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WoW TCG Molten Core Battlegrounds this weekend

If you're a fan of the WoW Trading Card Game, you'll want to head to your local retailer this weekend for a special Molten Core Raid Deck Battleground.

This is the most casual level of tournament play. For a $5 entry fee you can play your Hero with others to form a raid party against Ragnaros. Every Hero will receive a randomly selected the Raid Deck's treasure pack. If your group defeats Rag, you will also get to keep whatever treasure cards drop from him, possibly even Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnoras.

The official site has all the details plus a very extensive list of all the retail outlets that will be running this event.

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New Molten Core Raid Deck released

The constant expansion of the Warcraft universe never ceases to amaze me. We've seen novels, free online manga, credit cards, clothing, soundtracks, boardgames, a pen & paper RPG system, plus the tightly-under-wraps movie. And now, the newest addition to their Trading Card Game: the limited-edition Molten Core Raid Deck.

Upper Deck Entertainment has announced this new deck has shipped to retail outlets. What's cool about it is you can either play the heroes fighting Ragnaros or, get this, you can play Ragnaros himself. He has his own deck and comes with ten loot cards to unseal when defeated. There are also many other Molten Core bosses to face down including Lucifron and Majordomo Executus.

And let's not forget the randomly inserted cards that give players access to in-game items. Anyone looking to learn more can head to the WoW TCG official site for demos, instructions and previews of different cards. They also have an online walkthrough of the new deck in three parts.

So who among the WoW Insider faithful enjoy the Trading Card Game? Let's hear from you!

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