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Final Sunwell gates open today in the US

I'm surprised it took this long for a tip to come in to us about this: the final gate in Sunwell Plateau is open today on the North American realms. This means all the raiding guilds who can down M'uru now have a chance to test their skills against Kil'jaeden, boss of the Burning Legion and, more than likely, the final baddie of The Burning Crusade. How long until we see the world-first Kil'jaeden kill? The gates should probably open for the European realms tomorrow, which is their maintenance day.

Not much is known for sure about the fight, since nobody's actually done it yet -- the PTR testers of patch 2.4 didn't manage to down M'uru, and if they had the gates probably wouldn't have been open -- but we do have some pretty solid speculation on what raiders might be rewarded with when they eventually do manage to drop the guy. And yes, I am very happy that I get to use that image of KJ in a top hat again.

[Thanks, Desustorm]

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Magtheridon hotfixed

Hot on the heels of Gruul's hotfix, Magtheridon has been adjusted (read: nerfed) as well:

The Magtheridon encounter has been rebalanced to be somewhat easier and should now better keep to proper raid progression.

Reprorts have it that although Mags himself hits harder now, the adds have less HP (120k less, according to one poster). Magtheridon was significantly harder than Gruul, who he was in theory meant to be on par with; hopefully this, as well as the Grull fixes, help make beginning BC raiding a little easier. I mean, I'm all for having to work for your epics, but I think most of you will agree that the beginning of the new endgame was a little too much like a brick wall.

I'm pretty far from fighting Mags myself. Apparently he has five adds, who as in most add-based fights represent a significant part of the difficulty of the encounter, so nerfing them should go a long ways. However, based on the run-down over at BossKillers, it still looks like a pretty involved fight. Come to think of it, doesn't Kel'idan the Breaker, who is positioned directly above Magtheridon in the Blood Furnace, have five adds himself? That fight's a cakewalk, of course, but the parallelism is interesting.

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