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Phat Loot Phriday: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

Veteran readers of the blog will remember when the world first of this baby dropped, but now that everyone's 70, maybe you too can get a raid rolling in Naxxaramas, and obtain for yourself the legendary (literally) weapon of Medivh.

Name: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
Type: Legendary Staff
Damage/Speed: 130-243 / 2.90 (64.4 DPS)
  • There are actually four different versions of the staff-- Warlock, Mage, Priest, and Druid. You can see all of them over at WoW Wiki-- they all increase spell damage and/or healing of the equipper (the Druid one increases AP in feral forms as well), but they also have a party bonus, too. The Druid gives 11mp5, the Mage increases spell crit strike of the entire party, the Warlock grants 33 spell damage to the party, and the Priest gives 62 healing to everyone in the party.
  • Additionally, all of the versions will do something very special: create a portal to Karazhan. Nowdays, players go to Karazhan all the time, so it's not that big a deal, but back when this staff came out, no one had ever been there, and so cracking open a portal was pretty cool
  • And the staff grants various amounts of Stamina, Intellect or Spirit, depending on the version you have.
  • Unfortunately, the stats are no longer that great-- they're incredible for level 60, but at level 70, it's pretty easy to come by equivalent (or even better) stats, and therefore, not really worth the trouble to obtain the staff. But then again, there is an immense amount of value in the lore of this item, considering that it was owned by Medivh himself.
  • Why, might you ask, does something so awesome look so plain? Don't judge a book by its cover, son-- that model, though plain, matches the models used in Warcraft 2 and 3. This is a legendary item, and real power is inside. Also, spectral birds sometimes appear flying around the staff. So that's kind of cool.
  • Also, the Shade of Aran (who is of course Medivh's father) will be kind of surprised if you show up to fight him with this thing on
How to Get It: In many ways, this is the final goal of shipping WoW. To get the item, you have to first collect 40 Splinters of Atiesh, which drop from different bosses in Naxxaramas, which means you need to run the place a few times. Then, once you've got those together, you can combine them to make the Frame of Atiesh. Once you've got that, you head off to Anachronos, the great big dragon near the Caverns of Time in Tanaris.

He'll send you in search of the Staff Head of Atiesh, which Kel'Thuzad has gotten his grubby little hands on. He's trying to put the staff back together, and the Argent Dawn is fighting against him, so if you can nab the Head away from him, more power to you. And the Base of Atiesh is the other item you'll need, and it drops from C'thun, the end boss of AQ40. See what I mean about this being the final goal?

After you've done all that, Anachronos will reassemble the staff for you, but wait! It's corrupted! (Figures.) You then take it into Stratholme, and run an event in which you can vanquish the evil spirit from the staff. Along the way, you can pick up another legendary item, a 1h sword that's freakin' awesome, but disappears after only a few minutes. After you defeat the spirit, you're then allowed to claim the staff, giving you the world's phattest loot-- of 2006.

Getting Rid of It: The Greatstaff of the Guardian! The staff of Medivh himself, shattered when Archimonde destoryed Dalaran! Reassembled from shards dropped by ancient demons and cleansed by the most powerful of Azeroth's heroes! And a vendor will give you 18g 45s 58c for it. Go figure.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Blue Murloc Egg

With BlizzCon going down as we speak, what better item to cover than the hookup lots of people got at Blizzard's last big event (this event, you'll remember, we're all getting the Murloc Suit). And on a more personal note, let me just say that: God, I hate Murky.

