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WoW Insider Show Episode 120: Dungeon Findorama

The WoW Insider Show went on the air last weekend, and despite the fact that we started out down two voices, the discussion was fast and furious, as we all had plenty to say about patch 3.3 and specifically the Dungeon Finder system. Adam Holisky, Turpster, and I started off the show, and then Matthew Rossi muscled his way in (as only someone of his stature can do) to join us in discussion on finding dungeons, Authenticators and the Corehound Pups, and since Rossi made it, we had to talk some shaman and warriors as well.

Bad news, all: we didn't win the podcast award we were up for (congrats to the 4Player Podcast, who won the award and are now our sworn enemies -- we're igniting the rivalry!). But as we say on this show, we'll still be doing the bedtime story for you all anyway, just because you're so great. And yes, above is the check I'm mailing to Turpster for guessing the patch 3.3 release date correctly -- don't let it ever be said that we here at aren't men of our word.

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Listen to the WoW Insider Show this afternoon

Bored on a Fall afternoon? Wondering what to do with your time until Icecrown comes out? Worry not -- our podcast will cure all ails!* We're back on the virtual airwaves this afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern as usual, talking about the most popular stories in the last week of Warcraft, from the new guild leveling details in Cataclysm, to the Las Vegas Convention Center's BlizzCon listing, stopping somewhere along the way at what's new on the patch 3.3 PTR. Eddie "Brigwyn" Carrington, Adam Holisky, Turpster, and I will be your hosts for the combination of nonsense, news, and insight we call the WoW Insider Show.

And oh yeah, since I might forget to talk about it on the show today, apparently we've been nominated for a Podcast Award! This is a prestigious honor that we obtained by... um, you listeners voting for us, so thanks for that! And now we need you to vote again -- you can do so every day up until November 30th. If we win -- well, listen in on the show. If I remember, we'll talk about what might happen if, hope against hope, we actually win something.

*Podcast will not cure any ails, except boredom. And even then, only for about 45 minutes, or maybe an hour at most, if you think Mike is funny.

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