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Warlords of Draenor Alpha: Transmog changes

On live servers you can't transmog polearms over swords, axes or maces (and vice versa), but on the Alpha it's a totally different story, as you can see in the header image above. No idea if this is an intended change or not (I hope it is) but it's certainly a welcome one for those of us who happen to carry a Hellreaver in our bags.

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Strength polearms are here, Warrior dual wielding is "on the list"

The disappearance of strength polearms has been much lamented over the course of the past year, with not just one, but two questions in The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column, asking whether they will ever return. Ghostcrawler recently answered that question:

A light at the end of the tunnel appears! The problem with polearms, for those who weren't aware, is that they have a different animation to other two-handed weapons. Their set of animations includes a sort of poking motion, as well as the usual swinging and overhead smashing. This is the reason why they can't be transmogrified into other two-handed weapons when transmog restrictions are relaxed with patch 5.2.

This different animation issue also rears its ugly head when it comes to Titan's Grip -- the fury warrior dual-wield ability. There is no dual-wield animation for polearms, so warriors currently can't dual-wield them. This has likely been what's preventing Blizzard using them as end-game weapons, but Ghostcrawler's tweet heralds their return. There is already a strength polearm in the patch 5.2 loot table, as the tweeter says, so hopefully Blizzard will sort a fix for the dual-wield issue sooner rather than later.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Marrowstrike

Here's something for you Hunters to go after in the 5-man Trial this weekend.

Name: Marrowstrike (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory)
Type: Epic Polearm
Damage/Speed: 570-856 / 3.50 (212.3 DPS)
  • +106 Agility, +101 Stamina
  • Yellow socket (nice for +Hit gems, though you can put whatever you want in there) with a +4 Agility socket bonus

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Phat Loot Phriday: Glaive of the Pit

So I was thinking about what to do for Phat Loot this week, and it occurred to me that we've never done a Polearm. The reason is probably because most polearms suck (they tend to be faster than most 2hands, and what you really want with a 2hander is high damage and slow speed), but if you really want a polearm, this one's not bad. I kind of wanted to do Vendorstrike, because I think it's a cool idea, but I know none of you hardcore guys would let me get away with calling it "phat."

Name: Glaive of the Pit
Type: Epic Two-Hand Polearm
Damage / Speed: 330-497 / 3.70 (111.6 DPS)
  • Three red sockets, with a socket bonus of +4 crit rating
  • Chance on hit: steals 238 to 262 life from enemy (although the word on this proc is that it doesn't happen that often)
  • It's a polearm, so chances are no one will really want it (hey, at least I got to post that picture, right?). If you're a Mortal Strike warrior who doesn't yet have an epic weapon (which isn't very likely, considering where this comes from), or you just really, really, really want to wield a polearm sometimes, it might be the phat loot for you. Just throw some gems in it, and then wait a bit, because something better will come along pretty quickly.
How to Get It: Then again, there's lots of item tweaking going on, so maybe things will change-- who knows? Anyway, this is a drop from Magtheridon, one of the first 25 man raids in Outland. If you've ever run the Blood Furnace, and looked down through the grate after you've killed the final boss, you'll see Mag (he's also the voice yelling throughout the instance). Mag, of course, is a Pit Lord, hence the name.

Drop him and hope for about an 8% chance, and this baby will drop. And hey, think about it this way-- if you really want it, you'll probably get it. Because no one else does.

Getting Rid of It: I feel so bad for polearms now. I guess The Eye of Nerub isn't so bad for hunters at 60, but I can't seem to find a really amazing polearm. I guess the arena polearm isn't too bad. Anyway, the Glaive will give you 14g 58s and 33c from vendors, and will disenchant into a Void Crystal.

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