I wanted to buy, I had to enter my password to confirm, and not 5 seconds later the Cinder Kitten was sitting in my bags.

The only pets not available in the in-game store are the Guardian Cub and Moonkin Hatchling. This may have something to do with the unique nature of these pets (the Guardian Cub being BoE, and the Moonkin having different Horde and Alliance versions). This 50% off sale is also available on the web store and will end on January 1, 2014.

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Weekly news roundup with Panser of TradeChat

NSFW Warning: True Blood clip in this week's roundup includes scantily clad individuals, as you might except from a True Blood clip.

TradeChat's Panser returns with this week's WoW Insider news recap, where we look back at the hottest news from the past week and whatever other kickin' rad things may have come our way. This week's topics include: If you enjoyed the show, make sure to subscribe to TradeChat, leave a comment, and come back next week for the next episode!

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Patch 5.4.2 hits live realms this week

Patch 5.4.2
The realms will be coming down for an extended maintenance on the morning of December 10 to apply patch 5.4.2. The major new features of this patch are the cross-realm raid browser and cross-realm mailing of account-bound items. Also added in this patch is the jet-powered Iron Skyreaver mount, the source of which remains a mystery.

You will find the cross-realm raid browser in the raid tab of your social screen by clicking the "Other Raids" button. Here you will be able to list yourself as looking for a group for Siege of Orgrimmar flexible raids or Pandaria world bosses. Cross-realm mailing works for account-bound items only and won't work for gold or other items. To mail something to a character of yours on another realm, simply send the mail in the following format: CharacterName-RealmName.

Hit the break for the latest version of the patch notes.

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Patch 5.4.2 PTR: Patch notes update for December 5

The patch notes for the 5.4.2 PTR have been updated with new information for the next patch. This round of additions are mainly bug fixes and tweaks for classes, items and quests. Also included are some adjustments for the Siege of Orgrimmar raid that address a few bugs as well.
  • In the Galakras encounter, a situation that caused demolition NPCs to stop opening the door to the towers has been resolved.
  • An issue causing players not to receive credit towards the Drop It! and Drop It Now! achievements has been resolved.
  • Crashin' Thrashin' Flyers and MiniZeps should now be able to damage each other while in sanctuary areas.
You can see the full list of patch notes at the official site, but if you'd just like a list of the new changes, follow after the break for a consolidated list.

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Clarifications on Cross-Realm raiding and Warlords' Group Finder

Community Manager Lore has released some additional clarifications on the differences between the cross-realm functionality being added to the Raid Browser in patch 5.4.2, and the new Group Finder being introduced with the new expansion in patch 6.0. These two features are entirely different things -- the Group Finder is an all new feature being built from scratch. This new Group Finder will allow players to find and create groups for any content at any level.

The cross-realm functionality in 5.4.2, however, is just that -- cross-realm functionality. Currently, the Raid Browser only allows players to see other players from their own realm. In patch 5.4.2, players will be able to see cross-realm players as well -- something that is similar to what the popular addon oQueue already accomplishes via the BattleTag system. Follow after the break for the full post from Lore.

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Patch 5.4.2 PTR Patch notes

Patch notes for patch 5.4.2 have finally been released, confirming at least some of the new features we can expect to see in the next Mists patch. Keep in mind that 5.4.2 is not a content patch -- there will be no new content to play through, no new raids, scenarios or dungeons added. However, 5.4.2 is adding several new features that players have been clamoring for for quite some time.
  • The Cross-realm raid browser now has new categories for Mists of Pandaria world bosses -- the Celestials and Ordos, as well as Flexible raid difficulty for the Siege of Orgrimmar.
  • Players will finally be able to mail account-bound items to characters on different realms.
At the moment, the official list of patch notes is pretty short. Follow after the break for the list, which will likely get more updates as the patch nears completion.

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What's going on with Karazhan?

