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Get your low level battle pets up to 25 with this guide

Leveling a new pet from 1 to 25 can be a time-consuming slog -- but it doesn't have to be. Though you'll need to start with a few solid level 25 pets, you can let two max-level pets carry you while saving your third slot with a that needs the experience. Then, just fight your way through high-level pet trainers with this guide from Adventures in Poor Taste. The trick is in having the right level 25 pets so you can win battles without having to rely on your third, under-level pet.

The guide walks you through the ideal pets for the job -- you might want to hit up their guide to the 7 best beginner pets while you're at it -- and gives you a play-by-play for what to expect from all of Pandaria's pet trainers (plus a couple of extras). So what are you waiting for? Break out your Safari Hat level your way up to the 30 max-level pets you'll need to enter the Celestial Tournament. Good luck!

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Wowhead updates 5.4 Battle Pet guide

Wowhead has put together a massive guide for Battle Pet enthusiasts that may be wondering what's going on with the Celestial Tournament on the Timeless Isle. This giant guide to the Celestial Tournament includes information not only on the Tournament itself, but also on all of the other assorted new pets that can be found wandering the Timeless Isle. In addition, the guide goes over all possible team matchups you may see while battling your way through the Celestial Tournament.

And if that isn't enough, Wowhead's battle pet team calculator was just updated to include the Celestial Tournament teams. Keep in mind that once you enter the Celestial Tournament, you can neither heal your pets nor leave the Tournament without resetting your progress. The tournament is two stages -- the first stage will pit you against three pet tamers with legendary pets, and the second stage will pit you against four legendary elite Battle Pets.

In other words, it's a tough challenge to face unprepared. But if you're coveting those adorable mini-Celestial pets, you'll have to beat the tournament to get them. Check out Wowhead's guide for full details -- and for more information on all things pet-related, don't forget to check out WarcraftPets as well.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Celestial Tournament details

Patch 54 PTR Celestial Tournament details
If you want to battle in the Celestial Tournament, you better be prepared! With the opening of the Timeless Isle, the Celestial Tournament is now available for testing -- for those that qualify. In order to compete, you must have 30 pets at level 25. For Pet Battle enthusiasts, this likely isn't much of a task -- for those of us not quite as dedicated, it may take a little longer to unlock the content.

Players that prove themselves strong enough to succeed at the Celestial Tournament will be rewarded with Celestial Coins, which can then be used to purchase items from Master Li. This is also where you'll obtain the miniature August Celestial pets -- each costs 3 Celestial Coins to purchase. Along with the pets, Master Li has a few other items, including a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone that will allow you to upgrade any pet to Rare quality, regardless of pet family. Check out the gallery below for all of Master Li's goodies -- and if you're planning on playing with the Celestial Tournament when patch 5.4 goes live, make sure you've got as many pets leveled as possible!

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Speed through Pet Battle achievements with Disciplinary Action

Taking Disciplinary Action with battle pets
Blogger and WoW artist Disciplinary Action has taken on the task of writing an idiot's guide to certain aspects of pet battles. Her guide sets out to provide a quick and dirty route to getting your hands on some of the achievements associated with pet battles, and does a great job.

She started with three level one pets, and spent some gold at the Auction House to get herself some level 20 ringers, then managed in the space of two days to get four pets from level 1 to level 25 -- not including the two level 20 pets -- as well as getting Continental Tamer, Taming Azeroth, which awards the title Tamer, and to make considerable progress towards the completion of World Safari, which awards the title Zookeeper. She already had two L25 pets, from a previous bout of battling.

Of course, with the seasonal elements of World Safari, she wasn't able to complete it within the space of two days. But by making wise choices she was able to progress on it while also dealing with the other taming-related achievements.

How did she do it? Do have a look at the blog post for all the details, especially the section on leveling three pets to 15 in an hour. There are several other hints and tips, but some key elements are laid out below. Bear in mind that you can't learn a caged pet of a level higher than your highest pet. Don't get carried away on the Auction House!
  • Pick up two level 20 battle pets from the auction house (as long as you have a L20+ pet already), and use their strength to carry low-level pets through levels up to 15, then commence hunting for taming achievements.
  • Use resources such as PetBattleArena or Wowhead's Battle Pet Map to maximize your pet gathering efficiency.
  • Collect as many zone-specific pets as possible while moving through the world for Continental Tamer to contribute to World Safari.

Mists of Pandaria is here! The level cap has been raised to 90, many players have returned to Azeroth, and pet battles are taking the world by storm. Keep an eye out for all of the latest news, and check out our comprehensive guide to Mists of Pandaria for everything you'll ever need to know.

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Scattered Shots: Pet talents for leveling

Scattered Shots is your weekly guide to improving your Hunter skills, brought to you by Jessica "Lassirra" Klein of The Hunter's Mark, covering a variety of Huntery topics. Today, we'll be looking at talent builds for your pets as you level.

