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Breakfast Topic: Does it bug you when others watch you play WoW?

Breakfast Topic Are you uncomfortable when others watch you play WoW
Does it bug you when other people watch you play WoW? At our house, kids grow up using a computer in an open family area. Keeping an eye on what they're doing and who they're doing it with is a natural part of walking from one room to another. My son took this in stride; to this day, he narrates and comments on whatever he's doing, even yelling downstairs (now that's he's over 18 with a computer of his own in his room) when something's funny or surprising. My daughter, on the other hand, is more protective of her privacy. She adores showing off her progress and creations, but only when she's ready -- and you'd better brace for a prize-winning scowl if you should approach before then.

In this day of streaming game sessions, many players are perfectly content to let perfect strangers watch their every in-game move. The horror! I can't imagine enjoying that. Streaming for charity? Negator. Streaming a new character? No, thanks! Immersion is more my style. Unless I'm on TeamSpeak with rest of the gang, I want to sink into the sights and sounds of the zone -- on my own.

Do you have your own private retreat for playing WoW, or do you play in a shared space? Does it make you uncomfortable when other people watch you play WoW? Does it bug you to have to turn your attention outward and talk to people outside of the game when you're trying to play, or do you chatter freely with everyone around you, both in game and out?

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Breakfast Topic: Are private servers really that bad?

Blizzard has a very clear line on private servers: they are against the rules. If you have one or play on one you're going to get in trouble. Your account will get shut down and you'll likely face some legal issues if you don't capitulate to their demands.

However is their stance right? Are private servers really that big of a deal?

There are two ways that I look at the issue. One way is to view the issue through the lens of morality and legalese. In this respect Blizzard is on solid ground. They own Warcraft and all the associated games, and they own the servers we play on. When we buy the game we're not buying the property. We're buying the right to use the property as long as we keep paying a monthly fee, and as long as we operate within their guidelines (the terms of service).

Some might contend that there is an innate right to privacy in the fact that after we've purchased the game (and its associated data), Blizzard has no right to tell us what to do with it or to find out how we're using it. I'm not a lawyer, but some are, and there's an interesting debate to be had here.

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Living without General chat

I have a confession to make: all the whining, questions, and confusion that's been in General chat for the last few days? I haven't heard any of it. As soon as I logged in after the expansion, I typed "/leave general" and strangely enough, haven't looked back. I usually enjoy General -- it reminds me that I'm not playing a singleplayer game, and most of the comments there, while not really the smartest, are at least pretty entertaining. I figured if you're going to play a game with other people, you might as well give them the opportunity to talk with you.

But Northrend has been different -- I didn't want the inane chatter, the constant stream of questions (sometimes answered, usually not), and the occasional desperate requests. I wanted to be in Northrend by myself, more or less, and explore the world as if I wasn't on the same server as thousands of people. And it's been worthwhile, for the most part -- while I've dived back in there once or twice just to check and see if certain quests are bugged for anyone else, I've mostly stayed out of there, and I think it's made the game better.

Some of you will probably think I'm late to the game -- you may have removed the General channel on day one, and the Trade and World Defense channels along with it (I'm keeping the Trade channel, though -- when I am in cities, I kind of appreciate the bustling back and forth, and I've found a few deals in there). For the moment, though, I appreciate a quieter Northrend. No General for me, thanks.

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