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Traveling in patch 3.1

Patch 3.1 will be changing how we all get around. Travel is usually a bit of a touchy subject, but there are some huge improvements on the way.

If you love Kirin'Tor bling, you'll be happy to note that their transportation rings are getting an upgrade. Should you purchase one, you get a free teleport to Dalaran once every hour.

The Hearthstone that you've carried with you since you day one, unless you deleted it and had to bribe an Innkeeper for a new one, is changing radically. The cooldown is being reduced from one hour to half an hour. This was done partially to appease the whining over nerf to ghetto hearthing.

Ghetto Hearthing is/was the process of dropping your group while in a dungeon and waiting one minute for a free hearth, provided your hearthstone was on a cooldown. In 3.1, you will no longer be able to do this. Fortunately, you can still use the method to get yourself out of a dungeon.

Ghetto hearthing will be less of a hearth and more of a shifting of your virtual person to the nearest graveyard, alive and well. This will stop people from doing things like entering Ragefire Chasm while grouped, dropping, and getting a free hearth.

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Hackers get AppleTV running WoW

Reader Randomdruid sent along this tip that might interest you if you've picked up Apple's new AppleTV set-top box (I'm too busy working on Sha'tar rep to watch TV, but our good friends at Engadget and TUAW have been doing almost nothing but since the thing came out). Apparently, hackers have already gotten WoW up and running on it.

It's not too big a deal, since I'm pretty sure the box is running a specialized version of OS X anyway, and of course WoW runs on that. The guys at Tutorial Ninja have worked up detailed instructions on how to get any number of applications working on the AppleTV (including Firefox and Centerstage, the open source Mac media center). Scroll down to the middle of the page there, and on the list of "confirmed working apps," you'll find World of Warcraft.

But there is one catch: it looks like pretty much everything has to be installed onto the hard drive by plugging it into another computer. So not only will you have to crack open your pretty new AppleTV, but odds are that you'll have to somehow run WoW from a text interface. And I don't know how you'd actually play it even if it is running-- one of TN's goals is to "get USB working so people can play WoW comfortably." So it's not as easy as throwing the WoW disc in and jumping into Azeroth.

Of course, if you're someone with the time and talent to do all this, you're probably not playing WoW anyway. But if you've got an AppleTV and are already cracking it open to put all the other cool stuff on it, it's good to know that you have the option to get WoW running on your TV screen. Now all we have to figure out is how to get WoW on the iPhone...

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