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Celebrate Pirates' Day on September 19th

Pirates' Day
Yarr, matey, it be that time o' the year again... no, no I'm not going to do the pirate speak for this post. Commenters of WoW Insider, I love you too much for that, despite the origin of this holiday. It is true, though, that tomorrow, September 19th, is the single-day holiday Pirates' Day in World of Warcraft. Dread Captain DeMeza has landed at Booty Bay along with her crew, and if you do so dare, you can find out if you have what it takes to raise a mug with her and become one of her crew!

So take your toons down to Booty Bay and have some grog for Pirates' Day. Just make sure that your toons are on good terms with the Steamwheedle Cartel. My sad main will be sitting this year's Pirates' Day out, because those Booty Bay Bruisers are aptly named.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow, maties

Ahoy there! Through popular culture, landlubbers have determined that all pirates of every era and nation talked the same way, and that leaves us scurvy swabs with our culture appropriated, and incorrectly at that! Now, ye might say to me, "but Cap'n Belfaire, sir, doesn't that encourage interested parrrrties to learn about the way we sea dogs actually lived?" No, matey! It doesn't! It just encourages the continued Halloweenification of our history through things like "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on September 19th.

If ye play World of Warcraft, ye can celebrate Pirate's Day on the very same day (tomorrow) in Booty Bay, the heart of Azeroth's piracy! Visit Dread Pirate DeMeza! Become an honorary crew member of her fine vessel! Drink, dance, and participate in a burlesque of naval history! Get 10 achievement points! Yarrrrr!!

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Breakfast Topic: Do you participate in Pirates' Day?

Today marks the start (and end!) of one of World of Warcraft's most fleeting in-game holidays, Pirates' Day. It's Blizzard's way of honoring International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a "holiday" celebrated almost exclusively by people who like pictures of cats with misspelled words on them.

Are you going to Booty Bay today, even though participating in the holiday isn't required for the What A Long Strange Trip It's Been meta-achievement? (Achievement point junkies can still score 10 points by traveling to Booty Bay and talking to Dread Captain DeMeza.) And do you actually like the holiday, or do you wish it would make like a tree and get outta here?
Working on achievements? The Overachiever is here to help! Count on us for advice on Azeroth's holidays and special events, including new achievements, how to get 310% flight speed with achievement mounts, and Cataclysm reputation factions and achievements.

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WoW Moviewatch:'s Pirates Day 2009

In case you missed it, our own Robin Torres hosted a Pirates' Day event last month, during the in game holiday. The intrepid members of It came from the Blog stormed Azeroth, rocking out their very own pirate style.

One of the attendees of the event, Tirex from Andorhal, was kind enough to capture it on film. So now, it brings me great pleasure to share with you the's Pirates Day 2009 movie. Kick back with some grog and enjoy the good vibe and great memories through your one good eye. (No doubt, the other is covered with a skull-and-crossbones eyepatch.)

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an e-mail at machinima AT wow DOT com.

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It came from the Blog: Pirates' Day recap

It came from the Blog celebrated Pirates' Day by running from Orgrimmar to Booty Bay as pirates and then joining Dread Captain DeMeza's crew. Granted, there really isn't much to the in-game holiday, but we had a good time making the most of it. Yar!

Around 110 or so showed up including Allison Robert, C. Christian Moore and Christian Belt. We got in our pirate costumes, ran to Razor Hill, Crossroads and then on to Ratchet. We then took the boat to Booty Bay and got the Achievement. Thanks to our many higher level characters, the lowbies were protected along the journey.

I took a lovely video capturing the 50 or so Tauren Pirates I had on follow only to crash just after getting to Booty Bay. The video is not salvageable, but I may be able to do something with the videos of the beginning and the end... maybe. I was able to get a few screenshots which are in the gallery below.

Thanks to all who joined us and stay tuned for the It came from the Blog Brewfest event announcement coming soon!

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Reminder: It came from the Blog Pirates' Day event today

Ye not be forgetting It came from the Blog's Pirates' Day parrrty!
  • When: 5pm EDT (3pm Server Time, 2pm PDT) Today
  • Where: Meet in Orgrimmar in front of the bank on Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: A Horde character, any level
  • How: Send a tell to Robiness or any It came from the Blog member to join the guild
Be ye in league with Bloodsails? The Booty Bay guards arrrr sleepin' off a bit too much brew, so ye can join in on the parrrty. Aaargh the guards be wide awake and feisty.

Drag yer carcasses to Orgrimmar early, else ye will be travellin' to Booty Bay on yer own. Thar will be no summonin' fer lazy landlubbers. Ye have been warned.

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Breakfast Topic: Happy Pirates' Day, ye landlubbers!

Yaaaaaar maties, it be me again, Cap'n Phineas Blackbeard (ye may remember my old guide to the most piratical o' quests), and I be back again, today, September the 19th, because today, ye scurvy dogs, be Pirates' Day! My old flame Dread Captain DeMeza will be hanging out in Booty Bay and causin' all kinds of trouble under the nose of old Baron Revilgaz, so ye can head down to the southern shores, listen to some shantys with those old swashbucklers, and maybe even win some loot. If ye like, ye can even go and visit DeMeza with the scallywags from this here site (though between you and me, some of them smell like the inside of a whale's belly, especially that landlubber Schramm). And of course, all of ye yellow-bellied scallywags should spend the whole day talking like a pirate as best ye can, and maybe even wear an eyepatch. Y'know, for the nightvision.

And just in case ye don't get enough grog today -- HA! Get it? "Enough grog"? A good pirate knows ye can never have enough grog! -- don't forget that Brewfest starts tomorrow. Stay tuned to this here vessel for more information about how ye can get all of the achievements and titles and dragons and treasure chests ye desire. Have a great Pirates' Day, and then get back to swabbing the poop deck, ye peg-legged, pox-faced mutinous cur! Dead men tell no tales! Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Gallery: Pirate's Day

Alliance CommonersHorde CommonersFirst Mate HapanaDread Captain DeMezaCelebrationsMore Celebrations

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It came from the Blog: Let's celebrate Pirates' Day!

Avast me hearties! It nears time for Pirates' Day! Yarrrr!

Come celebrate Pirates' Day with It came from the Blog. Here are the details:
  • When: 5pm EDT (3pm Server Time, 2pm PDT) Saturday, September 19th
  • Where: Meet in Orgrimmar in front of the bank on Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: A Horde character, any level
  • How: Send a tell to Robiness or any It came from the Blog member to join the guild
  • What: We'll get a pirate costume and an Achievement.
We'll run from Orgrimmar to Ratchet together and then take the boat to Booty Bay for the festivities. All races and levels should be able to get to Org with little trouble. Tauren can take the zeppelin from Thunder Bluff and Blood Elves can take the teleport from Silvermoon to the Undercity and then the zeppelin from Undercity to Orgrimmar.

So get there before 5pm EDT if you want to run with the guildies. All latecomers can just meet us at Booty Bay.

For more info about It came from the Blog, please see our FAQ.

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