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Patch 5.4 PTR: Countless cosmetic items on the Timeless Isle

Patch 54 PTR Cosmetic items on the Timeless Isle ANY
If you're one of the many players who don't like to spend real cash on virtual items (like Blizzard's recently added cosmetic helms), you'll be glad to know that patch 5.4's Timeless Isle is packed with cool cosmetic items that won't cost you anything but time. And by time, we mean grinding -- though with the array of interesting events and rare spawns to be found on the Timeless Isle, it could be more entertaining than your average grinding experience. So what's on offer? Mounts, pets, vanity gear, disguises, and odd gizmos of all sorts. There's so many, in fact, that it's hard to narrow the list down to our favorites, but these are some of the most interesting:
  • Weather stones -- which come in sunset, rain, blizzard, and ashen varieties -- can be used to change the weather in the area.
  • Cauterizing Core, an item with 20 charges which allows you to resurrect on death with 20% health and mana.
  • Pi'jiu Brews, which summon a spectral monk -- mistweaver, windwalker, or brewmaster -- to fight for you for 10 minutes.
  • Faintly-Glowing Herb, which restores 50,000 health per second for 10 seconds. If that sounds overpowered, it's probably because it's a BoA and has a duration of only a day -- so if you want them, you'll have to farm them yourself.
As to how to get this gear, a lot of it comes from rare drops, rare spawns, or events, but some is bought with Bloody Coins or Shaohao reputation. And this list is only scratching the surface -- check out Wowhead for the full list of vanity items you're likely to find on the Timeless Isle as well as how to get them for yourself come patch day.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: More details on the Celestial Tournament

Patch 54 PTR More details on the Celestial Tournament
If you're interested in knowing more about patch 5.4's Celestial Tournament, Wowhead has the full details on this PTR petstraviganza. And while PTR details are always subject to change, here's what we know so far:
  • You can compete in the tournament once a week through the quest The Celestial Tournament.
  • The tournament has two rounds: in the first you fight against 3 pet trainers with 3 legendary battle pets each and in the second you're up against 4 legendary elite battle pets.
  • These opponents are random and will change week to week, but expect to see familiar faces like Blingtron 4000 and Wrathion.
  • For winning, you get a Celestial Coin, which can be used to buy unique pets and other items.
Pet battle enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that patch 5.4 is packed with new battle pets: Wowhead has found over 20. Of the many new available pets, though, we're most on the lookout for our own Lil' Bling, who will clearly dazzle opponents into submission. Need even more juicy details about pet battles on the PTR? Check out Wowhead and WarcraftPets for the rest.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Patch notes update for July 18

Patch 54 PTR Patch notes update for July 18
Another round of patch notes updates have been released for the patch 5.4 PTR. Two major items of note are included with the latest list: First, many classes have had new glyphs added, or current glyphs redesigned. It's glyphmas come early! Second, the Timeless Isle is now open for testing on the PTR server, teeming with all kinds of interesting new stuff to check out.
  • Players looking for the Timeless Isle on the PTR should check their mailbox -- a Curious Ticking Parcel has been delivered to you.
  • Druids, you have a new minor glyph, Glyph of One With Nature, that will grant you the ability to teleport to a random natural location -- among many other glyphs and glyph updates.
  • Rogues, Evasion now increases dodge chance by 100% instead of 50%.
  • Shaman, you have a whole ton of new glyphs, both major and minor. How about summoning a Rain of Frogs? Yes, you heard that correctly.
You can see the full list of patch notes at the official site, but if you'd just like a list of the new changes, follow after the break for a consolidated list.

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Patch notes update for July 12

Patch 54 PTR Patch notes update for July 12
A new set of updates to the patch 5.4 PTR patch notes has been posted on the official blog. Along with the usual class tweaks and adjustments, this time around we've got some changes to Pet Battles -- and an interesting change for both druids and death knights.
  • Druids and Death Knights using spells that take them to training areas (Moonglade and the Ebon Hold) will now find that casting Teleport: Moonglade or Death Gate will return them to a location near their original departure point.
  • Hunters -- Readiness has been removed, and Disengage and Deterrence both now have two charges.
  • Battle Pet training cost and the price of pets sold by Battle Pet Trainers have both been greatly reduced!
You can see the full list of patch notes at the official site, but if you'd just like a list of the new changes, follow after the break for a consolidated list.

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Patch 5.4 PTR patch notes updated for July 8

Patch 54 PTR patch notes updated for July 8
A new set of updates to the patch 5.4 PTR patch notes has been posted on the official blog. Plenty of class changes have been integrated as well as some changes to battlegrounds and the accumulation of conquest points.
  • Death Knights, Scent of Blood now also has a chance to activate when you dodge or parry a melee attack.
  • Hunters, Counter Shot is now a baseline interrupt ability learned at level 22.
  • Rogues, Burst of Speed's cost has been reduced to 15 energy, down from 30 energy.
You can see the full list of patch notes at the official site, but if you'd just like a list of the new changes, follow after the break for a consolidated list.

