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Patch 6.1: Rogues have a new use for Dingy Iron Coins

Rogues who are stealthy fans of pickpocketing in Warlords of Draenor have more to cheer about in the upcoming patch 6.1. Griftah, the fence of dubious motives who has been taking Dingy Iron Coins and turning them around, in a roundabout way, for gold, has now expanded his inventory. Along with the usual fencing duties and quests to turn in coins for gold, Griftah also sells a variety of leather masks in a variety of colors, all for the low low price of a thousands or so Dingy Iron Coins -- more, if the masks are fancier.

And if you're a toy collector to boot, Griftah's got a deal for you -- for 10,000 Dingy Iron Coins, you can be the proud owner of a Barrel of Bandanas. This toy summons a barrel of random bandanas for you and all your friends, so everyone can get in on the bandana-wearing fun. It's nice to see that Griftah hasn't forgotten his rogue pals -- and even nicer to see a steady supply of fashionable masks. Pickpocketing has never been this much fun. Check out the slideshow for screenshots of all available bandanas and their costs.

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Warlords of Draenor: Rogues and the return of Griftah

I love playing a rogue. I like the sneaky fun of being able to stealth past mobs that would otherwise happily eat my face, I love being able to stun, kick, and poison my way to certain victory. And I love the little quirks of the class. But rogues, for all their entertainment value, don't exactly have a lot to offer in the way of flashy fun factor -- which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face pop up in Warlords of Draenor in a rogue-only series of quests.

Griftah, the wily troll who sells items of questionable value to players, has been a fixture in the game since Burning Crusade, where he underwent his own strange little storyline of being caught, punished, and allowed back into Shattrath City. Since then, he's been seen here and there in game -- but never in the kind of entertaining scope and capacity he had back in Burning Crusade. So what do rogues, fun factor, and everyone's favorite con artist troll have in common? Plenty, in the upcoming expansion.

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Encrypted Text: Lifestyle of the Northrend Rogue

Every Wednesday, Chase Christian of Encrypted Text invites you to enter the world of shadows, as we explore the secrets and mechanics of the Rogue class. This week, we explore quality of life changes for Rogues in the upcoming expansion.

After playing The Burning Crusade for nearly two years now, most Rogues have gotten into their level 70 groove. They know where the poison vendors are in Shattrath and where to acquire some good leather gear. They know where to level up their lockpicking and the best way to organize reagents in their bags. However, all that is about to change.

Blizzard is implementing a ton of new simple changes to the Rogue class that are guaranteed to have many of us confused at first. I've tried to make this transition a little bit easier by outlining some of the differences between your time at 70 and the upcoming road to 80. Read on to find out what these changes mean to your daily Rogue lifestyle.

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BoE Epic throwing weapon pickpocketed

Pickpocketing is one of my favorite things about the Rogue class. It adds some nice texture and a bit of extra cash to my grinding routine, keeps me stocked in Super Healing Potions and Flash Powder, and best of all, I can easily macro it along with my opening attack (usually Cheap Shot), so it doesn't even require an additional keystroke:
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Cheap Shot
Now, according to a few different reports around the official forums, there's a new reason to pick those pockets: epics.

The BoE epic throwing weapon Spinesever was, allegedly, found in a lockbox picked from a random mob in Shadowmoon Valley. There seems to be some debate over whether it's real or not, but it is on Thottbot, and it looks believable enough. Edit: it's real. It does have rather high stats, and is probably the best throwing weapon in the game. I wonder what the skin looks like. What do you think? Is there a better throwing weapon out there? And how much do you think this is worth? People are suggesting that this is considerably over-budget; I don't know the item level formulas well enough to verify that claim -- can any of you?

[Thanks, Gonçalo]

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Insider Trader: Open, Sesame!

Insider Trader is your weekly inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

Open up in there! Rogues aren't the only ones who can open those tricksey chests and doors. This week, Insider Trader looks at two tools for those of us with no cred in roguely lockpicking. We'll also point you rogues toward some compelling reasons to level and use your lockpicking and pickpocketing skills.

You may not have to be a rogue in order to open a locked chest or door, but you do have to be handy with tools. Blacksmiths and engineers are the other locksmiths of Azeroth.

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Top 5 reasons all Rogues should pickpocket

[I never have figured out where these guys would even begin to have pockets, but they do!]Recently, I was talking to one of the newer Rogues in my guild about different aspects of Roguecraft. This was largely because I was having to open a locked box for him, which at his level he should have been more than able to open. Of course from lock boxes, the topic soon came around to pickpocketing. Imagine my surprise when he admitted that he doesn't pick pocket from mobs much, if he even bothers at all. I was personally pretty stunned at that. I mean, pick pocketing is fun! Why would anyone not choose to enjoy all our sneaky class has to offer?

However, from talking to a few other Rogues here and there, I have since learned that this is not an isolated thing. There are apparently quite a few Rogues out there who don't bother with pilfering for goodies, leaving a great many pockets un-picked. This is a real shame, considering the misbegotten pocket wealth that is a due right of the Rogue class.

As such, I thought I would touch on what I told that up and coming Rogue the other night -- the Top 5 reasons that I believe Rogues should pick pockets.

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/e is easily amused by emotes

Impossibility over on the WoW Ladies Livejournal is, I'm sure she'll agree, a newbie. But she did just finish Deadmines (grats!), and she was surprised, after completing the instance, to see the message above. Her rogue ripped her off!

Now, as she soon learned, she didn't really get pickpocketed-- rogues can only pickpocket mobs, not players. But she did get emoted-- what happened was that the player typed "/e successfully steals.." and it appeared like that above. You can do all kinds of fun things with emotes, because although they always appear in orange (in the default UI), players, even experienced ones, can get them confused with all the other messages coming by. The most common trick is usually "/e rolls 99 (1 - 100)", which looks like you got a really nice roll (except for the color, of course, which makes the trick easy to spot in a big list of rolls). Another good one is "/e receives [Sword of Awesomeness]," or just shift-click whatever item you want it to look like you just looted something cool on your own.

A warning: Just like the old Piccolo, lots of players usually find this more annoying than funny, so use it at your own peril (and you should never use it to try and rip other players off-- alert players will know exactly what you're doing, and then you're in real trouble). But a little levity sometimes goes a long way, and it's a fun trick to use once in a while.

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