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Deathwing sculpture in progress

Ever since Blizzard first revealed Deathwing to us back at BlizzCon, that image of the dragon and that jaw has stuck in my head -- dragons are always dangerous (you know what happens when you meddle in their affairs), but Deathwing is a dragon in his own class. And apparently that picture also stuck in artist Kymba's head, too, because she's been working on (and documenting on Livejournal) an awesome sculpture of the beast himself.

Obviously it's a work in progress, but Kymba has been doing a really thorough job covering just what she's doing with Sculpey (a brand of polymer clay). You can follow her own accounts on her Livejournal page (start over here), or check out the gallery below, in which we've compiled all of the pictures of the process so far. The jaw was made separately, and from what I can tell (I've never sculpted in my life), she used aluminum foil baked into the clay wrapped around a sturdier core. The whole thing looks great so far -- we can't wait to see what the finished product looks like.

Stay tuned -- you'll probably see it all done in a future World of Warcrafts post.

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A gift for the main tank dearest to you

Players prove time and time again that WoW is an outlet for creativity in addition to being a game we all love. We have a number of columns here on WoW Insider that put that on display each and every week, and we get a number of submissions from readers that reinforce it.

Reader Sashimikitty, member of Crypt Friends, has sent us a couple of pictures of a neat little craft she made as a gift. The Bulwark of Azzinoth is, in my opinion, the absolute coolest looking shield in the game, and the Crypt Friends main tank is now quite prepared if Illidan happens to knock on his door IRL. Assuming, of course, Shield Block isn't on cooldown for Shear. Sashimikitty sent us both a shot of the front and the back of the miniature Bulwark, which is made of a polymer clay.

If they made Christmas Tree ornaments like this during the holidays, I would buy ten.

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