Name: Blue Murloc Egg
Type: Noncombat Pet
  • Summons Murky, an annoying (some say "cute"), periodically dancing Murloc
  • When you click on him, he even makes the Murggurguguglglgg murloc sound, which you can actually download from the WoW Wiki page. Although I don't know why you would-- it sounds like a cat coughing up a hairball while trying to sing.
  • God, I hate Murky. Whenever my guildie pulls him out, I just feel the urge to punt him (even moreso than gnomes). Murlocs are bad enough as it is, but when they're cute and tiny... Ugh. Hate, hate, hate Murky.
How to Get It: You can't, unless you attended BlizzCon 2005-- Murky was one of the giveaways to attendees there, and Blizzard hasn't given him out since. They have given away a Pink Murloc Egg to European players (after they messed up their Burning Crusade netherwhelp pets)-- that summoned a very similar (but pink) dancing murloc named Gurky. And with all the possible name combinations (Lurky, Turky, Jerky), and green, purple, and orange baby murlocs found within the game files, there may be more baby murlocs coming to a giveaway near you in the future (ugh, I hope not). But for now, if Murky's not yours, he never will be.

Good riddance, I say.

Getting Rid of It:
See? Vendors hate him too-- they won't take him. So the only way to get rid of him is by destroying the egg-- I recommend high-velocity punting.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Everglow Lantern

This twinkalicious quest reward isn't exactly much loved, but it has its place.

Name: Everglow Lantern
Type: Uncommon Offhand
Damage/Speed: NA
  • +3 Stamina
  • Use: Heal your target for 135 to 165. Unfortunately, there's a gigantic 30 minute cooldown on this one, so it's not extremely useful. But in certain situations it comes in handy, and while it's likely you'll ditch this one fairly quickly, for the level or two that you have this paired with a good one hand weapon, the extra healing helps in a pinch.
  • The thing looks pretty cool, too, as the glow spreads on your character, other characters, and in the surrounding area. Kind of fun to carry around at night with all the graphic options turned up, and RPers may even keep it around for those nighttime play sessions.
How to Get It: This is a quest reward, that's available to both factions via two different quests. For Alliance, you've got to do Supplies to Auberdine, an escort quest in Ashenvale, and Horde can do Weapons of Choice at Camp T in the Barrens. Horde can get their quest at level 17 (though the mobs are much higher level, around 23-25), and Alliance can get the quest at 19 (though it too will be hard for someone that low to complete. But with help it's more than possible, so if you really wanted to put this on a 19 WSG twink, you definitely could.

Truthfully, there are better items you could put on a twink, but speaking as a Mage who brings this thing into the lowbie battlegrounds, there's nothing like getting funny tells when people wonder how you heal yourself. I can only hope the other side wonders, too.

Getting Rid of It:
Oh right-- this is why I have this section. Because not all the phat loot you get is worth keeping. A vendor will give you 16s 32c for this, or it will DE into a Strange Dust, Lesser Astral Essence, or a Small Glimmering Shard.

And speaking of Phat Loot, have you left a comment on our Spectral Tiger Mount contest yet? The contest ends tonight at 7:00pm EST-- if you haven't, hurry over and get it done!

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Phat Loot Phriday: The Bladefist

This stunning fist (geeky pun intended, of course) is wielded by the Warchief at the top of Hellfire Citadel. And you've got to fell him (after fighting through his clan) to get it.

Name: The Bladefist
Type: Epic Main Hand Fist
Damage/Speed: 152-283 / 2.60 (83.7 DPS)
  • Chance on Hit: Increases your haste rating by 180 for 10 seconds.
  • At level 70, that means an increase in speed of ~17% when it procs, which according to reports, is fairly often. (Procs per minute involves a lot of math, and regular readers will know I'm terrible at getting math right, but from what I understand, this thing hits at 3 PPM, halfway between Crusader (1), and Lifestealing (6). So pretty often, but not every time.)
  • Also, I'm told the Mongoose enchant can stack with this ability, which means if you've got both going, it's a lot of slashy slashy and stabby stabby (technical terms).
  • Unfortunately, this baby is Unique (not to mention Main Hand), so no, you can't dual wield them like Kargath does.
How to Get It: To answer that, we have to go back a little bit in Warcraft Lore. Kargath Bladefist wasn't always warchief of the Shattered Hand clan, and he wasn't always known as the Bladefist. When he reached the level of grunt, the dude cut off his own hand, and replaced it with this weapon. And anyone badass enough to do that should definitely be Warchief, so he rose through the ranks and took over Shattered Halls. There's more to it than that (maybe we'll see a KYL someday on him), but that's what this weapon is all about.

