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Undocumented Changes in Patch 1.11

It seems that, with every new patch, there are always a few changes that, for one reason or another, don't make the release notes. But never fear, Blizzard won't be able to pull the wool over your eyes once you check out this list of undocumented changes in 1.11, compiled by the folks at

Nothing extremely signifigant was left unnoted, it seems, but there are plenty of little tidbits that are very helpful to know relating to specific quests, factions, and other things. Check out the list at their forums, and be sure to add anything you might have found, as well!

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Undocumented 1.11 Patch Notes

For every change in a patch, there's a dozen others that never quite made it into the patch notes.  Perhaps they were forgotten at the last minute or perhaps they were considered too trivial to note, but there's always something missing.  This thread, helpfully compiled by Greatness of Gorefiend server, is a list of all known changes that didn't make it into the patch notes - though it may not yet be comprehensive. 

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Today's Patch Notes

The patch notes for today's bug fix patch are available for your reading pleasure.  Rogues especially will applaud the bug fixes and other than that, nothing seems particularly surprising.  The patch should be live on all US servers, which seem to be happily back online.  Log on and enjoy!

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Fake Patch 1.11 Notes?

There are some odd and interesting patch notes floating around recently, initially showing up on a Chinese fan site.  With the quality of the English translation, it's difficult to understand what some of the items in the notes are trying to say, and thus difficult to come to a solid conclusion as to their validity.  However, you can look over a translation here and come to your own conclusions.  Personally, I lean towards them being myth - CM Tyren has already coming out claiming as much, and with real leaks, threads on the topic tend to mysteriously disappear.

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More April Fool's... 1.11 Patch Notes!

Well, it's official - I'm rolling a Gnome druid in 1.11!  Caydiem has been running around the forums posting 1.11 patch notes, and all I can say is that they're utterly hilarious and you really must read them for yourself.  I warn against trying to read them if you happen to be surfing at work right now - it's hard to help laughing. 

[Thanks, Saba]

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