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Upper Deck announces new booster set and Spectral Safari details

Two big pieces of news today from Upper Deck about the WoW TCG-- first of all, they've announced details about their latest booster set, called Servants of the Betrayer, and available this coming April. The set will have new sub-factions, new ally types, and heretofore unreleased abilities for your deck. Additionally, the booster packs will continue the trend set in the last expansion, and contain 19 cards per pack, with those extra loot consumable cards showing up more often.

Second, Upper Deck has also revealed details of the Spectral Safari, a series of events at local card stores at which players will be able to win the Spectral Tiger Mount card. The contests will take place on March 1st at selected retail locations, and the winner of each contest will take home a Spectral Tiger Mount, while a Robotic Homing Chicken will be given away as a door prize, and Upper Deck will give out other prizes to winners as well.

So mark your calendars for March 1st if you plan to attend one of the tournaments, and look out for Servants of the Betrayer in stores in April (that's the booster set, not actual servants of Illidan).

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New loot cards announced for TCG Servants of the Betrayer expansion

Upper Deck has announced the loot cards that will be appearing in their new Servants of the Betrayer expansion pack for the TCG. As seen on their website, the new loot cards are:
  • Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit, the pet-enlarging consumable that we heard about here yesterday.
  • A "Personalized Weather-making Machine," that will create a random weather effect over a person's head. The options we've heard so far include, sun, blue skies, thunder, rain, and snow.
  • And an X-51 Nether Rocket, which is an epic flying mount. Yes, finally, you can ride around the skies of Outland Slim Pickens-style, on the top of a rocket. Unfortunately, the mount doesn't go rocket speed, it just goes regular speed-- it's available in regular or epic flavors, just like the other loot card mounts.
Pretty cool, I guess. The rocket will probably end up being the fan favorite. Although considering that the Pet Biscuit is supposed to be pretty common (it is a consumable, after all), that's probably the one we'll see the most of.

In fact, the most interesting thing about the expansion isn't even these loot cards-- it's the fact that these boosters will also have a new hero type in them: "Traitor heroes." For the first time, TCG players will be able to play non-Alliance or Horde NPCs. Interesting. The booster set releases in March of 2008.

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TCG's new pet enlarging loot card.

I've never actually had the privilege of playing the WoW Trading Card Game on account of living in China, where they don't sell this sort of stuff. But I always love to see the special items from loot cards you can find in the TGC. I've seen people with the spectral tiger a couple of times, as well as a bunch of people with the picnic grill and even a dragon kite.

But with their latest expansion pack, Servants of the Betrayer (they come out with expansion packs right quick compared to Blizzard, don't they?), they've added a "super-common" loot card. Apparently every single booster box full of smaller booster packets is supposed to have two of these things, a "Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit," so pretty soon we may find this sort of item becoming rather ubiquitous. You'll also be able to use it with each of the characters you play, rather than having to choose just one.

But what exactly does it do? As you can see in the pic above, taken from their website, it'll make your non-combat pet you have grow significantly in size, up to the size of a normal hunter pet. But for me the really exciting thing is that it will enlarge your hunter and warlock pets too! I've always wanted to have a hunter with a huge pet, much bigger than my actual character for roleplay reasons, but it seems this might even be an advantage in PvP and Arenas, too, if I made my wing-flapping owl so huge that other players can't see past it so easily, for example. Anyways, this might be the first loot card that is not entirely outside the average player's reach, and especially attractive to two popular classes, no less.

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