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Undocumented changes in Patch 3.1 on the PTR

There is the announced changes in every patch and the unannounced changes. And boy, did some interesting things get slipped into this first round of notes on the PTR for Patch 3.1 that weren't on the official patch list. The full list is below (so far) is below, courtesy of MMO-Champion. You'll see some talent and spell changes we already know about mixed in when those that are new since 8 hours ago when we first posted. Analysis for each class to come throughout the day.

Death Knight



  • Pestilence is now 1 rank. It now spreads existing Blood Plague and Frost Fever infections from your target to all other enemies within 10 yards. (Previously dealt damage)
  • Strangulate no longer deals damage.
  • Blood Boil damage increased, but its range has been reduced.
  • Death Pact's heal can no longer crit.
  • Blood Strike now instantly strikes the enemy, causing 40% weapon damage plus 305.6, increased by 12.5% per disease on the target at rank 6. (Previously caused 50% weapon damage plus 191, and an additional 95.5 bonus damage per disease)
  • Heart Strike now
  • instantly strikes the target and his nearest ally, causing 50% weapon damage plus 368, increased by 10% per disease on the target at rank 6. (Previously caused 60% weapon damage plus 220.8, and an additional 110.4 bonus damage per disease)

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