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Breakfast Topic: What is the best player-run event you've participated in?

It came from the Blog in the throne room
We hold events monthly in the It came from the Blog family of guilds. We usually hold them during in-game holidays, but when there aren't any, I make up something else to do. We've been doing this for a few years now and have had a wide variety, from achievement spam activities to free-for-all PvP beatdowns.

It came from the Blog isn't the only game in town, of course. The Defias Brotherhood hosts a few RP-PvP events, as this video shows. The Spreading Taint and The Stonewall Family guilds march in a pride parade every year. Big Red Kitty's charity run for Ezra was so much of a success that they crashed the server and were asked to end the event early. Many more events are held in WoW each month, and some realms are more active than others. You can check the Community Events and Creations Forums for events you may be interested in.

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Sleeper Cartel hosts a Dead Man's Party next Saturday

Those party hosts in Sleeper Cartel on Perenolde are at it again -- they're holding yet another in-game party, this time to celebrate Halloween, and it sounds like another player-run blowout: free food and drinks, costume and trivia contests, and lots more. There's something called the Dead Man's Run, and we have no idea what that is, but it sounds like a bunch of low level gnomes will die, which is always run. They tell us they're planning on having a live DJ spin tunes, just as they did at their summer party. And they'll have player-run questlines to do as well. You have to give it to them: Sleeper Cartel never seems to run short on creative things to do in-game.

I'm sorry to say that, as much as I've reported on these, I've never actually been to one. But I think that'll change with this party -- it kicks off at 7pm MST next Saturday, October 24th, on the US server of Perenolde, and they're holding it at what they say is one of the creepiest places in the game, the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave (a.k.a. the Death Knight starting area, sans leveling Death Knights). I just marked it on my calendar, so I do believe that I will see you there.

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The Spreading Taint plans pride parade on Proudmoore

The Spreading Taint, a GLBT guild that we've featured here on the site before, is hosting an in-game event next Saturday, their fifth annual Pride Celebration. Just like real-life Pride events, they're planning quite the spectacle, from floats of all kinds (I'm curious to see the ">8< Spider Pride" float, featuring spider pets aplenty, both Hunter and vanity), a crafting fair in Booty Bay, and contests like a Naked Dueling event and a modeling competition. They've even got "a professional" shooting footage of everything, so you might be able to see yourself in the official video as well.

As we talked about in our 15 Minutes interview with them, these folks are very social and a lot of fun -- while their roots are in the GLBT community, they're interested in including people from all backgrounds, and obviously this event is open to everyone who wants to have a good time in-game (though they are strictly disallowing PvP -- if you want to fight, go elsewhere). The event kicks off next Saturday, June 20th, at noon server time over on Proudmoore. The parade itself starts at Camp Taurajo in the Barrens, but we're sure no matter where you are on the server, you'll probably hear about them -- just follow the wackiness.

NOTE: All hateful comments will get deleted and repeat offenders will be banned. You don't have to agree, but you can disagree respectfully without personal attacks or insults.

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Warriors of Time on Moon Guard hosts Bare Naked Boxing

Hagiel, the guild leader of Warriors of Time on the Moon Guard server, is having a birthday this week (happy birthday!), and to celebrate, they're hosting something that sounds awesome: bare naked boxing duels. This Thursday, October 9th, at 6:30pm server (which I believe will leave you enough time to still come out to our meetup later in the evening if you're in Anaheim), they're all meeting in front of Orgrimmar, and it's fight club time. To fuel the festivities, we hear there will be beer and treats also -- let me tell you, if you've never gotten drunk in game, taken off all of your clothes and weapons, and gotten in the ring with just your fists, you're missing out.

Seems like it's always the Moon Guard folks holding all of these fun player-run events, seems like. If you're running an event or you know about one going down on your server, feel free to drop us a tip, and let us know also if you make it to these things. We're always interested in seeing pictures or videos of player-made events going down. And good luck to the fighters on Moon Guard Thursday night, because you know what they say: If this is your first time to bare naked boxing, you have to get naked and box.

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WoW Moviewatch: Run all the way Gnome

The date on the video says 8/13/08, but we suspect it's actually meant to be September 13th, as that's when, this past weekend, did that Gnome race for a few beta keys. And this is a fun documentation of it -- the Gnomes all run from the front steps of Ironforge all the way down south to the Dark Portal, with a little fun bit at the beginning using real marathon audio.

Big player-run events like this are always a good time. We wonder if there's some way Blizzard could actually support this stuff with an ingame UI feature -- maybe show distance run or time traveled with an option? But even if they don't, players are creative enough to come up with all kinds of strange fun to have in Azeroth. Whether it's fun races like these or Gurubashi Arena challenges, one of the best things about a social game like this is all of the games players come up with on their own.

If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

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Monkey Island on EU Aggramar this Saturday

Here's a fun event for the EU folks (as opposed to all the action on Steamwheedle) -- this Saturday, September 13th, on EU Aggramar, a guild called Deeprun Pest Control (funny) is holding an event called Monkey Island. They're all meeting up in Stranglethorn, and holding an Arena battle, putting on a costume contest, doing a little treasure hunting, and just having what sounds like a good old time.

