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Breakfast Topic: LFG Chillmanders, PST to guildmate

I don't think that I've been in a single guild that didn't enjoy pranks. In vanilla days, we had that one mage, the one who made a warlock summoning macro. In the middle of trying to summon people to Molten Core, he'd pipe up with "Now summoning %t, please click the portal!" Approximately 6 seconds later, guild chat would invariably flood with obscenities spewed by the unfortunate 7 to 10 people who were now located in Thunder Bluff and the warlocks who now had to spend even more shards summoning all those players back again. Or that one rogue who, upon Onyxia's demise, decided to do a victory dance -- in the whelp pit. While loot was being handed out.

Later on, I joined a different guild with different pranks -- most of them revolved around the fact that a good chunk of the guild was a bunch of guys that lived together or near each other. These guys all had each other's account information -- yes, it was a bad idea. No, you should never, ever share your account information with anyone; it's not only a security issue, it's against the ToS. However, there is also another reason you shouldn't share account information that was beautifully illustrated by the guild. See, we often grouped together to raid Zul'Gurub, AQ20 or AQ40 -- and if we were short a tank, one of the guys would log on his buddy the tank's account and tank the raid for us. That's pretty much why they were sharing accounts, so that we would have fill-in options if someone couldn't show for a raid.

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