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Alterac Valley practical jokes

I am writing this while I wait for my Deserter debuff to wear off. No, I didn't exit a Battleground because it was going badly (I don't do that). No, I didn't have to leave because my daughter needed me (she's fine). I have the debuff because I am absurdly gullible. Yes, I just fell for the latest Alterac Valley practical joke and I'm pretty angry at myself about it.

Orange is the emote color. I know this. Yet, I still fell for it when someone emoted that I had been reported for AFK and to type /AFK Report to find out why. I couldn't believe someone would have reported me for being AFK before the game even started! (Can you even do that?) And so I immediately typed /AFK report, hit enter and got slapped in the face with the loading screen. My husband tried to stop me, but he was too late. So now he's snickering. I feel so stupid.

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