And you know taking it away from him is not going to be an easy task. You've got to storm into Shattered Halls (which means you've got to get the key, which is a nice quest chain in itself), and you've got to do it on Heroic mode. Make your way through the Gauntlet, past the stupid Ogre (I'm just kidding, he's awesome), and all those damn assassins (they are not), and then topple the Warchief himself. Pull this bad boy from his wrist (it drops at around 5%), and it's yours. Impressive, no?

Getting Rid of It: I don't know why I ever decided to include this section. Why would you want to get rid of any of this phat loot? A vendor will give you 10g 46s 29c for it, and it will disenchant into a Void Crystal.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Timeless Arrow/Shell

For sheer ranged damage (anywhere in the world, not just in Tempest Keep), no other ammunition does it better. This is the only Epic ammunition in the game, and it's pretty clear why.

Name: Timeless Arrow (or Shell, for firearms)
Type: Projectile
Damage/Speed: N/A
  • Adds 53 damage per second. That's like having an increase of over 700 attack power. The next highest ammo, Adamantite Shells, are +43 DPS, so this is far and above the best ammo you can obtain and use anywhere in the game.
How to Get It: And so of course it doesn't come cheap (in either gold or effort). To get these arrows or bullets, all you have to do is buy them-- they're available from Andormu or Nozari in the Caverns of Time. But the first catch is that you've got to be Honored with Scale of the Sands to do it.

Just to get Friendly with Scale of the Sands, you've got to obtain Vials of Eternity, so that means that you've got to beat both Vashj and Kael in SSC and the Eye. Yup, if you just stopped reading right now, I can't say I blame you.

And after that, I believe the only way to gain Scale of the Sands reputation is to run Mount Hyjal and get rep from kills in there. Work your way to Honored, and you'll be able to buy this ammo. And the last catch on this one? Each stack of 200 is a whopping 2g a piece. Unless you're overflowing with money (and then again, if you've made your way to Mount Hyjal, maybe you are), this is strictly raid boss ammo only.

Getting Rid of It: Vendor will give you 25c back for them if you decide you'd rather not pour out DPS like a Hefeweizen at Oktoberfest.

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Phat Loot Phriday: The Decapitator

A name so nice Blizzard used it twice, this axe is so B.A. Baracus you can even throw it.

Name: The Decapitator
Type: Epic Main Hand Axe
Damage / Speed: 167-312 / 2.60 (92.1 DPS)
  • +27 critical strike rating
  • Here's the fun part: on use, you can throw it at a target up to 40 feet away for 513-567 damage. Oh, and the throw can crit as well (at about 5%, most players say), so while you can't really use it to spike your DPS in PvE (most bosses are immune to it, apparently), it's very helpful in PvP. Got a runner with just a little health left? Toss this guy and watch the numbers fly and the dude die. Then go eat some pie.
  • 3 minute cooldown on the use, which is kind of lame. Also happens to share a cooldown with trinkets that increase your attack power, which is kind of a bummer, but not a gamebreaker.
How to Get It: Drops from the Prince in Karazhan at around 11.5%, so chances are your guild may have Voided one already. But if you're a Fury Warrior or a Shaman with an axe fetish who really likes the sound of throwing this thing around in PvP, you can probably convince them to give it to you.

Getting Rid of It: Bored of tossing axes around already? Disenchants into a Void Crystal, and sells to a vendor for 12g44s56c.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Primal Mooncloth Bag

This is it. If you want to hold your stuff, ain't nothing better than this. The only thing is, the mats might drive you up a wall first.

