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Insider Trader: All about patch 3.1

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

This week Insider Trader will be discussing everything craftspeople need to know about patch 3.1. By the end of this article, you will know what you should be doing to prepare for patch day, what will be changing, and how the community is reacting to these changes.

I have been covering these topics to the best of my abilities as information has been released and altered over the weeks, but as we draw closer to patch day, the post-patch scene is becoming increasingly easy to visualize.

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Breakfast Topic: Fun in the 3.0.8 sun

Patch 3.0.8 is here! So welcome to the new patch -- much like the old patch, only with more lag, crashes every 20 minutes, and plenty of other entertaining bugs! (Don't you just love patch day?) You would think that, by now, we'd have learned that patch days tend to be a bust for playing, but most of us at WoW Insider HQ rushed to log in as soon as the realms were back online, ready to enjoy some 3.0.8 goodness. Boy, were we in for a disappointment. (Though as some of you may have noticed, it was a great time to catch up on old world achievements, since the Wintergrasp bug was only crashing Northrend.) For those of you who decided to spend your Tuesday outside of the game, you managed to miss out on plenty of patch day fun -- but you may be just in time to enjoy stable playtime as Blizzard has scrambled to get things working again. (If you haven't picked up the patch already, here are some download mirrors to help you out.) Were you in-game on Tuesday night? If so, what were your experiences? Get any playtime in?

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What are you looking forward to in 3.0.8?

Last night we asked our Twitter followers what they were looking forward to when the realms came back online with patch 3.0.8. (Not on sure what I'm talking about? Here's Twitter in plain English.) Here's what the Twitterati had to say to us (in 140 characters or less):

thehatfield @WoWInsider not that excited (my main is a hunter) but probably most looking forward to one shot mining nodes I guess.
synae @WoWInsider slow fall castable on others ;-)
gimly @WoWInsider I am looking forward to owning a tiger mount on my dranei shaman and I will certainly appreciate faster corpse walks
astromoose @WoWInsider Creating a DK on another realm so I can FINALLY hang out in WoW with my mate who has moved to Canada.
cuppy @WoWInsider basically just being able to trade Ink of the Sea for Snowfall Ink. That will be rad.
Artoo_UK @WoWInsider the new pet collector achievement :)
superkathoid @WoWInsider Swipe in cat form!
JusticeJuice @WoWInsider Druids with polearms and Holy plate goggles for my pally.
grinface @WoWInsider The craftable moonkin boots and the ink-trading for inscribers.
str1fe @WoWInsider 3.0.8? Yawn. Dual specs please.
Razor1138 @WoWInsider Blood DK buffs
BeckaNoel @WoWInsider Casting levitate on everybody! Woot! But...not looking forward to coh having a 6 second cd -.-
Kreeoni @WoWInsider LAGFIX!
KellyAarons @WoWInsider Druids with polearms!! Nah, I kid. I honestly have no big wants with this patch. Gotta admit lots of great stuff coming though.
mattycus @WoWInsider CoH nerf (i'm a priest!) and accelerated sons of hodir rep gain

So what are you looking forward to in 3.0.8? And, yes, in our comments you can use more than 140 characters to express your opinions.

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Tuesday Morning Post: Happy 2009 edition

Welcome to the first Tuesday Morning Post of 2009. I trust you've all recovered from your wild New Year's Eve debauchery and ready to face the new year bright eyed and bushy tailed, right?

Anyway, you know what would be an awesome way to kick off the new year? With a new patch. This would be the perfect time for 3.0.8 to go live, and with Ghostcrawler talking about changes that will make 3.0.8 but won't make the PTR and yet another 3 AM to 11 AM (Pacific time) downtime this morning, the time is right.

Still, I'm not making any predictions, since I've been terrible at predicting 3.0.8 as it is. It could just be that Blizzard is trying to let the servers recover from the holiday season and we still have a week or two to go for the patch. Either way, we have at least 8 hours of downtime coming up, so now's a good time to get caught up on all the latest WoW news. As usual, I have some of the past week's best content for you after the break.

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Servers back down: Mailboxes empty [Updated x2]

The realms were briefly up this afternoon. Anyone who logged into them was greeted with everything working smoothly – except for their mailbox.

Many people found that they did not have the mail that was previously stored in their mailbox prior to the reset.

This is, of course, a big deal for bank alts and others who send tens of thousands of gold through the system. Blizzard has shut down the realms again, and is aware of the problem.