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Patch 5.4 PTR patch notes updated with arena changes, class changes

Looking forward to patch 5.4? You're definitely not alone, with this patch shaping up to be an interesting one for PvE and PvP. Coming on the heels of the team-free, cross-realm arena announcement, we have updated 5.4 patch notes for all to enjoy. These changes should be live on the PTR now, so get testing! (If you don't know where to start, Blizzard has instructions on how to copy your character and download the PTR client.) In addition to the big changes for arena players, there are a smattering of class tweaks and adjustments to Mists quartermasters. A complete list of patch note changes is after the break and you can find the full patch notes on

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Patch 5.4: Arena teams out, cross-realm arenas in

Patch 5.4 is already shaping up to be a big one, and today Blizzard announced some major arena changes in addition to the tie-breaking system. Aiming to improve the arena experience by making it easier for anyone to compete, arena players will no longer need an arena team (in fact, arena teams don't even appear in the UI on the PTR): in patch 5.4, queuing for an arena match will work similarly to queuing for rated battlegrounds. You'll be matched with other players queuing to fight with and against, based on your rating. Additionally, matches are no longer limited to your battlegroup: you'll be able to play with or against anyone in your region, and even be able to compete in cross-realm groups with friends on other realms. Matches themselves will stay (mostly) the same, though your conquest point cap and requirements to purchase items will be based on your personal rating.

These changes are live on the PTR now if you want to check them out for yourself. See the full text of Blizzard's announcement under the break.

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Encrypted Text: Rogue tier 16 set bonuses reviewed

tier 16 coupon
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Encrypted Text for assassination, combat and subtlety rogues. Chase Christian will be your guide to the world of shadows every Wednesday. Feel free to email me or tweet me with questions or suggestions of what you'd like to see covered here.

Set bonuses are the perfect time for Blizzard to experiment with fun class effects. They're in use by a limited set of players, they can be tuned specifically for a particular tier, and the bonuses are ephemeral. Class changes are much harder to implement quietly and they're even more difficult to roll back if undesirable. Tier set bonuses are a cultured petri dish for new ideas to grow, or to be sterilized. Our new tier 16 set bonuses are just such an experiment.

The two-piece bonus saves us energy on our combo point generators, and has some very interesting interactions with each talent spec's mechanics. The four-piece bonus also changes based on our spec. Killing Spree's damage ramps up significantly, which will pair nicely with its new Blade Flurry interaction. Vendetta's mastery-stacking bonus will add some teeth to assassination's burn cycle. The Backstab/Ambush combo pack, however, is easily the star of the show, and the start of an important conversation.

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Blood Pact: Patch 5.4 has a few ups but mostly downs

Blood Pact Patch 54's ups and downs MON
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill's raid sadly realized that the changes to KJC mean there will be no more air-bound soulwells.

Well. It's been a hell of a week on the PTR for warlocks, hasn't it? A few of the original patch notes have been changed for the better again in response to player feedback on the forums.

Don't get me wrong, Patch 5.4 is still largely a depressing bunch of nerfs for warlocks. But let's go over the changes and make sure we have everything straight. The usual disclaimer of "things can and may change" still applies to all of these patch notes.

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Patch 5.4 PTR patch notes updated for June 20

Patch 54 PTR Patch notes update for June 20
An update list of patch notes for the 5.4 PTR has just been released on the official blog. The notes include a mega list of changes for various classes, as well as tweaks and additions to battlegrounds, pet battles and more.
  • Every taunt ability now increases all threat generated against the target by 200% while the taunt is active.
  • Those who participate in PvP Pet Battles should happily note that round timers will get progressively shorter for a player who takes more than 15 seconds to issue a command during their turn.
  • Any battle pet that could be rewarded from a Throne of Thunder boss in LFR will now be able to be won from a bonus roll as well.
You can see the full list of patch notes at the official site, but if you'd just like a list of the new changes, follow after the break for a consolidated list.

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Scheduling the Siege of Orgrimmar raid test

The Vale of Eternal Sha
Testing for the big bad raid of the Mists of Pandaria expansion is not quite ready to begin, Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas tells us, but we're getting close. There will be a few more PTR patches to take care of some stability issues, and then Blizzard will be ready to open up the Siege of Orgrimmar to testing groups. Blizzard is going for two major schedules for SoO testing: one at 10:30 am Pacific time, aimed toward EU players, and one at 4:00 pm Pacific time, aimed toward North American players, though all regions will be open to testing during both scheduled windows.