Name: Primal Mooncloth Bag
Type: Bag
  • It's a whopping 20-slot bag, which is the biggest in the game. There are a few bigger ones out there-- in fact, quite a few. But those are all specialty bags, and this one will hold whatever you want in it.
  • If you want to hold stuff-- a lot of stuff-- this is what you need.
How to Get It: And here's the catch (there always is one, isn't there?): even with the mats, it could take you two weeks just to get this thing made. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Read more →

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Phat Loot Phriday: Helmets of Second Sight

Today's Phat Loot isn't just one helmet-- it's actually your choice of six available from a neat questline in Outlands. So stick with me here. Things may get a little complicated.

Name: (Overlord's, Shamanistic, Druidic, Stealther's, Evoker's, Stalker's) Helmet of Second Sight
Type: Rare (Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate) Head
Armor: Varies
  • They all have different abilities, of course, according to their title. You can see a list of all the available helmets here (the Scintillating Headdress is not one of the quest rewards, actually). Altogether, if you run this quest, you'll get a pretty nice pre-Epic helmet out of it.
  • Also: All the helmets "allow the bearer to see into the ghost world while in Shadowmoon Valley." It's a lore thing, stick with me.
  • And if you haven't noticed yet, all the helmets are reskins of the Tier 2 helmets (and in some cases, Tier 1-- see Warrior Helm above) that originally dropped from Onyxia and Molten Core. So if you never got to get your Dragonstalker's Helm or your Helmet of Ten Storms, here's your chance to get a lookalike. With better stats, if you ask me.
How to Get It: You've got to do the Teron Gorefiend quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley. It's quite fun, will net you a lot of XP (if you're not 70 yet), a little bit of gold, and your choice of these helmets.

For Alliance, it starts with a quest called "Ghost in the Machine" from Zoram the Judicator (geez, what did his mom have against him?) at Wildhammer Stronghold. Horde go to Chief Apothecary Hildagard in Shadowmoon Village for a quest called "A Haunted History." That chain will take you through about seven quests, most of which are soloable (one of them asks for two players, and one of them requires a full 5man group to do). At the end of the quest chain, you'll meet up with the man himself (and make a "mistake" that really wasn't your problem in the first place.

As for Gorefiend himself, I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll meet up with him later in the Black Temple (I'm not sure if you actually need the helmet to face him, as the questgiver hints, but you might want to keep it anyway). Meanwhile, you'll get a spiffy helmet that will get you ready to start up the level 70 instances at endgame. Grats!

Getting Rid of It: They all sell for different values, from about 2g for the cloth helmet, up to 4g for the plate version. Disenchanting any of them will hook you up with a Large Prismatic Shard.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Stinging Viper

Our It came from the Blog guild is going to be going into instances this evening, including (I hope) at least a few runs through Wailing Caverns. While they're in there, they can get this very nice and cool-looking lowbie (read: twink) mace.

Stinging Viper
Type: Rare One-hand Mace
Damage/Speed: 30-57 / 2.80 (15.5 DPS)
  • Chance on hit: Poisons target for 7 Nature damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. For you non-math majors, my calculator says that's 35 damage to a proc.
  • Unfortunately, there aren't any other stats on it, but it's still a nice weapon for the level (I had it on my Shaman for quite a while as I came up past 20). Especially good for offhand on Rogues, as the higher damage range and the proc help out DPS quite a bit. Pair this with a Cruel Barb or a Wingblade and you're set. (Update: also see good points for using this as a Main Hand in the comments below)
How to Get It: Comes as a drop off of Lord Pythas, one of the four druid snake guys you have to put down in Wailing Caverns (in order to fight the giant Murloc, that is). Seems to drop all the time-- there's an 18% drop rate on it-- but as you all probably know, going in there specifically hoping for it to drop means it probably won't. Always seems to happen that way, right? What's up with that?

Getting Rid of It: Vendors for 30s 18c, disenchants into a Small Glimmering Shard.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Gnomish Mind Control Cap

So for this PLP, I tried to come up with what I thought was the funniest looking hat in Azeroth. There are some funny looking hats out there (and I almost wrote up the Druid's Tier 4 hat because it makes me laugh every time I see it), but I eventually ended up choosing this Engineering toy with a fun proc.

