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Insider Trader: Patch 3.2 keeps getting better

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

I love it when a content patch includes some professions love. As the details keep surfacing, patch 3.2 is looking better than ever.

In fact, with the upcoming patch, Engineers will finally be able to drop their Gnomish and/or Goblin specialties ("for a fee")! This has been one of those issues, like ugly and buggy cat forms, that has dragged on and on.

The materials for Jeeves have also been updated (get the schematic!). If you're wondering just what you should be saving, hop on through the break for that and other patch 3.2 news!

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Playing the AH on Patch Day

Richard and Paul are both way smarter (and by consequence, way more rich) than I am. They thought ahead, took notes on all the ingredients for the brand new recipes in 2.2, and had all the supplies sitting at high prices on the AH yesterday, ready to be sold to anyone who didn't want to wait to make the new items. Beautiful. I'm jealous-- wish I'd thought of it first.

Soulcloth is the big winner, it seems-- it requires Netherweave (which pretty much everyone has), and tons of Soul Essences, which basically drop like candy in Karazhan. If I recall correctly, Soul Essences have sold ok but not great in the past (at least on my server), and they probably still won't sell well, once everyone's made everything they want. But for the next few days, while everyone's learning the new recipes, you'd probably do well to clean out your Soul Essence inventory.

Primal Shadow and Primal Air are also doing well from the patch, but since those are Primals, they're fairly rare anyway-- if they were really everywhere (like, say, they dropped off of every demon in the world), Blizzard would change things. But over the next few days (and probably every few days after a big set of crafting changes, so keep an eye out for 2.3 profession news), there's lots of money to be made.

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Get rich quick in Outland

And I do mean quick, because these prices likely won't stay this way for long. MBAzeroth points to a forum guide written up by Fanfan on the Mal'Ganis realm forums (that link, strangely enough, doesn't work-- did Blizzard take it down or move the thread somewhere else?) which he says netted him a shiny 1,000g in just two hours.

All of it relies on the Primal motes of Air, Fire, Water, Mana, and Earth-- those mots can be combines to make the Primal elements used in all kinds of professions, from Leatherworking to Tailoring and Enchanting. Since everyone is currently working on making their way to 375, sales of this stuff are huge on the AH, and with droprates the way they are, you can net a pretty penny with just a few hours of grinding in these places. Of course that means the more people that find out about this (and the more people that finish their profession leveling), the less it will be worth. But if you get moving on this in time for the weekend AH rush, you could likely make a good headstart on your epic flying mount.

The entire guide after the jump.

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