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Breakfast Topic: What are the hottest realms for world PvP?

Breakfast Topic What are the hottest realms for world PvP
Today's Breakfast Topic comes from reader ben.seeberger after our recent interview with world PvP specialist Gug of Horde Strike Force on Maelstrom (US). Ben wants to know the best realms for finding consistent world PvP action.

Says ben.seeberger:

I want to know what the most dangerous PvP realms are. I leveled my original main (I've since switched to a RP realm) on a PvP realm, as well as dozens of alts, and didn't find a challenge there at all (Nerzhul - US). So when people talk about the danger of running a toon on a PvP realm, I have on idea what they are talking about.

First of all, we can probably come up with some general advice and observations about the advantages of RP-PvP realms. When it comes to world PvP, realms packed with roleplayers who want to stretch and fill the outlines of Azeroth's factional war probably see a little more organized action than others. If you play on an RP-PvP realm, would you agree this is true for your realm?

Let's see if we can't come up with some sort of consensus on the most active and dangerous PvP realms in WoW right now. This is an opportunity to help out fellow players with specific realms recommendations and cautions -- it's time to name names! Where's the hot world PvP action? What are the dead PvP realms to avoid?

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Terror in the Mists: Clawing up the levels on a PvP realm

Alive and Kicking Clawing up the levels on a PvP realm
Playing on a PvP realm spins World of Warcraft in an entirely different direction. In this Azeroth, there's no such thing as "wait until I'm ready." Every single moment is rife with danger, even when you're merely trying to remain unnoticed long enough to race through a few dailies. Every player is ripe for the picking, whether you're fully healed and bristling with cooldowns or half-buried beneath an accidental overpull. Protest all you like -- if this isn't your cup of tea, you don't belong on a PvP realm.

Danger is palpable. At any given moment, someone's likely to be lurking in the shadows with the specific intent of blocking your progress. If you're an Alliance player on Maelstrom (US), that somebody is likely to be a member of Horde Strike Force.

"One of the first things you need to learn on a PvP realm is to expect the unexpected," explains Horde Strike Force GM Gug. "One of the second things you need to learn is to accept the fact that sometimes you're going to get attacked and killed by somebody or somebodies much more powerful or skilled than you are. The sooner you can absorb and roll with this, the faster you'll progress in level."

"PvP leveling is not for the faint of heart," he continues. "You've got to be tough and able to react positively to negative situations. 'OK, I died but I can rez and go quest somewhere else for awhile' is a good code to live by while leveling. Don't get stuck in a rut; there are a lot of quest options out there. All this being said, the game doesn't get any more fun or alive and breathing than on a PvP realm. Once you go PvP, you never truly go back."

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DreamHack to feature its own WoW realm

DreamHack, the world's biggest LAN party (according to Guinness), takes place in Sweden twice a year. They've just made an announcement of interest to us WoW players: at this year's summer event (June 13-16, assuming "Juni" means what I think it means), they'll have their own WoW realm. This is something that not many events have been able to do in the past. They'll be hosting an Arena tournament at the event, with prizes to be announced in the future.

We can expect the realm to feature premades and gear and enchant vendors, like previous tournament realms. They also mention "live showing of raids;" I'm not sure we've seen realms with premade PvE play before, so that should be interesting. More information on registration is going to be released "within the next few days;" we'll keep you posted. Is anyone thinking of competing at DreamHack? Has anyone gone before?

[thanks, Raful]

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