Name: Gnomish Mind Control Cap
Type: Cloth Head
Armor: 50
  • +14 Spirit
  • And here's the fun part: on Use (see restriction below), "engage in mental combat with a humanoid target to try and control their mind." If you succeed, you get a little hunter bar (not like the Priest's MC) to play around with your new pet.
  • Unfortunately, it's not as fun as it used to be. The MCC only works out of combat now, so while it's still possible to use it on players with hilarious consequences, you have to plan out your attack. And over level 60, this thing gets a much reduced chance to work, in accordance with Blizzard's wishes of making CC less effective overall in BGs.
  • But in some of the early twink battlegrounds, you can have a lot of fun with it. Plus, look at it! It's a funny hat!
How to Get It: You've got to be an Engineer of any spec, level 215 (BoE) to wear this one, although if you just want the hat without the MC ability, you can always go get the Ghaz'ridian Detector, which is not nearly as fun, but looks just as funny.

Anyway, you have to be a Gnomish Engineer, at least 235, to make it-- the recipe can be obtained from Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay (he's the guy you talk to for the quest to become a Gnomish tinkerer, after it starts in Rachet or Ironforge, depending on your faction). It ain't cheap: 10 Mithril bars, 4 Truesilver bars, a Gold Power Core, 2 Star Rubies, and 4 Mageweave cloth are necessary to roll this one together, but when you do, you'll be able to MC to your heart's content. Well, once every 30 mins. And then only out of combat, and only sometimes. In fact, at this point, the mats probably don't make this worth it, unless you really like that proc enough to wait for it. But it does look funny, right?

Getting Rid of It:
Now hold on now, this is something you keep forever. But just in case you do want to throw it away, a vendor will give you 55s 2c for it, or you can DE into a Dream Dust, Large Radiant Shard, or Greater Nether Essence. But before you do, take a look at this spinning wheel right here, please. Are you feeling sleepy? No? Me neither...

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Phat Loot Phriday: Earthwarden

Mmmmmm feral druid gear. (Yes, in a Undead rogue's hand for some reason, but still.)

Name: Earthwarden
Type: Epic Two-hand Mace
Damage / Speed: 142-279 / 3.20 (65.8 DPS)
  • 500 Armor. Yes, on a 2h mace. Hawt.
  • +39 Stamina.
  • Increases defense rating by 27, feral skill combat rating by 24, and attack power by 556 in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear, and Moonkin forms only. Yes, 556 attack power.
  • 14 AP = 1 DPS, so this baby gives an extra 39 DPS when in those forms. Whoah mama.
  • There are a few better Druid items floating around out there, but the armor on this especially makes it perfect for Bear tanks. Boy is it perfect-- Blizz wasn't kidding when they said, way back when, that feral gear would show up in BC. And you don't even have to raid to get it!
How to Get It: It's a rep reward from Cenarion Expedition in Zangarmarsh (one of the easier Outlands rep grinds, if you ask me). The only real problem is that you've got to get to Exalted. While it's pretty easy to get to Revered (a few runs through Slave Pens and Underbog, a few turn-ins, and a few quests after you reach Honored), Exalted will require quite a few run through Steam Vaults (although Heroic Slave Pens and Underbog will also give the rep you need). You can also turn in Coilfang Armaments, and since those are BoE, it is possible, if you've got the cash, to buy your way up to this item.

Don't spend all your money though-- even with the rep, you'll have to shell out 265g 68s 17c for it. Although if your guild is in need of tanks, maybe you could convince them to help you pick up the tab?

Getting Rid of It: If you're a Bear tank, you won't, at least until Serpentshrine Cavern, which is a long way off for most people. But a vendor will eventually give you 53g 13s 63c for it.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Icon of the Silver Crescent

The difference between a good caster and a great caster? Knowing when to pop the trinkets. And when you do so, this is the one of the best you can get.