Update at 3:35pm: Syndri tells us that they are actively looking for a fix, and that as of yet none has been found. See our realm status post for more information about the extended downtime.

Update at 10:34pm: Mail will be reimbursed. More information.

We here at WoW Insider would like to encourage Blizzard to just fix it!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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The Tuesday Morning Post: Varian Wrynn for President

Good Tuesday Morning, everyone, and welcome to patch day 3.0.3. The nice thing about this extended downtime is that it gives you an excuse to go out and vote if you're an American Citizen and you haven't done that early.

But hey, if you're like me and you've already voted, you have time to look over some of the WoW news from the past week. First of all, you'll want to check out the patch notes if you haven't already, and keep checking the site throughout the day for analysis of the patch changes. Beyond that, here's some of the highlights of the last week on the site:

Hot News and Features

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Don't Panic: Frequently asked questions in 3.0.2

Most realms should be up and running patch 3.0.2 by now soon, and there are a lot of questions floating around, many that we're seeing asked repeatedly. Fortunately, we're here with all the answers.

I right-clicked my mount/vanity pet and it disappeared! Where did it go?
Mounts and vanity pets get their own tab in the interface now. They will now be learned as spells, and will no longer take up bag space.

Where are my Badges of Justice/BG marks/other tokens?
Like mounts and pets, they too have their own place out of your bags, in the "currency" tab on your character sheet (default binding "K"). Free bag spaces! It's inventory Christmas.

Where's the harbor?
Stormwind Harbor is in Stormwind. You can't get to Northrend yet for obvious reasons, but there is a boat to take you to Auberdine. Stormwind city guards will help you get to the harbor, or just head for the tunnel between the park and the Cathedral district.

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Enter to celebrate patch 3.0.2 with a Paper Airplane from WoW Insider

We gave away a ton of great loot last weekend at BlizzCon -- every time someone stopped to say hi to us on the floor, we pulled out some swag and passed it out like Hallow's End candy. But even though we gave lots of it away, we've still got some left (huge thanks to Upper Deck for hooking us up -- we had a lot of fun playing the WoW Minis game with them), and so today, as we get the game's second expansion-level patch, we figured we'd give you a chance at a fun ingame item.

Yes, we're giving away a code for an ingame Paper Airplane item -- to enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us the first thing you're going to do when patch 3.0.2 comes back up. The code is good for the US or EU realms, and make sure to use a real email to comment with, so we can contact you if you win. We'll pick one winner randomly tomorrow, Wednesday, October 15, at noon Eastern (you'll have leveled up Inscription by then, right?) to win a code to get an ingame Paper Airplane item from Lando Longshot.

Good luck to everyone -- we can't wait for the patch to come up!

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Extended maintenance for Patch Day

Blizzard has announced that the regular Tuesday maintenance will be extended to a lengthy 12 hours, expected in anticipation of Patch 3.0.2. The new patch, dubbed the Echoes of Doom, will introduce new talents, barber shops, the new Inscription profession, as well as numerous other changes to classes and gameplay to prepare for Wrath of the Lich King in November.

The patch is a hefty one, clocking in at slightly over 1Gb, so if you haven't downloaded it yet, be sure to run Blizzard's background downloader and get all the necessary files before the big day. That way, you can hit the ground running as soon as realms come back online. Realms are scheduled to go down at 2 AM Pacific Daylight Time and should go up around 2 PM PDT. Don't worry too much about the exceptionally long 12 hour downtime. We'll keep you company.

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Patches, addons and drama in the forums

While surfing the forums this morning, I came across a little gem of a thread protesting against Blizzard for the following:
  1. Breaking "our" addons and mods.
  2. Incorporating features from popular addons into the default User Interface, and thus breaking addons and mods. There's also a sentiment that Blizzard is "stealing" these ideas rather than being innovators.
  3. Fixing "their" bugs which in turn breaks "our" addons and mods. The suggestion is that they don't care, or could take steps to prevent this.
As you can imagine, all sorts of responses cropped up, including the usual people who get into arguments with other posters, players in agreement, joking and sarcastic responses, and of course, an awesome string of blue responses.

Gallery: Patch drama

The post that started it allFirst blue responseThe InterfaceSolutionTerms of UseDictionary

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There's things to do outside of Quel'Danas, too!

It's patch day, and as you know, patch 2.4 is bring us a new zone, Quel'Danas. Quel'Danas(and the region it directs you to in Hellfire Peninsula) is going to be packed and probably pretty laggy, but there's new content elsewhere, too.

