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Heroic Madness on 7 hours a week -- the shape of guilds to come?

Raiding on two nights a week is certainly nothing novel in this day and age. Casual raiders can often devote no more than two nights to WoW. Fans of the Raid Finder find twice a week a reasonable fit. Heck, more than a few of the most dedicated raiding groups have lightened their weekly loads to two nights in light of end-of-expansion doldrums. Even so, three nights per week is probably still the norm among groups that consider themselves dedicated raiding guilds.

But two-night raiding may be building a steamhead as the playerbase matures along with the game. "A couple years ago, you did a feature on a two-night guild when they killed heroic Lich King," wrote reader Oatz of Full Spectrum on Alleria (US). "Well, when Cataclysm started, that inspired me to create my own two-night guild (seven hours per week). I am now proud to say that our two-night guild has just killed heroic Madness, making us not just the #1 two-night guild but also #24 on 10-man and #62 overall in the United States."

Impressive, yes -- but what caught my eye about this email was Oatz's almost off-handed conclusion about the stability of his guild's roster. "It's interesting how raid groups are evolving over the years as the playerbase gets older," he mused. "Our guild is full of professionals in their 20s and 30s, many with spouses and kids, and none of us can raid more than two nights. I'm a practicing lawyer myself, but I started WoW back when I was a lowly college student."

"I remember back in vanilla, even, when there were no server transfers," he continued. "Raiding guilds were always competing for recruits based on progression. It seems now that as the raider playerbase has increased and gotten older, for the majority, it's more based on schedules and other niches."

WoW on demand vs. WoW as a time-gobbling behemoth -- is this where the serious WoW hobbyist stands in 2012?

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Breakfast Topic: What time do you raid?

Daylight Saving Time is over! Set your clocks back one hour.

It's that time again! Daylight saving time is going away on us again. Here's a big reminder to all you folks who deal with daylight saving to set your clocks back one hour. Yay! Free hour!

So the question remains -- what time do you raid? Personally, I'm a weekday raider, around 7:30 p.m. my time over on the east coast. We usually raid for a solid two to three hours, depending on the flow of the night, successes and failures, and progression attempts. All in all, it seems to be a good block of time.

Are you a weekday raider or a weekend warrior? Early or late? Are you a raider who runs with a team from another time zone or country and has to accommodate some pretty crazy hours? Let's hear about it!

What time do you raid?
Weekday - Mornings178 (1.4%)
Weekday - Afternoons159 (1.3%)
Weekday - Evenings5603 (45.3%)
Weekday - Late Night1764 (14.3%)
Weekend - Mornings130 (1.1%)
Weekend - Afternoons333 (2.7%)
Weekend - Evenings1653 (13.4%)
Weekend - Late Night881 (7.1%)
1666 (13.5%)

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We Have a Tabard: Ring the bell, school's back in

Looking for a guild? Well, you can join ours! We have a tabard and everything! Check back for Amanda Dean talking about guilds and guild leadership in We Have a Tabard.

Drama is not the only issue to cause hardship among raiding guilds. We've seen guilds crumble and fall over new raid content. It seems we've come across another time-sensitive factor: the beginning of the school year. Guilds that have been blissfully progressing throughout the summer may be seeing their attendance plummet.

Remember folks, some things are more important than WoW. Education tops the list. It would be poor form to badger your scholastic members into raiding when they've got homework to do. Students also need a good night's sleep in order to perform successfully. This goes for college students as well as high schoolers, but they may have more flexibility in scheduling. In the end, WoW is just a video game and school affects the present and the future.

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