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Breakfast Topic: What are your WoW pet peeves?

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Last year, the Drama Mamas answered a letter from a person whose pet peeve was being called by her class instead of by her character name. The comments showed that many people agreed with her, while others argued that it wasn't impersonal so much as efficient. Re-reading that post made me want to talk about pet peeves again. Check out this ancient Breakfast Topic by our former editor-in-chief, which asks the same question I'm asking today, or this also similar one from last year.

But I think it is important to direct you to my declaration of my biggest in-game pet peeve: "rogue" vs. "rouge." This misuse really, really bothers me. I understand that it is an easy typo, but I also believe that many people think that is how rogue is spelled. As I've said before, rouge is a cosmetic applied to your cheeks; rogue is a deadly killer who likes to make with the stabby. My common response to that is (stolen from someone else): Rouges are overpowdered. That statement often gets a mixed response from the chat audience -- many misread it and want to start a class war.

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