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Patch 5.2: PvP undergoing some huge gearing changes

PvP gearing undergoes some huge changes
It's been talked about for some time now, with both Daxxarri and Ghostcrawler teasing the community with ideas on the new setup for PvP gearing. They've been saying things would change, and they certainly have! The question is, have things improved, or not?

The PvP gearing blog was posted late last night, and was an accurate summary of the issues faced by PvPers in WoW at the moment, followed by an explanation of the planned changes and how they will work.

The full blog is after the break, but what exactly is going on?
  • The Rating catch-up system which didn't make it into patch 5.1 will be introduced to patch 5.2. This means that teams playing more games will gain higher rating, allowing them to overtake inactive teams sitting on high ranks and not playing.
  • There will be four tiers of gear (please note that ilvls are datamined and may change)
    • Dreadful -- item level 458 crafted gear;
    • Malevolent -- ilvl 483, purchased with honor. This is the current conquest gear;
    • Tyrannical -- ilvl 493, purchased with conquest, and with honor in patch 5.3, once the player has earned 27,000 conquest in the season. Weapons are exempt from the points requirement come patch 5.3;
    • Elite Tyrannical -- ilvl 515, purchased with conquest only after earning 27,000 conquest points in the season.
  • There will no longer be any rating requirement to purchase any gear
  • Players with higher ratings will still have a higher conquest cap
  • A dramatically increased catch-up cap will be implemented with patch 5.3

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