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Reminder: Vote for your favorite plushie photo

Have you voted in the Plushie Photo Contest yet? Today is the last day to choose your favorite Plushie in the Wild and Plushie in Captivity. As of this writing, Muzz is currently in the lead in the Captivity contest and it's neck and neck between Jowell and Thatshot in the Wild contest. Time is running out for you to affect the outcome. Vote now in the polls after the break.

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Photo Contest reminder: Show us your plushies

The Spawn got her Wind Rider Cub on Friday and it has since been slept with, rained on and taken for a ride with Barbie. His name is now Lionel and he has become good friends with Murky the Murloc. Together they embark on great adventures and battle the nefarious deeds of the Darth Vader Happy Meal toy. (Don't get me started on the fact that McDonalds believes that Star Wars is for boys and iCarly is for girls. Seriously.)

Have you shown us your plushies yet? We have some really great entries already, but yours could be even better. You have until midnight, March 10th to send us your photos of your Plushie in the Wild and/or Plushie in Captivity. has generously provided the loot codes for the prizes.

All of the contest details are after the break.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Wind Rider Cub

Lolegolas the Gnomekiller lounged next to the lumber mill in Arathi Basin. His sinewed arms lovingly stroked his bow. As he traced the intricately decorated shaft, Lolegolas reflected on his good fortune in possessing such a wonderful weapon. The Njordnar Bone Bow was a tool for the clever Sindorei, a proud weapon earned in proud combat.

The blood elf snapped to attention as two Alliance dogs approached the Horde's lumber mill. A mage and a druid. Acting quickly, Lolegolas summoned the ancient wisdom of elder
hunters and dropped to the ground. With a fake, plaintive cry, he played dead.

The Alliance bought the ruse! Quickly taking advantage of this opportunity, Lolegolas leaped from the ground, his golden hair floating in the air like a Maybelline commercial. With unmatched skill and unparalleled daring, the hunter summoned the Beast Within and killed the Alliance
mage in one shot. The druid -- a female Night Elf -- turned to stare at Lolegolas, her blue eyes flashing in rage and anger. She raised her hands to cast a vile, heathen spell, no doubt its power oozing from the reprehensible Elune. Lolegolas cursed as he felt his entire body suddenly become rigid and hard. He was trapped!

druid took a few steps to our hero, her face split in a feral snarl. Then, suddenly, a miniscule growl came from the ground behind the druid. She turned to look behind her, her face broke into a huge smile. A tiny wind rider cub sat on the ground, occasionally standing to wiggle its butt as if it would playfully leap at the Night Elf.

"Oh my god, you guys!" she yelled. "Look how cute!"

Lolegolas summoned the last vestiges of his will. "Percy," he said, forcing the words over his lips with great concentration. "

The wind rider cub attacked the Alliance druid without mercy. To this day, Lolegolas still wakes late at night, shuddering from the nightmare memory. They're small, he thinks to himself. But fierce.

The wind rider cub and gryphon hatchling plushies are hitting the ground all over the world, and worming their way into the hearts of WoW fans both in-game and out-of-game. Of course, the plushies come with what might be the coolest loot in the game: a new vanity pet to ride at your side. The wind rider cub probably won't actually kill enemy druids on your behalf. But I really like to pretend that my little buddy is a fierce warrior waiting to be let off its chain, so that it can tear into the Alliance with heretofore unseen violence.

Don't forget our Plushie Photo Contest ends on March 10th. Take some time over the weekend to get a great pictures of your plushie and see if you can't win your friend a prize!

Name: Wind Rider Cub
Type: Pet
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
How to get it: Buy a Wind Rider Cub from the Blizzard store!
How to get rid of it: It becomes a spell, there is no item to sell or delete. And if you have tried to do so, you are a cold, heartless person.

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Plushie Photo Contest: Show us your plushies

So you hopped into the Blizzard Store and ordered yourself a plushie or two. Or maybe you picked up one from BlizzCon. Regardless, there you are, with at least one official Blizzard stuffed toy. Whether you collect them for yourself or have a child for whom you say that you bought them, you have one or more in your home... but now what? Does he sit on your desk? Does he sit on your lap? Is he used to recreate famous in-game battles? And the most important question of all: have you taken pictures of it?

We here at want to see your best plushie photos. There will be two categories: Plushies in The Wild and Plushies in Captivity. We will narrow down the best of both categories and offer them up to the readers for voting. The top three of each category will receive loot codes, provided by

Details are after the break.

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World of WarCrafts: Digital art, pipe cleaners, Thrall plushie and more

World of WarCrafts spotlights art and creativity by WoW players, including fan art, cooking, comics, cosplay, music and fan fiction. Show us how you express yourself; contact our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts) with your not-for-profit, WoW-inspired creations.

