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Breakfast Topic: A pair of purple pixels, brah!

I have no idea what that phrase means, really. But I figure it's referring to some shiny new epics. This brings back memories. Do you remember your first epic? Back then -- well, even now come to think about it -- my friends had better luck at those epic drops than I did. My brother-in-law got a pair of BoE epics in one day while farming turtles in Tanaris. My first epic drop didn't come until much later, while grinding reputation on the Netherwing Ledge. But the first epic that I ever equipped came as a gift from my wife, a Precisely Calibrated Boomstick that she had bought for 100 Gold.

Back then, 100 Gold was a lot of money. Fast forward to today, where 100 Gold is nothing more than chump change. Things haven't changed much, though. That very same brother-in-law picked up a Super Simian Sphere and Je'tze's Bell while farming Nascent Valkyrs in Storm Peaks while my wife recently gave me a Nobles Deck which she had bought for... a lot more than 100 Gold. What about you guys? What was your first pair of purple pixels? Something from Molten Core, maybe? Or that rare axe from the tribute run in Dire Maul? If you can't remember what your first epic was, how about the most recent one?

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Phat Loot Phriday: Precisely Calibrated Boomstick

Last week we did a high end raiding item, so this week we only do a piece of husky loot, but it's still pretty impressive. Why? It's the fastest gun in Azeroth, east or west. This... is my boomstick!

Name: Precisely Calibrated Boomstick
Type: Epic Gun
Damage/Speed: 48-56 / 1.50 (34.7 DPS)
  • +14 Agility
  • Ok you primitive screwheads, listen up! As far as I can tell (and it seems like whenever I make a blanket statement like this, our commenters always prove me wrong), this is the fastest non-magical projectile (not thrown) ranged weapon in the game.
  • There's good news and bad news on that one. The good news is that for hunters, firing this fast will mean that any abilities that proc (Improved Aspect of the Hawk, Go for the Throat) will do it more often. You'll also get more crits, which is always nice, and some twink PvP hunters say this can actually keep casters from casting-- it hits so fast that their casting bar slows way down.
  • But unfortunately, speed isn't everything-- as fast as this gun is, lots of hunters would rather have a slower gun that does more damage per hit. Not to mention that all this firing spends your ammo like it's going out of style-- more bangs means more money for new ammo. For BM hunters who autoshot a lot, this gun is nice at the level, but for most other hunters, it's probably not worth the time unless it falls into your lap.
  • Rogues could also use it-- the agility in the ranged weapon slot is nice for the level. But anyone who takes it around 45 or so will probably be passing it up for something better within a few levels anyway. But that's how it is with lowbie weapons-- first you want to kiss them, then you want to kill them. Blow.
How to Get It: It's a world drop, which means it could drop from almost anywhere in the world. So either you'll just get really lucky and have it fall into your lap while leveling or grinding, or you'll have to pick it up from the AH-- like other world epics, it is Bind on Equip. It's gone for hundreds of gold in the past, but even though I haven't priced it lately, I wouldn't imagine it being near that high these days-- 200g at the absolute most, and probably under 100g on most servers. You could probably get it cheaper, but only if you shop smart-- S-mart.

Getting Rid of It: If you had it drop and don't need it, sell that sucker on the AH! Otherwise, a vendor will give you 2g 45s 40c for it, or it'll DE into a Large Radiant Shard. Hail to the king, baby. Gimme some sugar.

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