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Warlords of Draenor: No more Tier vendors

One of the more irritating and frustrating aspects of winning Tier loot from bosses is having to take the token to a vendor in order to actually get the piece of armor you won. Nowadays it's rare for me to equip a piece as soon as I get it, unless it's a truly huge upgrade, but I still find it annoying to have to take a token to a vendor in order to get the actual piece of gear. In addition, as a druid, there are four versions of everything available for each token, and scrolling through page after page of nearly-identically named armor pieces makes my eyes cross. Minor complaints, really, but nonetheless the following announcement by Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas, aka Watcher, on Twitter really made my day:
This is a fantastic quality of life change for raiders. No more running to vendors and no more waiting to get your new piece of Tier gear. I'd say "no more accidentally buying the wrong piece" with your token too, but in Warlords, your primary stats will auto-change when you shift specs anyway, so that's no big deal. In any case, this new system will be more convenient for players, and I'm certainly thankful for that!

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WTB generic glyphs

warrior glyphs
Glyphs have undergone some interesting evolutions since they were introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. From major and minor, to major, minor, and prime, and now back to minor and major, glyphs are, in my opinion, a good way to add both some functionality to your toons as well as give them some flavor. Minor glyphs can do a lot to make your character feel like its yours. And while minor glyphs are rarely necessary for performance, they can sometimes help in certain situations, at least a little bit.

One thing that's always been true of glyphs, no matter what their incarnation, is the fact that they're class-specific. I think it would be interesting to see that change, if not for major glyphs, then at least for minor ones. There are certain aspects of the game I would love to have the option to modify, just a little, for quality-of-life reasons. There are also abilities that were once available that no longer are, which could be reintroduced via classless glyphs, useable by all. Here are some generic glyphs I would love to see.

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Breakfast Topic: Quality of life

spirit healer
Recently I haven't been playing much WoW. It's not because of any disinterest in the game, in fact, I'd love to be playing much more of it. Unfortunately for me though, with patch 5.4, WoW's system requirements finally became too much for my system. I can still putter around leveling toons -- as long as I stick to deserted areas and don't run in groups -- but I can no longer raid, even in small 10-mans, and things like Battlegrounds or the crowded Timeless Isle are completely out of the question.

As my system was sliding toward digital geezer-dom, I didn't necessarily realize what was happening, because that kind of decline occurs slowly over time. I did begin to notice that WoW was becoming more frustrating for to play, but it was a little while before I put my finger on exactly why. For a long time, I thought I was finally just getting to the point where I no longer had interest in the game, and I contemplated quitting. This made me sad, because I have a lot of good friends in WoW, and I didn't want to want to quit, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, I figured that was where I was headed.

So when I realized that it was poor performance making me unhappy playing the game, and not the game itself, it came as somewhat as a relief. I ordered some necessary new parts that should speed up my machine, and I expect them to arrive this week. For the first time in a long time, I am once again eagerly looking forward to playing WoW for the sake of the game itself.

Have you ever had a moment like this, readers of WoW Insider? A time when you thought you were unhappy in WoW for one reason, but it turned out to be something else entirely? Was this a good realization? What did it take to breathe life into your playing experience again?

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Shadow Priest questions answered

Shadow Priests have been up in arms all over the official forums recently, and it seems to have reached a bit of a breaking point. Rather than waiting for the official Priest Q&A in the developers' Q&A series, Ghostcrawler chimed into an unofficial Q&A thread to give some insight. Since it's unofficial, the questions asked are very direct and specific, aimed at the posters in that thread rather than the playerbase as a whole. Still, the tone is mostly the same: Don't expect major announcements while reading the thread, it's more a discussion on class direction and philosophy rather than patch news. That being said, there is some good news in the whole thing. Some bad news, too.

I strongly recommend reading the whole thing on the official forums, but I'm going to pull out some bits and pieces here.

The first big thing that jumped out to me was in response to a question regarding Haste and DoTs. Have they considered DoTs scaling with Haste? Ghostcrawler says... yes! It's something they're apparently actively discussing. That doesn't guarantee we'll see it, but the fact that they're talking about it is promising.

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