Name: Icon of the Silver Crescent
Type: Epic Trinket
  • Equip: Increases spell damage and healing by up to 43.
  • Use: Increases spell damage and healing by up to 155 for 20 seconds
  • A two minute cooldown, which, I've found, goes pretty darn fast. Depending on how fast your groups move, you can usually pop a trinket at least every other fight in an instance, if not more if you take a while eating and drinking between fights.
  • And as I said: trinkets are the difference between pouring out amazing DPS or healing, and just being average. If you've got trinkets, you should be using them almost every chance you get-- the +43 damage/healing on this is nice, but if you're casting, the +155 is much better. Put those suckers on your hotbars, and light them up near the beginning of the fight (just as you're about to start casting). And as most veteran players can tell you, you can use these things twice on some boss fights-- a player casting without his trinkets in use or cooldown is a player not living up to their full potential.
How to Get It: You *are* running Heroics by now, right? If you're not, that's exactly what you got to do to get this baby. G'eras in the middle of Shattrath City will take your Heroic badges and give you epix for them, so bring him 41 Badges of Justice (that's 8 and 1/5 successful Heroic Mechanar runs, or about 60 curse and stress-filled failed Shattered Halls runs, in case you're counting), and the Icon is yours.

Oh, and speaking of trinkets, here's an extra piece of Phat Loot for you: If you're a caster, and you are keyed to run Heroic Mechanar, that means you're Revered with Sha'tar, so stop by the Quartermaster, also in the middle of Shattrah City and pick up Xiri's Gift. Great trinket, easy to grab, and while the equip isn't as good as this one, the use is almost as nice, without having to pick up tons of Badges.

Getting Rid of It: You don't want to get rid of it. Even if you do, it's a trinket-- put it in your bags and keep it for later. Personally, I carry about six trinkets around with me, and every one has its own place and time for use.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Battlecast Hood

For a crafted item, this caster hood is pretty darn sweet. It won't be cheap, but you get what you pay (farm?) for.

Name: Battlecast Hood
Type: Epic Cloth Headpiece
Armor: 145
  • +43 Stamina, + 28 Intellect (those are what it will be after 2.1 gets put in, anyway), which points towards a warlock, or a mage or shadow priest who wants to stay alive in PvP
  • +43 damage and healing (see next point)
  • Two sockets, one red, one blue, and a socket bonus of +3 spell crit rating. Glowing Nightseye or a Potent Noble Topaz work great (as does almost any good caster jewels), at least until you can find an epic Jewelcrafter to make the even better stuff.
  • Is part of a set with the Battlecast Pants, which grants +5% resist to spell interruption (like Kick) and spell pushback (which is what happens when you take damage while casting a spell). Wear it with another epic tailoring set for much ownage.
How to Get It: It's craftable at 375 Tailoring, and since it's BoE, you either need to be a tailor or just know one. The pattern drops off of Warlord Kalithresh, the last boss in the Steam Vaults (in Heroic mode, as well) at at very small .4% drop. The pattern itself is BoP, but there's enough of them floating around that if you need one, some time in any /trade channel will probably get you to a tailor who can make one.

And then there's the matter of mats. It's not cheap at all: 12 Imbued Netherweave, 8 Primal Might (eeyow!), and one Primal Nether (actually, that's not too bad). The Might will be the hardest to come by-- you've got to farm 8 of each Primal element and then find an alchemist to transmute them for you (each transmute has a 24 hour cooldown, so you've got 8 days to farm everything at least). The others aren't real hard-- Netherweave requires a Mana Loom, some cloth, and a lot of Arcane Dust, but it's comparably easy. Primal Nether drops from the end bosses of dungeons (a chance in Normal, and guaranteed in Heroic), and the problem with that is that it's BoP, so the tailor has to have one, not you.

Get the mats, get the crafter, get them all in one place and boom, you're ready to go Battlecasting. Then again, you could just buy it-- since it's BoE, you'll find it on the AH sometimes, usually for upwards of 1000g (more like 1500-1700).