We have to say -- the trailer is awesome. It makes Stranglethorn Vale look like a place we want to visit again, and that's saying something. Everything kicks off around 2:45 server time, and while most of the events will be for the Alliance, we're told that there will be Horde translaters available. Always awesome to see really well coordinated player events -- if you're able to jump on the Aggramar realm this Saturday, do check it out (and be sure to tell us how it went).

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Zandalari on Moon Guard hosting a Story Circle tonight

Here's another player-run RP event that looks like a lot of fun -- the Zandalari, a 'tribe' (read: guild) on the Moon Guard server apparently hosts a weekly "story circle," in which they sit around and tell stories of all kinds. As usual, I remain not so into RP, but I am very much into storytelling and fun player-run events, and this evening sounds like a good time, especially if you just sit and listen (or read, as the case may be).

If you'd like to go, it'll be at the Grom'gol base camp in Stranglethorn (so it's Horde only, but you can roll an alt and fly from Orgrimmar) over on Moon Guard this evening (and every Thursday) at 8pm server. And I'm sure I don't have to say this, but if you do go, be sure to be respectful, or they'll definitely whip out the ignore stick on you, or worse -- it's an RP server, so no monkey business.

And be sure to take lots of pics and send them to us if you like -- we always love hearing about creative player-run events on the servers.

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Sleeper Cartel holds their Summer party (and Horde Diplomacy)

Those wacky folks of the Sleeper Cartel guild (on Perenolde) emailed to let us know they are having their annual summer party this coming weekend, July 26th at 7pm server time, and it looks to be a hootenanny. They'll have player-run quests, trivia contests, and scavenger hunts, there'll be a snowball fight and fireworks aplenty, and they're even planning to give away an honest-to-goodness epic. If you're a fan of player-run events, this is the Super Bowl -- as you can see from their last party, they do it up right. Roll Alliance and show up in Perenolde on Saturday if you want in on the fun.

And here's another player-run party: on July 27th, a couple of Hordies on Steamwheedle are planning a "Tribune of the Horde" RP event -- apparently they think the Horde needs leaders, and Thrall and the rest of the gang aren't cutting it. (see Update) So they're having a Horde meetup in ZG to talk things out -- one Horde member of each race has been chosen as diplomat, and diplomats will give their own speeches, while those in attendance will be able to ask questions and speak their mind as well.

Sounds interesting -- we always love hearing about (and hopefully attending) events like this. If you're putting one on, feel free to tip us about it, and if you go, take lots of screenshots and send them back to us so we can see what players are up to in the realms.

Update: I never did understand RP -- the people running the Horde event emailed us to say that they're not looking to replace Thrall at all. Instead, they're convening a Tribune of the various Horde races to voice their concerns and working up a scroll to take to the Warchief himself -- they're working in complete concert with the current Horde, they just want to make sure the voices of the little people (and trolls, and Undead, and so on) are heard. Our apologies for the misunderstanding, especially for the suggestion that anyone was trying to take over from Thrall. For the Horde!

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77,000 goblins killed? Party time!

We really love these player-run parties (how did that AzerothCross go the other week, anyway?), so here's another one for you this weekend. This time around, your host is Kernhoof on Silver Hand (finally, the US realms get their own event), who wants to celebrate his unthinkable accomplishment-- not only did he grind up Bloodsail rep to Honored, but he then went back and killed tons of Venture Co. goblins to bring his Steamwheedle Cartel rep back to neutral. So now he can wear the Bloodsail hat with pride, and walk around Booty Bay without getting stomped on by the bruisers. Awesome.

Sounds like cause for celebration to me. The party kicks off this Sunday, October 28th on Silver Hand at 1pm server in Booty Bay, and since the guards there aren't going to be drunk or anything (like they are on New Year's Eve), it probably won't turn into a bloodbath. Probably. But even if it does, should be a good time no matter what-- sounds like Kernhoof has even invited a few GMs to show up. As always, if you go and check it out, make sure to send us your screenshots!

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AzerothCross hits EU Doomhammer on Saturday

Those crazy Europeans and their in-game events! Last time they were partying with a Naked Troll (and I heard that was extremely popular and crazy), and this weekend they're at it again-- a guild on EU Doomhammer named Malfunction is hosting the AzerothCross, a running/boating/flying naked race from Hammerfall to Orgrimmar. It's going to be tough, too-- they're planning on running under Blackrock Mountain and by Stormwind, and PvP flags must be on for the entire thing.

Hope it goes well-- I heard the Gutrot party made the server do a few flips, so hopefully they'll take it a little easier this time. Then again, they're offering 500 gold as a prize, so odds are the thing will be packed.

The event starts up at 15:30 server time on October 13 (this Saturday). As always, if you go, take lots of pictures, and feel free to post them online and send us the URL. Always cool to see gigantic player-run events like this in game-- if only Blizzard's servers felt the same way.

[ via IncGamers ]

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