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I've been working in coordination with a group called here in Chicago for the past few weeks -- they're a community-oriented division of the public radio station WBEZ (the same station that produces NPR shows like "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and "This American Life"), and I've been doing some interviews with their in-studio host. A few weeks ago, we talked to a psychologist friend of mine about video game violence and addiction, last week we chatted with da_bears, a professional gamer here in Chicago (who recently got into World of Warcraft), and this week, we're doing something extra special: I'll be running an instance together with a five-man group live on the air. It'll start up at 4pm central both live on (and live on the air in Chicago at 89.5FM). As I run through the instance live on the air (I haven't decided which one yet, though I'm thinking Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle or maybe Heroic Old Kingdom), we'll be talking about WoW and other MMOs, why these games are so fascinating, and what it's like to run with a group of five different people, all playing different roles with different abilities.

It should be interesting to say the least -- while the segment will likely be directed at people not as familiar with World of Warcraft as you guys, I'll be sure to keep it interesting even for veteran WoW players (and if we wipe, you can at least laugh at me for being a noob Hunter). I believe we'll also be taking phone calls in the middle of all of this, so if you want, you can probably call up and talk some WoW with me as well.

This all begins tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon at 4pm central time, both online at and live on the air in Chicago, so if you're available to tune in and give us a listen, please do. I have no idea what will happen (has anyone ever tried to run an instance live on the radio before?), but it should be a lot of fun.

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WoW Insider on WIUX's Canoodle Strudel

A few weeks back, I was a guest on the Canoodle Strudel radio show, a Sunday night show about gaming on WIUX, Indiana University's student radio station. In the comments of that post, our good friend Totalbiscuit at WoW Radio was kind enough to offer to host an mp3 of the show, and the recording is now up over on their site for your listening enjoyment. It's a long show (about two hours), but we hit on pretty much everything there is to talk about in the World of Warcraft, from what it's like to start out in the game, to what's going on in Wrath, what it means to be "human" in Azeroth, and how easy the recruit-a-friend program's triple experience makes leveling (two of the guys on the show just recently started playing WoW, and they've been using the triple experience and level grant system extensively).

The show was late on a Sunday night, so I was a little loopy by the end, but hopefully it turned out OK. I did share a few Auction House secrets that I haven't really posted here on the site (though if you're already an Auction House hawk, you'll know what they are already), and we talked a little bit about the behind the scenes on the WoW Insider Show that might be fun if you're a fan of that.

Was a great time -- thanks to the guys at Canoodle Strudel for having me on. It's always a pleasure to talk Warcraft, on the radio or anywhere else.

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WoW Insider on WIUX's Canoodle Strudel this evening

Canoodle Strudel is a radio show about gaming, hosted on Indiana University's WIUX radio station (they're the ones who put together all of these custom Soul Caliber IV videogame characters), and the guys there have kindly invited WoW Insider on their show tonight. I'll be on the phone with them from Chicago to talk gaming, World of Warcraft, MMOs in general, and all the big news out of Wrath of the Lich King starting tonight at midnight Eastern.

It should be a good time -- even if you're not in Bloomington, Indiana, there is a live stream on their website that plays really well in iTunes, so if you're awake around midnight this evening (finishing up those dailies or farming those last few motes), feel free to tune in and check it out. We're not sure if they can do call-ins, but even if not, you can always send us a tip with a suggestion of what you'd like to hear and I'll do my best to get it on the air.

The show starts around midnight on the East Coast (and goes pretty late, I believe), but if you're up for some late night Sunday Warcraft discussion, definitely tune in.

Update: Time zone fixed.

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WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon

I am just finishing things up in Los Angeles (E3 ended yesterday, and most of the team here is still recovering from the Joystiq meetup last night), so while I'm on the plane tomorrow, the one and only Matthew Rossi will be kind enough to host the WoW Insider Show for me. The show goes live on WoW Radio at 3:30pm Eastern, and he's rumored to have not only everyone's favorite ursine posterior, John Patricelli, as well as an appearance by none other than BRK, the Hunter with the Big Red Kitty. And Turpster should be on as well, rounding out an excellent team of podcasters. It should be a bang-up show, and I'm sure they'll chat about the beta, as well as the brand-new achievements system announced for Wrath, and whatever else I missed this week while playing amazing games at E3.

They'll also be chatting in the IRC channel, which you can find at at #wowradio, and they'll be reading your emails I'm sure -- you can send them messages at Rossi, in particular, is definitely a big fan of the new hairstyles, so be sure to ask him how he's going to dress up his main tank.

Definitely tune in and check them out, they're sure to talk about something you're interested in. It kicks off tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern -- just load up WoW Radio around that time, and keep your ears open.

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