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Breakfast Topic: What's the best WoW-themed gift you've given or received?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Several of us in my family play World of Warcraft. On birthdays and holidays, it's never a surprise. What could possibly be in that lightweight, rectangular-shaped package? Why, it's a time card! Huzzah! It's become somewhat of a joke at this point, as we trade time cards back and forth. I'm not sure who's ahead at this point.

Occasionally we step it up a bit, and somebody gets a hoodie or a T-shirt (and thank goodness I haven't received any underwear yet). We've bequeathed Celestial Steeds and Lil' K.T.s to each other. One year, I got pretty creative (for me) and made a "treasure chest" for my brother. I included a time card (big surprise), beef jerky, Mana Potion energy drink and some cash. He tells me that he still has the chest and now uses it as a bank to store spare change in.

Do you pass around WoW-themed presents in your family? Have you received any particularly memorable ones over the years? Have you given any that left you feeling strangely satisfied with yourself? Where do you find the best gifts? Do you scour the online stores and Blizzard's website, or do you have a creative streak and make them yourself?

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Breakfast topic: Wrath info poll

Most of the news coming up from Blizzard has focused on Wrath of the Lich King. We've been working to cover the most up-to-date information on the expansion while staying on top of current events in the existing game. I am excited for Wrath, but I'm taking my time to enjoy the now until it comes out. There are still plenty of interesting non-Wrath-related things going on.

It can be a tough balance between sharing new mechanics and presenting spoilers. We've added features to the site like Ask a Beta Tester and Lichborne, which can be readily ignored if you're not up for spoilers. We've had some requests to slow down on the Wrath news, but many many more to keep it up. How much information do you want before the xpac is released? Take our little poll and let us know where you stand.

I want to know:
The release date, nothing more3442 (47.6%)
All about the Death Knight class341 (4.7%)
Map out the zones but leave some surprises526 (7.3%)
Absolutely everything, spill it already2431 (33.6%)
Doesn't matter, I'm in the beta226 (3.1%)
Not much, Wrath of the Lich King doesn't thrill me267 (3.7%)

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All the World's a Stage: The past, present and future of roleplaying

All the World's a Stage is a roleplaying column for thoughtful minds, published on Sunday evenings.

"David and his ilk are the last of a dying species!" cry out the Scrooges of WoW, "soon the creature 'Homo Sapiens Theatricalus,' more commonly known as a 'WoW Roleplayer' will go the way of the dodo, only to be spoken of in the annals of gaming history! Roleplaying is dead! Long live cynicism!"

Thus you may have heard -- but fear not: these rumors of roleplaying's demise have been greatly exaggerated. They're just reflections of a negative attitude on the part of people who don't really know what roleplaying is all about. Yet many roleplayers still get genuinely frustrated these days. "Things used to be so much better," they can be heard to say, "Back in the day, RP servers were just full of people roleplaying with everyone else... but now... <sigh>... it's just not the same." Indeed, Blizzard originally set up special realms specifically for roleplaying with their own special rules of conduct, and in the beginning these same roleplayers used to stand up for themselves when they saw others ignoring the rules that made their environment so special.

But then the WoW population doubled, tripled, and again quadrupled. It's been good for Blizzard's business, but not so good for the RP community, who thrived on their tight-knit system of knowledge and interaction. Nowadays, some players who might hope to give roleplaying a try start a character on an RP server only to find that no one seems to be roleplaying there. "Where did all the roleplayers go?" they ask. "What ever happened to those roleplaying rules? And how can I find people to roleplay with now?"

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