Normal and heroic 10-player modes will be tested first before proceeding to 25-player normal and heroic modes. LFR and flex raiding will be available for PTR testing as well, and will be unlocked once a raid wing has completed testing in normal mode, with a longer time frame for testing as well.

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Are we drowning in patches?

Are we drowning in patches
One of the questions I see asked often is "Are patches coming too fast" and I'm not sure that they really are. Considering that the Dragon Soul patch (4.3) came out almost exactly a year after the pre-Cataclysm patch The Shattering (Patch 4.0) then we're on pace for Patch 5.4 to come out roughly a year after patch 5.0. If we get patch 5.4 in three to four months, which would fit what we've seen with other patch releases this expansion, then we're looking at one more patch per cycle this expansion than last, and both patch 5.1 and 5.3 brought content outside of new raids. So yes, the patch cycle is slightly faster now, but those patches tend to vary between large patches with lots of raid content and smaller patches with quest hubs or PvP changes.

Looking at previous expansions, I was struck by how little the cycle has changed between Cataclysm and the current expansion. The only real difference is that Cataclysm had one patch (patch 4.1) that was a smaller patch with dungeons and world changes, whereas Mists of Pandaria has had two, patch 5.1 and 5.3. (I say smaller, but that's not really an accurate term - it's simply more convenient than typing 'focused on non raid content' over and over again.) So when we talk about the rapid patch cycle of Mists, we're basically talking about one patch.

So, therefore I wondered to myself - why does it feel like we're getting patches fast and furiously? Why do I hear and see people discussing patch burnout and talk myself about feeling totally overwhelmed by patch changes? If, as we've demonstrated, Mists of Pandaria is in fact more or less on par with or at best slightly ahead of previous expansions in terms of patch frequency (to go back to Wrath of the Lich King, patch 3.3 came out roughly a year after patch 3.0, although we then had a full year before Cataclysm) then why does it feel so much faster?

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Patch 5.4 PTR Patch notes

Patch 54 PTR Patch notes
The official patch notes for the 5.4 PTR have been posted on the official website. While the PTR is not available at this time, you can check over some of the changes, new additions, and updates. Keep in mind that the PTR patch notes are not a final version, they will likely change between now and when the patch itself goes live. In addition, not all content may be available for testing immediately. However, there are some pretty amazing things to be found so far!
  • Flex raiding, which we've already been introduced to.
  • Proving Grounds will finally be making its debut in patch 5.4
  • New Feature: Virtual Realms. Virtual realms are sets of realms that have been fused together and will behave exactly as if they were one cohesive realm. Say what? You heard me!
Read on for the full PTR patch notes.

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What new players need to know about WoW patches

What new players need to know about WoW patches
If World of Warcraft had but one holiday, it would be Patch Day: the glorious Tuesday (or Wednesday) in which the WoW servers go down for maintenance but come back online brimming with new, unexplored content. If you're new to World of Warcraft, or MMOs in general, you may not entirely understand all the fuss the community makes over patches. So just what is a patch? Why are they so important? And how can you get your hands on one? We'll do our best to explain.

What is a WoW patch?
Did you know we're playing version 5 of World of Warcraft right now? It's true: Version 1.1 was World of Warcraft's launch client and every expansion since has bumped the version number up a full number, while each patch release is a decimal place. The original game went up to patch 1.12 (the 1.1 launch client and 11 patches after), Burning Crusade (2.0) had a scant 4 patches, Wrath of the Lich King (3.0) had 3, Cataclysm (4.0) had 3, and Mists of Pandaria (5.0) is about to see the release of its 3rd patch, patch 5.3. These days, patches are coming more quickly than ever and we have no idea how many patches to expect before the next expansion arrives.

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Ask The Developers: PvP changes on the PTR

Armsmaster Holinka
A wild post has appeared on the EU forums, detailing the ground rules for an upcoming "Ask the Developers" opportunity relating to the PvP changes on the patch 5.3 PTR. It's currently locked, but on April 9th the thread will go live for 48 hours, during which time players are encouraged to post all of their PvP-related questions and to vote on their favorites. Don't ignore the voting option, because Blizz will be prioritizing their responses by popularity, and the questions with the most votes are the most likely to be answered.

There are also some ground rules for how the thread will work that are typical for "Ask the Dev" designated posts, and shouldn't be anything new for forum veterans. If you're planning on participating in the post, it's worth reading over them so your questions have the best chance of being taken seriously. So far it looks like this Q&A opportunity is only available to those with EU forum access, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for any similar posts appearing on the North American forum. You can find the full blue post behind the cut.

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