Getting Rid of It:
You probably don't want to-- even if you have something better for raiding, this is probably still nice PvP gear. But if you're just that leet and you want to toss it, a vendor will give you 3g 10s 6c for it. Which makes me ask: Why can't crafters dissemble their products to get some of the mats back? Seems like such a waste, considering they already spent all that time and money leveling the profession...

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Phat Loot Phriday: Fang of the Leviathan

I was really bummed out the other day that shaman can't use swords-- Mana Wrath dropped for us in Mechanar, and I really wanted to use it for spell damage gear. Oh well, guess I'll have to level up my mage. And while I was looking around for encouragement, I found this sweet caster blade.

Name: Fang of the Leviathan
Type: Epic Main-hand Sword
Damage/Speed: 23-125 / 1.80 (41.3 DPS)
  • Right now: +13 Stamina, +13 Intellect, +14 spell crit, and +187 spell damage and healing
  • After 2.1: +28 Stamina, +19 Intellect, +20 spell crit, and a whopping +209 spell damage and healing, which makes this currently the highest +spell damage weapon in the entire game. Careful, you got a little drool on you there.
  • Those stats are, of course subject to change, but no matter what, this is one of the nicest caster blades in the game. There are a few floating around with more spell crit (and one BoE Epic with a really nice proc on it), but for pure +damage, this is probably the one you should be dreaming about. Until we see what comes out of the Black Temple, anyway.
How to Get It: All you've got to do is kill Leotheras the Blind, a demon hunter boss in Serpentshrine Caverns. The fight apparently isn't that tough if you're already raiding at that level, but it does have some cool elements to it-- the boss splits into his human and demon forms at 15%, and throughout the fight, his demon half will summon a few raid members' "inner demons." Those are dopplegangers that you have to fight and kill before the boss flips back to human, otherwise those raiders become mind controlled for 10 minutes. Wacky stuff, but a few guilds are rolling through there now, and more all the time.

Anyway, down Leo, and there's about a 15% chance this'll drop for you.

Getting Rid of It: Sells to vendors for 12g 34s 13c. Disenchants (probably-- obviously no one has gotten rid of it yet) into a Void Crystal.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Glaive of the Pit

So I was thinking about what to do for Phat Loot this week, and it occurred to me that we've never done a Polearm. The reason is probably because most polearms suck (they tend to be faster than most 2hands, and what you really want with a 2hander is high damage and slow speed), but if you really want a polearm, this one's not bad. I kind of wanted to do Vendorstrike, because I think it's a cool idea, but I know none of you hardcore guys would let me get away with calling it "phat."

Name: Glaive of the Pit
Type: Epic Two-Hand Polearm
Damage / Speed: 330-497 / 3.70 (111.6 DPS)
  • Three red sockets, with a socket bonus of +4 crit rating
  • Chance on hit: steals 238 to 262 life from enemy (although the word on this proc is that it doesn't happen that often)
  • It's a polearm, so chances are no one will really want it (hey, at least I got to post that picture, right?). If you're a Mortal Strike warrior who doesn't yet have an epic weapon (which isn't very likely, considering where this comes from), or you just really, really, really want to wield a polearm sometimes, it might be the phat loot for you. Just throw some gems in it, and then wait a bit, because something better will come along pretty quickly.
How to Get It: Then again, there's lots of item tweaking going on, so maybe things will change-- who knows? Anyway, this is a drop from Magtheridon, one of the first 25 man raids in Outland. If you've ever run the Blood Furnace, and looked down through the grate after you've killed the final boss, you'll see Mag (he's also the voice yelling throughout the instance). Mag, of course, is a Pit Lord, hence the name.

Drop him and hope for about an 8% chance, and this baby will drop. And hey, think about it this way-- if you really want it, you'll probably get it. Because no one else does.

Getting Rid of It: I feel so bad for polearms now. I guess The Eye of Nerub isn't so bad for hunters at 60, but I can't seem to find a really amazing polearm. I guess the arena polearm isn't too bad. Anyway, the Glaive will give you 14g 58s and 33c from vendors, and will disenchant into a Void Crystal.

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