It's no secret that I love Karazhan. Making its debut in Burning Crusade, Karazhan was and still is, to me, the perfect raid. The sheer scope of the instance and the variety of bosses within it were more than enough to keep my raid guild at the time happily occupied. But for myself, it wasn't just the raid, it was the story behind it. I spent most of vanilla plaintively wondering when we'd see Medivh's tower open for visitors ... and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest with what we eventually saw inside.

On the 5.4.2 PTR, Karazhan is in the middle of what seems to be not a revamp, but a restoration. Mobs aren't changing, neither are bosses. But the cobwebs, the overturned chairs, the randomly placed skeletons of the dead are all being quietly swept away. One has to wonder ... what's up with that? What's going on with the tower of Karazhan, and why the sudden makeover now? Rather than indulge in yet another speculative edition of Know Your Lore, let's just take a quick look at the possibilities.

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Patch 5.4.2 PTR: In-game store UI updated

Our friends over at Adriacraft have been busy digging through the PTR files to bring you yet more tantalizing peeks at what might be coming up, and the latest find is this updated in-game store UI. It looks way smoother and neater than the old one, as well as offering the potential to put way more items on the in-game store.

And that's not all Adriacraft has discovered. There's also a new set of currencies alongside the XTC test currency: US Dollars, British pounds, Australian Dollars and Euro. He's also discovered an element potentially related to the store that is named Auth_Challenge, implying that you would have to log in with an Authenticator to use the store. This makes perfect sense as a security measure.

Lastly, there's a set of icons that appear to be associated with the in-game store, which could, Adriacraft tells us, be categories. They're in the "Store" section of the structure. Among them are things like armor, toys, scrolls, food, hot, new, featured, weapons, and more. You can mouseover all the icons on Adriacraft's page and see what they are titled on the tooltip. And Adriacraft has confirmed that, within the UI's code itself, the current categories are services, mounts, pets and consumables. Within "services" Adriacraft has found race change and faction change sections, implying that those will be among the available items in-game.

As ever, this is datamining, so treat it accordingly.

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Patch 5.4.2 PTR: Karazhan cleanup efforts underway

Patch 5.4.2 is on the PTR now and it has some interesting additions, like the ability to send account-bound items in the mail cross-server. But some as-of-yet unexplained changes in Karazhan have left us scratching our heads. A revised version of the Burning Crusade-era raid has stripped the abandoned castle of many of its cobwebs and skeletons. Is someone going to be moving in? Are the ghosts moving out? Or is this perhaps just an alternate, earlier Karazhan we might have a chance to visit?

Hopefully Blizzard will clue us in soon, because we're very curious -- but in the meanwhile, Wowhead has a lot of screenshots capturing Karazhan on the live and test realms for comparison purposes, including the Romeo & Juliet skeleton scene in the screenshot above. Have your own theories about just what's going on in Karazhan? Let us know!

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Patch 5.4.2 PTR: Cross-realm Account-Bound mail being tested

Cross-realm zones have been in place for quite some time now, but players have been consistently requesting that the ability to mail cross-realm heirlooms and account-bound items be added as well. While Warlords of Draenor's feature list includes an heirloom tab that should negate the need for mailing heirlooms between servers, that does little to address the feature as it stands right now -- and with many players leveling alts, it's still something players would like to see.

Today Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas announced that the patch 5.4.2 PTR is beginning testing for exactly that feature. This process should allow players to move heirlooms between servers, in advance of the changes already planned for Warlords. The feature should work like any other cross-server communication, in that instead of simply mailing to a character name, you would be mailing to "Charactername-Servername." Note that this feature is only for account-bound items like heirlooms -- mailing gold or other items won't work. Players wanting to test this feature should hop on the patch 5.4.2 PTR and mail account-bound items across servers, reporting any hiccups by bug reports or feedback. For more information, check out the official thread on the forums -- and look forward to being able to chuck your heirlooms to your alts in patch 5.4.2.

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