It's another week of catch-up this week, as we pull out the older submissions we didn't have the opportunity to feature in 2009. First up: digital art of Illidan Stormrage, a school project from l1onh3art of DeviantArt. We were completely taken in by the realism -- we thought it was a sculpture at first, too -- but the work is actually done with a digital tool called ZBrush. We can safely say that while this may not be an actual bust, it's definitely no "bust" when it comes to creativity!

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Breakfast Topic: Here, plushie plushie plushie...

My wife and daughter love their Murky and Kwurky murloc plush dolls that I got for them during last year's BlizzCon. In hindsight, I really should've gotten a Lurky plush for myself. I mean, you gotta admit, those suckers are cute! Blizzard apparently knows it, too, and they're about to release two new plushies soon with the added bonus of including a code for an in-game pet! Those wyvern cub and gryphon hatchling models have been in the game files for a while now, but we've only just found out about where to get them.

Blizzard has already hinted at this kind of merchandising, noting when the Blizzard pet store was announced that plushies with codes for in-game pets would be introduced soon. I'm likely to pick up a plush wyvern or two to join our murloc brood, and I'll get the added bonus of getting an in-game pet for myself (take that, Lurky!). Do you plan to pick up a plushie, either for its real or pixel cuteness? Which one interests you? It's highly likely that Blizzard will introduce more plushies in the future -- what other stuff do you think they'll come up with? Plush Deathwing, maybe? A plushie Yogg Saron might not sell too well, I think. Future plushies should expectedly have equivalent in-game pets, so the possibilities are pretty exciting...
Are you getting one of the new plushies from the Blizzard store?
Yes, I plan to get the Wyvern Cub952 (15.7%)
Yes, I plan to get the Gryphon Hatchling660 (10.9%)
Yes, I plan to get both the Wyvern and the Gryphon2040 (33.6%)
No, I'm not interested in either plushie2412 (39.8%)

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World of WarCrafts: Masks for BlizzCon, plus favorite WarCrafts

World of WarCrafts spotlights art and creativity by WoW players, including fan art, cooking, comics, cosplay, music and fan fiction. Show us how you express yourself by contacting our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts) -- not-for-profit work only, please.

Don't have enough time left to assemble a costume for the BlizzCon costume contest (or maybe it was the fierce competition that Feared you off)? We see you poking around over there for ideas that allow you to dip into the spirit of things -- you know, something that doesn't require blue makeup, showing your belly button or spending the next 72 hours with pins, glue and an X-acto knife at the kitchen table ...

Dear cosplay casual, we have your backs (or in this case, your fronts): a mask of one of the new races to be announced at BlizzCon, from Shelbi of The Bronze Kettle. Shelbi (a World of WarCrafts alum and former columnist, herself) dropped us a line to let us know that she's posted a how-to for masking yourself as one of the races of the moment [Spoilers]. This one's as quick, easy and good-looking as they come, so click over to Shelbi's complete instructions and face up to this heady way to look like one of the in crowd at BlizzCon.

After the break, we'll include a spoilerific picture of the front of the new masks (SPOILER ALERT: don't click onward if you don't want to see which race the gorgeous sample represents!), plus we'll announce the World of WarCrafts crafters who've been selected for an upcoming geek crafts book from Chronicle Books.

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World of WarCrafts: Who can resist a Murbean?

World of WarCrafts spotlights art and creativity by WoW players and fans, including fan art, cooking, comics, cosplay, music, fan fiction – and yes, (War)crafts. Share your stuff by tipping us off via our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts).

World of WarCrafts has been gathering up tips and news on creative endeavors from players in all sorts of media. For a sun-drenched holiday weekend, though, we couldn't think of anything better than everyone's favorite: a Murbean. These cuties come courtesy of Amythys of Sisters of Elune.

"I've been making these little plush Murlocs for a while now (I call them Murbeans), mostly for my own amusement, but two have gone to friends as well," Amythys wrote. "Since I photographed them recently for my new guild's amusement, I wanted to share them here too."

One more shot of the little guys after the fold.

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Plush Moonkin by Serthida of Bloodhoof

Put another entry into the catalog of cute WoW-related dolls, because this plush Moonkin, made by Serthida of Bloodhoof, definitely fits the bill. Unfortunately, Blizzard has only ever released a Murloc plush, but that didn't stop Serthida from putting this together. It looks amazing. She even wanted to put a voicebox in there that made the moonkin hoot when squeezed, but we're guessing she doesn't want to buy a whole case of them from China. She does, however, have mats (see what we did there?) for a second Alliance version -- she says as soon as she can figure out the antlers, she'll get it started.

