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Behind the scenes with a Blizzard forums MVP "green"

Carrying the flag
Who are the "greens," the shining emerald jewels of the posting community on the official World of Warcraft community forums? How does one go from being, say, Eldacar the PvP enthusiast to Eldacar the forums MVP, who recently unleashed a volley of questions on the current state of WoW PvP that gathered a virtual storm of opinions and insights on the official PvP forums? Who is this guy, and why is everything he posts on the forums in bright green letters? Here's your answer -- the scoop on a green straight from one of the blues, Blizzard Community Manager Jonathan "Zarhym" Brown:

"Eldacar's posting style and contributions to the community first crossed my radar during Cataclysm beta," Zarhym explains. "He had created some very useful guides on the beta forums detailing good feedback and bug reporting etiquette. I stickied his information and had brief contact with him via email and in the beta around that time.

"In the fall of 2011, once the community team solidified plans for expanding the MVP program, his name popped back up in part because of some PvP-related posts he was working on," he continues. "I really make an effort to try and hang onto the names of constructive, eloquent posters -- whether or not they're critical of some of Blizzard's decisions. The MVP program is really meant to be a reflection of the diversity within our community. Its members are just a collection of folks from the community who are embraced by their peers for their knowledge and personality, to the extent that we want to give them official recognition. I think Eldacar's a damn fine example of this."

A "damn fine example"? Frankly, we're with Zarhym -- Eldacar's thoughtful approach and obvious passion for his subject matter made trumpeting his recent call to arms for player feedback a no-brainer. So who is this guy? And how'd he get so damn fine, anyway?

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Breakfast Topic: Daily Quest design

I've been doing the daily quests a lot lately (for time invested vs. reward received, they are great), but I kind of agree with a comment one of you readers made earlier this week-- sooner or later, they just feel like a job you're doing. I'm still glad Blizzard is down with the idea-- patch 2.3 is going to bring cooking and PvP daily quests to do.

But I still the idea is missing something. So this morning, we're giving the mic to you-- what would your perfect Daily Quest be? It has to be interesting enough and varied enough to keep doing day after day, and yet it has to be simple enough to do in a short amount of time. A good daily quest can't be anything that epic, either-- a daily quest to kill just one guy over and over would be a little strange, but it has to be epic enough that you want to keep doing it every 24 hours. Taking out the trash is too boring for us adventurers to call a "quest."

So if you were designing the perfect daily quest, what would it be? What day-to-day jobs in Azeroth would make for a good task for players to do for a reward every day?

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