At level 10, every Hunter completes a series of quests that will teach them to tame the beasts they encounter in the wilds to serve as their constant friend and comrade. Whether your chosen companion is of the Cunning, Ferocity or Tenacity persuasion, your pet will grow in strength as you both progress through levels, and at level 20 your pet begins to learn their first talents (and receives an additional talent point every 4 levels from then on) to improve their skills and their ability to lend a hand during your joint adventures. There are many options available to you in the choice of your pet's talents as you level, and today I'd like to present you with a few options to help you along.

The talents your pet will have available to it are determined by the family of pet you've chosen to tame. Cunning pets are considered more "balanced" than their Ferocity or Tenacity counterparts and can be great for leveling when your pet's ability to simultaneously tank mobs and deal damage is an important consideration.

There are a wide variety of Cunning pets available in the game even at low levels, so finding one that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing shouldn't be too difficult. From levels 1 to 20 you'll find a variety of Bats, Birds of Prey, Dragonhawks, Ravagers, Serpents, Spiders and Wind Serpents to choose from if a Cunning pet is what you're after.

Tenacity pets are also an excellent choice for leveling as their ability to take damage is significantly better than other types of pets, and many Tenacity pets have unique abilities that make dealing with multiple mobs simultaneously extremely easy which in turn speeds up the leveling process. Like their Cunning peers, there are a multitude of Tenacity pets available at low levels, such as Bears, Boars, Crabs, Crocolisks, Scorpids and Turtles.

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Hunter pets: leveling improved, caster stats removed

Once again, we return to Mania's Arcania for the latest and greatest in pet news:

First off, hunter pets' leveling has been improved in the latest beta patch, so that now pets have to get just 1/10th (10%) of the hunter's total experience per level rather than 1/6th (16%). That's a big improvement of more than a third off of pet leveling time, but considering that now our characters have a ton more experience to earn per level than they used to, and a huge part of that experience we get comes from turning in quests. Our pets were taking an incredibly long time to level up before, I'm personally not sure this improvement will be enough to give it that special "training a pet feeling" (if it ever could -- personally I would do without pet leveling altogether, but that's just me). Hopefully this still won't be so bad, since, as we already know, if you tame a pet any lower than that, it will automatically just jump right up to 5 levels below your hunter. Hopefully Blizzard will be paying attention and reduce the leveling time even more if it's still too slow, or maybe even, as Mania hopes, include quest experience in pet leveling too.

Secondly, "caster stats" on pets are at last going extinct. Many of us have, in the course of our travels around Azeroth, desired one nifty pet or another, only to find out that it was a "caster pet" with reduced stats, and far inferior to the regular pets. Somehow for ages now, beasts found in the wild with a mana bar haven't changed to regular pet stats when you tame them, and have basically been a waste of stable space (nevermind why in the world beasts would have mana bars). But now that is going to change! As Mania reported, and Ghostwalker confirmed, caster pets will be a thing of the past, and their damage will be brought in line with all the other pets of their family type.

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Scattered Shots: It ain't over till it's over

Scattered Shots occasionally wanders around collecting arrows and bullets when they totally miss the target.

The key to understanding hunters in the beta is to look at the big picture. This is something affecting all classes currently, but I'm going to discuss it in relation to hunters in particular. Beta testing buffs and nerfs ultimately come down to a matter of perspective -- do you see your class changes happening in isolation, for now and forever as long as you and your pet shall live? Or are your particular class changes happening as part of an ever-evolving system involving you, me and everyone else over time?

As you've probably heard, hunters got some nerfs in the latest beta update, and some people are understandably upset about them. I'm not worried about it though -- and now I'll tell you why.

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Scattered Shots: Suggestion Box

Scattered Shots is here for you. As long as you're a hunter, you get to tell us what to write about, and we get to ignore you do whatever you say.

I love these months just before the next expansion is released. There's such a sense of anticipation, where the whole game, including your own class, is in fluid motion, constantly changing. This is the time when the developers actually want you to give them your feedback, to tell them what they're doing wrong; and -- strange as it may seem -- there is actually a chance they will listen to you, take your advice, and actually implement whatever change you suggest!

That's why the last few days I've had my eye on the beta hunter forums, looking for the latest ideas about my favorite class. Lots of the player suggestions they have there are really neat, but unfortunately there's also some of what we call "QQ" (which stands for whining because it looks like two little eyes with tears coming down). It's hard to get good suggestions on the forums without also getting bad QQ. Sometimes when forum-goers clash, they get into an annoying argument and the whole thing devolves into boring name-calling.

So let's weed out all the muck and jumble, shall we? Let's just cut to the prime-rib-beef of what really good ideas are out there and skip all the blah blah blah about who's stupid, who's an idiot, and who's just dumb.

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Upcoming Hunter changes

Hunters received a lot of changes in patch 2.3 and now Salthem on the european WoW forums has announced even more. Patch 2.3.2 will bring three buffs to the class, or two buffs and one un-nerf, depending on how you look at it. Check out the list of changes below.

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