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Breakfast Topic: The one missing item in World of Warcraft

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to

We all have our favorite in-game items, be it our uber T10 gear, our Zulian Tiger mount or our Diamond-Tipped Cane. But sometimes, we can't find what we want in game. We know what it is, search around for it, check the websites, but nothing quite fits the description. All our research leads back to the same sad conclusion: what we want simply doesn't exist in Azeroth. We resign ourselves to move on without it and harbor the hope it will appear in the next patch or expansion.

What do I want in Cataclysm? I just want a pizza.

I don't even care about the toppings. It can be thin crust, cheese-only, out of the grocer's freezer for all I care. Maybe my Chicago upbringing is coloring my perception here, but I just think that in such a vivid, exciting world with so much to offer, it is inexcusable that the most universally consumed dish in western civilization is not represented anywhere. I have scrolled through all 466 items listed in Wowhead's Food & Drinks category, searching for anything that might meet the bare minimum criteria of what in my mind constitutes pizza, but for naught. We have defeated Old Gods, dragon aspects, even the Lich King ... But not one of us has ever even had a slice of pepperoni and cheese.

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The Queue: Hawaiian Pizza edition

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Today, in addition to all of the questions I'm answering for you, I need all of you to answer a question for me. Hawaiian Pizza: Delicious, or Crazy Delicious? This is an important question, my friends. I need each and every one of you to contribute. It's for the good of mankind. Also, to prove my girlfriend wrong. It rules, does it not?
Hawaiian Pizza
Delicious3727 (31.6%)
Crazy Delicious8083 (68.4%)

Evaline asked...

Are there any Ulduar achievements currently on the PTR? I'm guessing they aren't there yet, because we would have heard something about them if there were. Another question if I may, do the bosses on the PTR currently drop loot? Again probably not, for the same reason as above, but can't hurt to ask.

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Let me get a 12" Ornate Triple Pepperoni Blunderbuss

Reader Jacckk sent along this funny bit of WoW, hidden in a strange place. On the menu of one Eden's Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota, there is an item for an "Ornate Triple Pepperoni Blunderbuss," right in between the "Mean Supreme" and "Sicilian" styles (actually, the "Rastafarian" sounds really good, too). And yes, for those of you who've done some gun shopping in Azeroth, the artery-clogging pepperoni with mozza and feta monstrosity is apparently a reference to the old Ornate Blunderbuss, a vendor weapon available pretty commonly throughout the game.

Why they'd name their pizza after a vendor weapon in WoW, we have no idea, but there you go. If you do call them up to order the pizza though (think they'd deliver me one to Chicago?), make sure to get a side of Sulfuras Buffalo Wings, too -- they'll make you "taste the fire of Sulfuron!"*

* I also would have accepted "Sulfuras Buffalo Wings: By fire be purged!"

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WoW Pizza Delivery?

You know, this reminds me...we just don't get enough good prank calls anymore nowadays. Between caller ID & cell phones, it's nigh-impossible for anyone to remain anonymous enough anymore to cause any real mischief. Kids today have got it rough.

But anyway, my point was that this is a prank call to a pizza joint by a guy who tries to order an Epic Pizza for 50 gold, while trying to sweeten the deal with promises of gryphon rides. It's no Jerky Boys or Tube Bar, but it's what we got left nowadays...check it out over at Blizzplanet.

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