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Two Bosses Enter: Echo of Baine vs. Peroth'arn

In Two Bosses Enter, WoW Insider's series of fantasy death matches, bosses, leaders, and powerful figures of World of Warcraft face off in the squared circle. Your vote determines who wins and claims the season title.

With a resounding roar of the crowd and the spectacular boom of the fireworks overhead, Season 3 of Two Bosses Enter has begun! Our first matchup mixes up the past and the future in one fell swoop by bringing two combatants from two edges of time into the same arena. From the bleak future of End Time comes the coalesced fear, anger, and sorrow of tauren chieftain Baine Bloodhoof, a powerful entity lingering on in an Azeroth obliterated by Deathwing. Plucked from the past is Peroth'arn, a satyr guard of the Well of Eternity, placed in the majestic palace courtyard to ward off invaders of the Well rituals. Both of these combatants have their work cut out for them in this matchup.

Since many bosses are being designed these days with area of effect abilities and environmental obstacles that must be overcome in order to defeat the encounter, I want to stress the rules a little bit on Two Bosses Enter -- environmental abilities and cool stuff are fair game and always have been fair game. The arena can be whatever you want it to be. For instance, Echo of Baine has a very cool ability with which he destroys platforms floating in lava. From here on out, the mages of Dalaran employed by the great Tirion Fordring on his Board of Tournament Creation and Trusts will now magically transform the arena into whatever the combatants could reasonably ask for. Remember this when discussing the outcome, readers.

Who wins? Echo of Baine vs. Peroth'arn
Echo of Baine (End Time)2078 (65.2%)
Peroth'arn (Well of Eternity)1107 (34.8%)

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Patch 4.3 5-man bosses in 5 seconds or less

Nozdormu in the new Well of Eternity 5-man.
I love new 5-mans, but I hate having to explain them -- and as the tank or occasionally the healer, it usually falls to me to do so. I can't count the number of times I've typed up tracts explaining new bosses in excruciating detail, only to discover that my fellow puggers are drunk, stoned, or otherwise incapacitated by the siren call of the glue bottle.

Let's face it, folks: You don't want or need sophisticated explanations for these players. You just want to make sure they don't get you or anyone else killed in the fight, and I had them in mind when I started a little feature called Explain the boss in 5 seconds or less in our patch 4.3 5-man guides. The 5 Seconds or Less guides won't give you an in-depth understanding of the encounters (and they're not as suited to our tanking and healing brethren as a result), but they should be able to help you muddle through an encounter's most dangerous mechanics safely enough. Enjoy!

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WoW Insider's guide to Well of Eternity

Illidan Stormrage in the Well of Eternity 5-man.

Demons die when a lore nerd goes to war.
QQs will sound and drown the fun
When a lore nerd goes to war.
Each PUG dies and ninja lies
Tank will quit and the the queue will rise
When a lore nerd goes to war.
Demons die, but count the cost,
The valor's won, but the cheevy's lost. -- Bellajtok

Well of Eternity is chronologically the second of the three dungeons you'll encounter in patch 4.3, but it was also the last of the three to become available on the PTR. There were also a few bugs with the second encounter when it went live, so you probably won't find as many useful videos or things online about it. However, it's a pretty cool dungeon, with quite possibly the funniest 5-man achievement in the game.

If you want the quickest possible guide to all the new 5-man boss mechanics, read Patch 4.3 5-man bosses in 5 seconds or less.

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