Shattrath City and the surrounding regions also have a handful of new quests that will probably be less crowded as everyone flocks to the new zone. Daniel Whitcomb covered a few of these awhile ago in detail, but here's who you want to be looking for: Inside Shattrath, you will find Emissary Mordin(for herbalists, miners and skinners), Lord Torvos, and Harbinger Haronem.

Just outside of Shattrath, master anglers can talk to Old Man Barlo for some fun Fishing quests, and there's also a new quest for PvPers in Nagrand. Garadar and Telaar both receive a daily quest for slaughtering the opposition at Halaa. A similar quest can be found in your faction's respective towns in Terokkar for the Spirit Towers.

So don't worry, even the potential soul-searing lag of Quel'Danas won't ruin your enjoyment of patch 2.4! There's plenty of new stuff to do even outside of that zone.

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Guess the patch 2.4 release date and win!

The contest is now closed. Thanks for playing! We'll get a hold of winners as soon as the patch is released.

We all know that World of Warcraft's patch 2.4 is coming soon -- the only real question is when. And that, dear readers, is what we're asking you! Any time in the next week you can leave a comment on this post with your guess on when patch 2.4 will officially be released. When the patch comes out, we have four 60-day game time cards (worth approximately $30) to give to the readers who guessed correctly. (If more than four people guessed the correct date, we'll randomly choose four correct entries as winners. If no one guessed the correct date, we'll award prizes to those closest to the correct date.) All entries must be received before Monday, March 3rd at 9:00 AM EST, though we can't select winners until 2.4 has officially launched.

But Wait! There's more!

I'll even make this easier for you by using some of that good ol' mathematics. After some research, I've compiled the dates and lengths of previous patches. Take a look after the break for not only your chance to win some free game time, but also for an educated guess at when patch 2.4 will go live!

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US maintenance extended

According to Blizzard's schedule, the realms should have been back online about 20 minutes ago. So it should come as no shock that today's maintenance has been extended for an extra hour. (Or, to be precise, an extra sixty-one minutes. Why the extra minute? We can't say.) This isn't exactly a surprise, as patch deployment usually takes a bit longer than a normal maintenance cycle (and it seemed odd, earlier, that the login screen announced only a normal maintenance window). And to the European players in the audience -- this is what you get to look forward to tomorrow!

Update: Realms appear to be back online as scheduled!

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Patch 2.3.2 going live

Is patch 2.3.2 going live today? Though there's no official word, signs point to yes. US realms, currently undergoing maintenance, have a generic downtime message on the login screen (as seen above) and no patch download starts for those attempting to log on. but if you try to log on, the patch 2.3.2 download (approximately 5MB) will start. However, European players, whose maintenance doesn't start until tomorrow, are getting a different login screen message:

This Wednesday there will be an extended maintenance to apply patch 2.3.2. Please note that all European realms will be offline from 03:00 until 11:00, Paris time (CET).

Since we've never seen a patch go live in Europe that hasn't gone live in the US, this is pretty strong evidence that today is patch day. Patch 2.3.2 will include some class tweaks (primarily for Hunters, Mages, Shamans, and Rogues), some UI changes which may mean you have to pick up updated addons, bug fixes and more. See the full patch notes (linking to the PTR notes, as the live notes aren't up yet) for official details.

Update: The patch is now downloading for US players.

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The end of the (patch) day

It's the end of the day (or nearly there) and, if you've logged on at all, you've patched WoW up to the latest version. Oftentimes, patch days are fraught with server instability and all sorts of other issues in game. On top of those problems, UI mods get thrown out of whack and usually must be updated in order to avoid screens filled with annoying error messages.

Personally, this patch day was one of the smoothest I can recall in recent memory. Once the servers came back up, I was able to log on right away with no queue and no apparent latency. As the afternoon wore on into evening, there were a few rough patches of lag, but they smoothed out after a little while, never to return. My most important mods were already updated and I can live without the rest for a couple of days. I purposefully try to avoid a reliance on UI mods, which is always helpful on patch days, so I'm not sure that my experience was shared by many other WoW players. Even so, my guildmates who rely on mods more than I do also seemed pretty happy with the transition to the new patch, so hopefully things went well for the majority of WoW fans. How did the patch treat you today? Did you bother logging on at all? If you did, have you had a good experience thus far?

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