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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite quest mechanic?

Breakfast Topic What's your favorite quest mechanic
Remember when everyone loved to hate The Oculus? Group members dropped like flies the moment some hapless noob intimated not having flown a drake before. Or jousting in the Argent Tournament -- ah, yes, another quest mechanic that united many players with the burning passion of unmitigated hatred.

The thing is, some players like varied quest mechanics, even flying things and jousting at things. They like a change of pace from MMO standards such as Kill 10 Rats and the Fed Ex breadcrumb delivery (or in Blizzard's case, anything to do with poop). Me, I usually resent the intrusion. I prefer to play my character, galloping around the hills to find things and using my entire arsenal of spells to peek, tweak, and then slay everything in my path. I must admit, though, that Mists of Pandaria could be swaying me from this stoic path. While I'm adamantly not a fan of the quests that put you in the shoes of the quest giver and his saga, the general variety of quest mechanics has been ... distracting. Refreshing. Dare I go so far as to even say they're downright fun? A little variety is turning out to possibly be a good thing.

(I said "a little." I still want to play my character. Harrumph.)

Do you enjoy playing a variety of quest mechanics as you move through WoW's storylines, or do you prefer to stay in your character's own skin with your own spells and abilities? What are your favorite quest types? Which would you be just as happy to never encounter again?

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Breakfast Topic: What's the best new quest of the expansion?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Bombs! Disguises! Flamethrowers! War! A really big fish! Questing after the shattering is a new experience, and I am loving it. Sure, there are plenty of the same old WoW quests, such as "go kill so many of those guys" or "go collect so many of these things." Those quests are great; however, there are a lot of new quests that seem to have a more console-game feel to them.

For example, in the Southern Barrens, there is a quest from good old Gann Stonespire. The quest is basically the same as it has always been (go kill nasty dwarves), but it's been revamped in an amazing way. Once inside Bael'Dun Fortress, you pick up a quest from a thinly disguised goblin who orders you to blow up the place. Once you activate the charge, you actually have to run out of the fortress, and at the entrance, it cuts to a little video that shows the explosion.

In other words, the quests have actual effects to them now. Back in the day, more often than not when I looted battle plans off an Alliance NPC and turned them in to a Horde commander, I got some sort of response like, "Good job! Now they can't attack us!" Not any more. After turning in some battle plans in Stonetalon, I hopped into a goblin antiaircraft machine and shot gnome pilots out of the sky.

The Stonetalon quest chain is, without a doubt, the best new chain I've encountered so far since the shattering. What do you think is the best new quest? What do you think about the integration of phasing and machines in the old world?

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