This one is just her personal project, so it's not for sale at all, and once again, we're guessing it's too much work for her to mass produce anyway. But since the Murloc toy was one of the best-selling items at BlizzCon last year, maybe we'll soon see some more official plush product for sale.

Thanks, Xascha!

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Winter crafts that will really WoW

The holiday season spawns many things. It can create excitement, anxiety, or shock that the big day's almost here. For some, it can manifest a sense of creativity that makes for really awesome gifts. There's a couple particularly cool items out there today, and your intrepid reporters at WoW Insider wants to make sure you get to see it all.

If your knitted Boomkin could use a friend, Alice at the Wonderland blog found the Voidwalker plushy on Etsy. The little guy is a bit under a foot and a half tall, which makes him the perfect height for huggin' and squeezin' by a fireplace. His eyes glow in the dark to scare away any night critters that might need scaring away. Unfortunately, it looks like Glowgoyle is sold out for right now, but we can hope there will be restock in the future.

BriarFox on the Livejournal knitting community created his very own Quest Giver Stocking Cap. It has the pictured exclamation point on one side, and a yellow question mark on the other. He used a "stella's hat" pattern, and modified the stitch to allow for the emblazoned symbols. He's not selling them, sadly, but maybe we can cruise around and find a commision. If you want a quest-giving substitute for your yard, you can check out the WoW-themed garden art Shelbi found Feral Glass last week.

Okay, I admit. I'm shallow and wish I could have both under the tree.

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World of WarCrafts: Voidwalker plush

Every Thursday, Shelbi Roach of The Bronze Kettle guides you in creating WoW-inspired crafts using real world mats with World of WarCrafts.

This week, instead of showing you how to make something, I want to focus on something that someone else has created.

My main is a human warlock (yeah, Alliance here) and as such I have a soft spot for all things blueberry. So when I happened across this über cute plush voidwalker by seller Glowgoyle on Etsy, I instantly fell in love. I happened to forward the link to my husband who later surprised me with it as a gift.

Now it sits proudly on my desk amongst my other toys and assorted WoWCrafts. The plushie itself is very well-made and is about 15 inches tall. The crafter was awesome enough to include a stand and the final coup de grâce is that the eyes glow in the dark.

There's a possibility that Glowgoyle might make more in the future so definitely keep an eye on her Etsy shop.

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LFG sells a Richard plushie, Resto4Life sells t-shirts

The Richard character on the WoW comic LFG seems to be pretty divisive -- either you want to rip his guts out, or you just can't love the guy enough. For both of you, there's good news: the folks behind the comic have released a plushie of the character, so either you can pick it up and torture it for being such a violent jerk (ah, the irony), or you can love and cuddle the maniac as your own. The item is in pre-order right now, and will supposedly ship in November of this year.

And speaking of things you can cuddle, Resto4Life has some sharp new T-shirts in the mix -- they're rocking a Druid "Waffles" design, and the cheetah-skinned "Warsong Flag Carrier" (man I hate those sneaky Druids in WSG), but the best is the "Doncha wish your boyfriend cast 'hots' like me" shirt -- I don't know any boyfriends that would actually wear it, but it made me chuckle. Awesome to see these great fansites hopping with cool swag.

Update: Not to be outdown, our own BigBearButt blogger also has some nice Druid wearables for sale. Don't miss the trucker hat -- perfect for showing off your feral side.

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Own your own talking Murloc plushie this September

It seems like Murlocs are the monster that everyone loves to hate. Almost everyone has a story of that one horrible Murloc battle that ended up in in tears and multiple corpse runs. Seriously, the nerve of some NPCs, actually grabbing their friends for the fight! The next thing you know, they'll be attacking the one in the dress instead of the heavily armored tank!

But seriously, for all our hatred, we probably couldn't imagine our WoW careers without Murlocs. They're a fun, distinct, and different race, and aside from the cold slimy fish thing, they might almost be sort of cuddly. That Nerglish language is a lot of fun too. In that vein, wouldn't you sort of like a Murloc pet? is advertising a talking Murloc plush pet that should fulfill most of your Murloc loving needs. To be released on September 30th, it will cost £24.99 via their site (Which is about $49.50), and say multiple phrases in Nerglish. Multiple phrases? How many ways can you say "mrrgrglgrglgrgl," anyway?

Anyhow, it looks pretty cool, and I'm sure it'll be destined to be a pretty hot selling item. Now we just need a Naga Siren plushie to keep it in line...

[Thanks for the tip, Grimmy!]

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